SHCC Agenda October 1, 2014

SHCC Agenda October 1, 2014

MEETING Sprague Library

7:00 Welcome – Chair
Approve the minutes of the prior meeting
Secretary report
Treasurer report
Chair Announcements: Open elections for council officers..note time

Details on Candidate meeting at Westminster

7:10 Community Announcements
Fire Department –
Crime report – Salt Lake City Police Department

7:20 Public comments for items not on the agenda

7:25 Committee Reports
Land Use and Zoning
Parks, Open Space, and Trails
Arts and Cultural
Communications and Outreach

7:35 Community Groups and Projects
SL Community Network
Sugar House Chamber of Commerce

7:40 Presentations

21st and 21st proposed development and zoning change.( an additional neighborhood meeting will also be held on October 7th at Dillworth school)

8:15 Spotlight on Business

Kimi’s Chop and Oyster House

Wired Walrus

8:35 City Updates

Lisa Adams Salt Lake City Council

Shawn  McDonough  Mayor’s Office

announce election results

8:50 Library Announcements
Dolly Rauh

9:00 Adjourn

Landon Clark