SHCC June 2021 Minutes

SHCC June 2021 Minutes

June 2021 Minutes

Welcome Chair

We received a letter from the neighbors along Highland Drive about the ongoing LocalLink Study of Highland Drive.  We are going to have that group come to our Transportation committee which is headed up by Levi Thatcher so they can spend more time talking about their issue.  

June 19th Friends of Fairmont are having a tree planting event from 9-11 am at Fairmont Park

June 8th we are planting the boxes at Monument Plaza from 11-1 pm.

Secretary Report: Devon Cantwell

Minutes are posted.

Sen. Iwamoto update: special session just wrapped up.  They talked about the appropriations from the American Rescue Plan Act.  11.7 billion to the state of Utah. Half will be available this May and the other half will be spend next year.  Salt Lake City will get 87.4 million. The house democrats did not participate in the debate over Critical Race Theory in public education.

Treasurer Report: Bank balance $15,333.00, paypal balance $115, Community council donated $2000 to the mural project.

Mayor’s Liaison Tim Cosgrove update: A complaint was filed from some neighbors to Civil Enforcement because of an overgrown yard.  Community Action Team is multi-directional and deals with quality of life issues.   A house was facing a number of fines and the SHCC stepped in.   Keller Williams Real Estate came up big with the direction of Erika Wiggins.   They had 50 volunteers show up.  We were able to create a partnership with sustainability and civil enforcement and clean this yard up.  Amazing support for the community.  Mayor has initiated a volunteer core under the direction of Hailey Leek.  They are building kitchen kits for 65 folks who are moving into long term housing.  

Erika presenting Anthony G. who helped with the Sugar House Strong Video Series.   He did an outstanding job with his internship and really went over the top in helping the Sugar House businesses. He owns Wandering Productions and is looking at helping businesses in Sugar House

Michael G.’s Spotlight on Business

The Neighborhood Hive

Moving into 2065 East and 2100 South in the old 21st Yoga Studio.   We launched a kick starter on Friday.  Having a parking lot party from 3-7 pm on Friday.  We will have three businesses in this location.  We are going to be open in the parking lot from 8-12 every Saturday.  We hope to be open for business August

Det. Meinzer: Top 5 calls in district 7…28 car prowls, 26 shop lifting incidents, 23 minor traffic accidents and 19 hit and run traffic accidents, 14 cases of using credit cards illegally.   Bike registration: Bike thefts happen throughout the city. We run serial numbers on bikes that seem stolen. We have to register a serial number so we can try to get it back to you by proving that it is yours.  How to help the police…calling our non-emergency number for suspicious activity option 7 gets you right to dispatch.  We have a pretty robust system for online reporting.  911 is reserved for life safety issue, crime in progress, fight, etc.  SLC mobile app is great for reporting graffiti.  

Bill Knowles: construction update Boulder Venture project on McClelland east side phase 1 is open for business.  Hoping for the entire business to be open by the end of the summer.  Dixon Place is open and only has 7 spots available.  Apartments near the University clinic should be open by the end of the year.  The canal project on Highland Drive should see paving at the end of the week or next week.  Starting to put it back in place.  The hawk light project will be starting up as the canal project wraps up.  Freeway construction is kicking off. 900 East will be closing going north bound starting Friday for three days. Taking railroad ties out.  This roadway should be finished by the end of the summer.  A lot of this work is infrastructure work so please be patient.

Director of Public Utilities Laura Briefer: Current drought update.  Stage 2 response for water shortage plan.  We monitor the demand on our drinking water.  River flows are averaging about 34-52% of normal flow.  Inflow into Deer Creek reservoir is below normal.  Ground water supplies are good and we will rely on those this summer.  Uptick in demand because of the warmer weather and early start to the irrigation season.  Stage 2 response we have some mandatory requirements being placed on government facilities on outdoor water use with hour restrictions, target areas and will continue to assess. People are doing a good job of cutting back on water use. Mandatory Residential and business cutbacks happen in stage 4.

Stephanine Duer is our water conservation expert.  The canal project update: pipe is in and will restore pavement on Friday and will do curb and gutter next week. East-West conveyance water line goes from the tanks at the top of 3300 south to downtown SLC.  The pipeline will bring another source of water to our growing city.  It is a master plan project. 900 East from Ashton to Forest Dale Golf course will be closed starting this week. We are launching our keep it pure program. Just knowing where your water comes from and understanding what you can do to keep the water clean.  

Laurie Bray Mural Project Update: We have secured three walls, south wall of Cameron Wellness and Chris Peterson will be painting that wall, Karamba West wall will be painted by Bill Louis, and Sugar House BBQ and Evan Jed will be painting that.  Going to be a great project.  Community celebration will be August 13th from 5-9 pm in conjunction with the Sugar House Art Walk. There will be bands playing at multiple places around Sugar House.  Please donate.

Lynn Jacobs and Matt Cassel Update: Senior Capstone Project with the University of Utah.  This project looks at the upcoming construction of 2100 South. We are just allowing the students to really participate in something, we have not started anything with 2100 South. This construction is slated for 2025.  Talking about 700 East to 1300 East.  We are looking at about 22,000-28,000 trips per day.  Transit ridership between bus and S-line is about 3400 trips per day.  

Ben Bolte Green Bike Update: Utah Hive Pass-half off UTA pass if you live in SLC and a Green Bike pass comes with that.  Give out about $10,000 in free rides to community organizations. We have been doing more affordable housing partnerships.  Free green bikes for some of these affordable housing units. Local leaders winter ride trying to draw attention that you can bike in the winter. Our maintenance and safety program is still outstanding.  We have a fulltime maintenance staff.  

Councilwoman Amy Fowler: Shout out to our city employees!  Really excited about our kick off the Keep it Pure campaign.  We are in the midst of the budget season.  We hope to approve and vote on a budget on June 15th.  We have some CIP applications for district 7.   The public hearing will be July 13, August 20 and vote on August 24.  There is always more asks than there is money.  Boys and Girls club update still ongoing. The new sidewalk around Fairmont Park is great.  

Cherie Kofoed update on Sprague Library.  We are back open!!!  People seem to be really happy with the remodal.  Started our Super Summer program.  June 14th we are going to go back to our expanded hours.  Study rooms are now open. 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:42 pm

Landon Clark