SHCC February 2024 Minutes

SHCC February 2024 Minutes


Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

7:00 P.M.

In Person at The Neighborhood Hive and Online at YouTube Live


1)  Welcome/Holly Nichols/Det. Fallows/Mike Bagley/George Sumner/Fire Department/Tom/Brandon and Erica/Bill/Lynn/Hanna

  • Family services of Highland High needs our help with food and other supplies. Please bring them to the Hive or to Highland.
  • Holly with Sugar House Park Authority Board discussed a board opening. If you are interested go to the website.
  • Detective Fallows gave an update. Please use the SLC Mobile app if you need to report something but don’t need an immediate response. If you see a crime in progress, don’t use the app: call the police. There is a new crime dashboard: Leaving lights on is a good way to prevent crime.
  • US Bank account is at $3,663.95. No activity since last report. PayPal balance is $333.63. We received a couple of donations over the past month.
  • George discussed the various services our fire-fighting professionals provide. They are dedicated and talented public servants.
  • Jim with the fire department presented. It’s important to have supplies at home in case of emergencies. The fire department is there to help in emergencies; for example, if you suffer a fall at home and can’t get up.
  • Sarah Young discussed water conservation efforts and the new ballpark in Sunnyside park. The U of U would like to reconstruct the park so that it could be used for college gameplay. This would require construction of a wall. Sarah also discussed the temporary homeless shelters downtown (the temporary camp with small shelters). This is supposed to be a short-term solution. The City needs our help in contacting legislators to encourage them to find more permanent solutions. Please continue to make comments to the community engagement teams and planning councils! Sarah discussed Smiths Ballpark and other matters.
  • Tom discussed his development (across from the Hive). There are 180 residences and many retail spaces. There will be underground parking for residents and above ground parking for retail patrons.
  • Brandon and Erica from the Chamber encouraged folks to support a new restaurant in the old Stratford Proper space. The home page of the website has event information.
  • Bill gave us an update on the status of various construction projects in Sugar House.
  • Lynn discussed the new planned extension of the S-Line and other matters.
  • Hanna discussed the mayor’s priorities including green space, the new Main Street Promenade, and volunteer board positions and various other goings on at the Mayor’s Office.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 7 p.m.

Landon Clark