SHCC December 2023 Minutes

SHCC December 2023 Minutes


Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

7:00 P.M.

In Person at The Neighborhood Hive and Online at YouTube Live


1)  Treasurer’s Report/Jeff Powell

  • We have $3,663.93 in the account. We received a couple donations. We have about $100 in our PayPal due to those donations.
  • Jeff Powell is running for District 23. He will be around during the meeting to meet and talk with folks.

2)  Road Construction/SLC Mayor’s Office

  • Phase 1 of Highland is done. The part around the post office is expected to being in the new year. There is a sewer project going on along upper 2100 South. Please try not to use neighborhood roads; it pours traffic onto neighborhood streets. Construction between 1300 East and 700 E may begin as early as March.
  • There is a virtual open house for Allen Park on December 11, via Zoom. It starts at 5:30 and ends at 7:30 and you can come and go as you please. Hop on and learn about the concept design. There is a warm winter clothing drive. Bring donations beginning on the 15th to the City and County Building. Salt Lake County needs volunteers for the “point in time” count for homeless folks. This is important so the state has a good grasp on how many people are experiencing homelessness. There is a new website for homeless issues; find information at the City’s site. Please make sure to clear your sidewalks during snowstorms and offer to help neighbors that might not be able to clear sidewalks themselves!

3)  Harbor Bay

  • Sarah Young discussed the project. She appreciates all the emails about the project. There are opportunities for feedback to the City Council as well as to Sarah. Folks can also go to the Planning Commission website once the application is posted.
  • Harbor Bay presented. They want to work with the community. They would like to ensure there is retail and greenery up the building. There are various designs they are considering. They are thinking of people engaging with the space. They want to have public parking. They want to have local retail. They know 300’ is a non-starter. They assert they want extra height to support community spaces. They are asking for a zoning change to allow them to build up to 300’. They don’t know if they will have affordable units. A resident raised the point that a 300’ building would block a lot of sunlight in the neighborhood. A resident encouraged the developers to work within the current zoning. There is a concern the fire department might not have the water pressure to fight a fire in a taller building. One resident liked the fact the development would increase walkability. A resident encouraged the developers to build a project that fits with the master plan. Many residents expressed they were against this proposed development. A resident asked what the developer’s profit margin is. The developers clarified that they would not go to the Legislature if they don’t get the variance they want from the City. They want to make sure this is a collaborative approach. Several residents raised the concern that this would increase traffic and bring many more people to the central business district. The developers indicated they would not force through a project if there isn’t community support or the support of the City. Sarah Young reiterated that this is early in the process and there will be many opportunities for engagement.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, January 3, 2023, at 7 p.m.

Landon Clark