Salt Lake Tennis & Swimming Club Addition

Salt Lake Tennis & Swimming Club Addition

SLTSCThis project was approved by the SLC Planning Commission February 24,2016.

The Salt Lake Tennis & Swimming Club has filed an application for a planned development and addition to the existing facilities.The petitioner will be invited to the January 11, 2016 Land Use & Zoning committee meeting at Sprague Library. This meeting runs from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. However, other items may be on the agenda so this may not be a full hour presentation.We will invite the petitioner back for the February 3, 2016 general meeting for a shorter presentation.

Please review the application and documents filed with the city for this project. Please make comments below and we will include those in our report to the planning commission.

Commnity Input Letter – SLWTC



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Landon Clark