SHCC August 2022 Agenda

SHCC August 2022 Agenda

7:00 Welcome-Chair

7:05 Approve Minutes

Treasurer Report-Mike Bagley

Secretary Report-Shane Stroud 

Fire Station #3 Update

7:15 District 7 CIU Detective Sam Fallows

Michael G’s Spotlight on Business (SOB)

Village Cobbler

7:30 Salt Lake Mayor’s Office Liaison-Tim Cosgrove

7:40 Thriving in Place

Susan Lundmark Project Manager Salt Lake City

Tim Thomas from the Urban Displacement Project

8:10 Fairmont Recycle Containers-

Sarah Woosley

Laurie Bray

8:20 Update on the Parley’s Mine

Andrew Smith

8:30 Amy Fowler-District 7 City Councilwoman

8:45 Committee Updates

Land Use and Zoning-Judi Short

Transportation-Levi Thatcher

Parks, Open Spaces and Trails-Sally Barraclough

Sugar House Business-Brandon Hill and Erica Wiggins

Library Update

Library Update

9:00 Meeting Adjourned

Landon Clark