SHCC June 2023 Meeting Minutes

SHCC June 2023 Meeting Minutes


Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

7:00 P.M.

In Person at The Neighborhood Hive and Streaming on YouTube


1)  Welcome

  • Landon welcomed everyone to the meeting. There will be no July meeting so tonight’s agenda is packed. The Kum n’ Go appeal is slated for June 15. Landon will send the link out. Councilwoman Fowler’s resignation is effective July 3. The application and interview for a replacement will be open later this month.

2)  Fire Dept. Update/Det. Fallows

  • Bruce gave the fire station update. We had a wet winter and it has continued. That means there is a lot of fuel so as it dries out be aware of the potential for grass fires. Try to clear timber and other fuels from around your property to reduce risk. You can contact the fire dept. if you have questions. As to Independence Day, the firework restrictions will likely mirror 2022; a very small area will allow discharge of fireworks. Most of 900 E eastward will be off limits. The fire dept. will post signs. You can reach out to the fire dept. or look at the website if you have questions. The fire dept. is concerned that fires will be burning hotter because of the accumulation of drought over decades and the buildup of fuels. The fire dept. considers the traffic and density of the City as it grows in order to determine how best to fight fires. They are looking at an addition of a ladder truck in the Sugar House area.
  • For May, Sugar House saw 287 pt. 1 and pt. 2 crimes. Biggest one reported (larceny/theft), 81 reported. There were also some burglary cases. A few things to help: take valuables out of vehicle at night, turn on lights at home at night, lock doors at night, put things of value in yards away. Be sure to report crimes to SLPD. You can do a quick online report; that helps the police department assemble accurate crime statistic. If you see something suspicious, call it in. If you’re experiencing issues with homelessness, like camps, report them using the SLC Mobile App. If you submit and the app says “closed,” that means it has been submitted to the right City division. Camps are not allowed in the City but the dept. does not have the manpower to clean up all camps immediately. There should be a police camera at the Sugar House Park tunnel.

3)  Brandon Hill from the Sugar House Chamber

  • We have two businesses to spotlight. Also, the Chamber is holding work session on Thursday afternoons, so reach out to Brandon or Erica if you have something you’d like to have addressed. Please come to Sugar House Rocks next week. It is from 5-8 pm the third Friday of every month on the plaza.
  • Omar with the Hive Coffee Bar presented. They added a little bit of food and tamales on weekends. They have some traditional Venezuelan food as well. They are trying to make sure there are various things available for the community. Ray from Sugar House Craft and Creates presented. She has a small 885’ square foot craft space. Please come by and be creative! It is $10 for 3 hours for a 3’ space; things like scrap booking, painting, etc.

4)  Secretary’s Report.

  • Shane asked for a motion to approve the May minute. The was a motion and a second and motion passed unanimously. SLC Library workers have been seeking the right to organize and join a labor union. The are currently seeking a resolution from the Library Board that would give them that right. Shane asked for a resolution from the Council supporting the workers’ right to organize. Judy made the motion which was seconded and passed unanimously.
  • Will Kocher presented about the Joe Hill bench. We would like to make a $1000 donation and would also apply for an arts grant. Shane asked for a motion to approve the $1000 donation. Lynn moved to approve the donation and Judy seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

5)  Urban Forestry

  • They do all the work on the City’s trees; trimming, pruning, emergencies, planting new trees. There is a new program called “Keep your Cool” which encourages tree watering. We have a great urban forest. The City is undertaking increased tree planting.

6)  Bill’s Update about Development

  • The Sugar Ally project is making progress; completion is about 18 months down the road. The Ashton Avenue project. The road is now open.

7)  Mark Issac, 10th and Elm Block

  • 10th and Elm is adjacent to Smiths. The planned building will be multifamily but look more residential that some other buildings. They have increased their parking ratios. They are asking for a rezone, the zone that is Sugar House Central Business District 2, into the whole block so they can develop the entirety of the block cohesively. It will come with about 16 more units of density. They plan to put the Victorian home into a conservation easement. The Victorian will function as a type of community center. There will be EV charges in the parking lot, the City requires at least 20% have them but they will exceed that. The complex will have a cold plunge pool, bike storage, etc. They have attempted to make it fit into the community. There won’t be solar; they are looking at how they might be able to do that in the future but right now the technology doesn’t really exist for solar on multifamily. 

8)  Allen Park

  • Kat Moss and Brian Wilkinson discussed the park. There is an event next week, Tuesday 5:30 to 7:30. They are starting a year long process to plan for the future of the park. They have funding for a plan.

9)  Stan Penfold, Green Bike

  • The first Sugar House station will be at Wilmington Gardens in early August. They are in conversations with the City about additional locations along Highland Drive. Stan will be back in the fall to talk about making Sugar House a “hub” for Green Bike, which is a “dock to dock” type bike sharing setup. They are looking at the S-Line as a possible place for docks. They want to have a good core of stations as popular spots around Sugar House. They are primarily focused near Front Runner stations downtown but will be looking at locating near TRAX downtown. Go to for more info.

10)  Mural and Parley’s Mine

  • There will be a reveal party for the mural on June 28. It will be between 6:30 and 8 at the SE entrance to Fairmont Park.
  • There is a call to action to write letters in opposition to the Parley’s Mine. There are email addresses on the handout provided. Make sure to copy the Governor’s Office. They need a lot of grassroots efforts. Please show up to the meeting at DAQ on June 22. Visit for more information.

11)  Ben Raskin and Judy Short

  • There will be CPR instruction at fire station 3, 6pm – 7pm on June 14. The information is in the June newsletter.
  • The tried to get them to allow banks and pharmacies to have drive throughs in the Sugar House business districts but the Planning Commission said now. Historic Preservation wants a text amendment; SHCC thought it was too narrow as there are many that are worthy of protection. This month’s meeting of the LUC will be on June 12.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, August 2, 2023, at 7 p.m.

Landon Clark