Shared Housing Text Amendments (formerly SRO’s -Single Room Occupancy)

UPDATE October 18, 2022   The City Council adopted this text amendment.

Three emails sent to City council on this subject

This is a  map of District 7 Proposed Zoning SRO  which shows places where Shared Housing would be allowed.

The third text amendment that was approved was Shared Housing (or SRO). The City Council expanded where these would be allowed. The definition is a residential dwelling facility containing individual, self-contained, dwelling units none of which may exceed five hundred (500) square feet in size. A building, or portion thereof, that contains units designated for residential purposes. Each unit consists of one combined living and sleeping room, and may contain either a kitchen or a separate private bathroom, but not both. Whichever amenity is not contained within the individual unit, the kitchen or bathroom, shall be provided as a common facility within the same structure, to be shared with the tenants of other SRO units. An SRO may include an office for the purpose of managing the SRO units and common facilities, and/or one self-contained dwelling unit with kitchen and bathroom facilities for a caretaker. The SRO Dwelling use shall be subject to the same lot and bulk requirements as the Multi-Family Dwelling.  You can read the details here.



Judi Short