SHCC August 2021 Meeting Minutes

SHCC August 2021 Meeting Minutes

Sugar House Community Council Minutes 8/4/21

Welcome to the SHCC meeting.  We will be having a candidate night in October.  Filing deadline is August 10th-17th.

Construction Update from Bill Knowles.  Sugarmont Apartments are moving forward.  The East wing is open and renting briskly.  They hope to have the West wing open by the end of the year.  The last thing they are working on are the townhomes which should be done by late fall.  Sugarmont street should be open in two weeks although it seems like the date always changes.  Canal project is completed with a new lane configuration in concert with Millcreek.  There is some work still to be done, but it is close.  They want to put a couple of things in place to designate the bike lane including green paint and some poles.

Izzy south and north are just waiting for final approvals.   The old buildings have been taken down.  They seem to believe that there will be some activity in the coming weeks.

The 21s is ongoing.  Demolition has begun.  We are continuing to talk with them about getting the ped. walkway up before school starts.

Snelgroves is down but going through some planning processes.  Hope to start the project by the end of the year.

The old 24 hour fitness just began their 45 day public process.  We should start seeing demolition on that project in the next 3-6 weeks.

The East-West line is coming up and will cause some headaches on 2100 South.

CIU officer Det. Meinzer

In July, we had 37 car prowls compared to 62 in June.  Significant decrease to a lot more reporting from district 7.  If you see crime please report it.  Hit and run accidents was 24.  Fraud of credit cards was 17 and major traffic accidents there were 17 compared to 42 in June.  Please register your bike.  The homeless camp has been moved from the old DI but has now moved to Fairmont Park.  We are aware of it and have talked to Salt County Public Health so they are aware.  CIT-Crisis intervention Team works directly with our social workers.

District 7 SLC Mayor’s Liaison Tim Cosgrove

SLC is doing a resource fair on August 11th from 8-2 pm at Fairmont Park for those experiencing homelessness.  I received notice today that the Superintendent Dr. Timothy Gadsen for the SLC school district is having a back to school fair on August 20th.  We are having a competition for tiny home building.  Everyone is welcome to apply and there are cash prizes for the best design.  Magnolia opened.  It has 65 beds to serve the chronic homeless.  They are looking for kitchen kits for these folks.  A lot of positions are open in the city on boards and commissions.  We have saved over 20% water compared to last year.  Well done residents.

Misty Morris-Hosting a scavenger hunt as part of the global day for unplugging.  It will involve the little free libraries around town.  This Saturday starting at 10 am.  We will be starting at the little free library at 1845 Westminster Ave.  You can pick up a map and instructions and start your adventure.

Mindy Smith-Family Support at Highland High

We have 607 kids at or below the poverty line.  We have 120 refugees.  We had a pipe burst this week so a lot of our supplies were ruined.  We need everything.  Kids can come get whatever they need from the pantry for themselves and their families.  We are having a free homecoming dance this year so we are looking for any support.  We appreciate it all.  Right now we need back to school supplies, small food items, checks, money, etc.  Kids just need the basic needs.

Jeremy Chatterton

August starts August 24th.  Our numbers are up to about 1973 students which is a good year.   About 4 years ago we were at 1600 kids.  As of now everything is back to in person learning.  We are not requiring masks at the moment but do recommend it.

Tom Millar update on McClelland Street

McClelland street from 2100 South to Fairmont Park.  Important piece to the McClelland trail.  After a couple of years with engagement we have settled on a shared street design which everyone will share the street.  We will have some creative painting, some different features, etc.  These enhancements will slow the speed of traffic through this street.  We will have final design by the end of the year and the construction will start as soon as possible, probably beginning of the year.  It doesn’t do much to the pavement.  We think it will be completed by the end of next year.  We hope to make it a much better place for people to be.

Rep. Stephaine Pitcher

Two biggest issues are HB40 which is special session bill that bans schools from requiring masks and next is redistricting, which will have a lot of time for public comment.

The opportunity to open bill files came in mid-May so if there is anything anybody would like to see please reach out to me.

Meggie update on Mural Fest

Three murals will have their debut on August 13th from 5-9 pm.  The artists are Chris Peterson, Bill Louis and Evan Memmot Jed.  This will be in conjunction with the Sugar House Art Walk.  Thank you to everyone for supporting, donating, etc.

Katie Riser update on Allen Park

Every other Tuesday we are hosting volunteer work days in the park from 6-8 pm.  We will continue to host those through the rest of the summer into the fall.  We have a great edible garden at Allen Park.  We are uncovering all sorts of cool things as we spruce up Allen Park.

We have had a steady stream of guests.  We are continuing to work on developing a master plan on Allen Park.

Councilwoman Amy Fowler.  Thank you to Meggie for joining the SLC Arts Council board.  We had a great meeting with the SLC School Board and Superintendent.  I have some community money which I would like to use for signs to be placed around Sugar House to help slow traffic.

This past budget season we compensated our first responders which was long overdue.  I have been doing Kayak Court and it seems to be really helping people connect with resources.  We also approved 12 more social workers to work hand in hand with the police.  We are finalizing our CIP budget on August 24th.  We have 3 or 4 applications from Sugar House which I am hoping to get approved.

5G Cell Towers

William Huff and Rebekah Huber ELPCO Board Members

Designed to boost wireless signals to give faster data speeds.   Antennas need to be close together because frequency gets weaker the further out you are.   Most of the city 5G towers are Verizon.  5G towers need to be 150-200 feet apart.   Each carrier needs their own 5G towers.  Federal mandate to allow 5G poles in public right-of-way and the Utah state law that followed, the city is not allowed to limit the number of poles.  4 companies are installing small cell poles in the city.  There is currently no state or city requirements for camouflaging poles.  Most existing rocky mountain power poles are not strong enough to support the additional antenna weight of 5G cell equipment.  As of 3/2/21 there are at least 300 permits submitted and another 117 since that date.  Neither state law nor city ordinances require advance notice for any planned utility installations.  Advocating for more local control of tower placement.  Verizon proposed a zoning amendment to allow taller cell towers (up to 60 feet).  Has to go through the planning commission but has been postponed.

Brian Tonetti-Executive Director of Seven Canyons Trust

Daylighting and restoring streams.  Try to restore to its natural state if possible.

Cherie Koford-Sprague Update no flooding from the rain storm. Couple more days for our super summer challenge.

Meeting Adjourned!!



Landon Clark