SHCC March 2021 Meeting Minutes

SHCC March 2021 Meeting Minutes

7:00 pm: Welcome – Chair

Landon Clark

  • There have been a series of Zoom bombings in the last few weeks which has caused us to change our meeting technology norms
  • NOTE: beginning in March’s SHCC meeting, people will need to register to attend the meeting using the link in the newsletter.
  • On the week of February 22nd, SLC Public Lands will be performing necessary tree and shrub removal on the east side of 1300 between parkway and claiborne ave. THe vegetarian has overgrown and caused issues with irrigation, resulting in a lot of dead and dying turf. They are going to flyer on doorknobs leading up.
  • Legislative Town Hall on February 18th which will include several Representatives, Senators, and Carol Lear from the State School Board.


7:05 pm: Approve Minutes

  • December and January minutes approved

Secretary Report – Devon Cantwell

  • Erica has been posting the SHCC meetings to Youtube in case anyone wants to go listened to the more detailed versions of the meetings. Recording from February is available here.

Treasurer Report – Mike Bagley

  • Bank account; $10,678.90
  • Last month a payment to Mountain Standard Time for the ongoing Sugar House Strong series for $94.95 was paid out.
  • Moved the balance of $847.51 from our PayPal account to our US Bank account.
  • Zeroed account for PayPal down to nothing
  • 8 cent deposit for the interest in our bank account
  • Brandon clarifies that the Mountain Standard Time payments will be done through the Chamber moving forward.


7:10 pm: Michael G’s Spotlight on Business (SOB)

Vintage Village Interiors – 2015 S. 1100 E.

Owner – Mike Whitney

  • Open every day Monday to Saturday from 10-7pm, Sunday from 12-4pm.
  • We just opened on January 4th in this location. We used to be over on 700 east in a shared space before.

Update from Meggie

  • SHCC has received a grant from the Salt Lake Arts Council for $2,000 to go towards murals on the New McClellan street project this spring,
  • Invite anyone interested in helping to join the Arts and Culture Committee on the 8th at 7pm. THe SHCC website has the meeting information, Meggie’s e-mail, and if you e-mail her she will gladly send the Zoom link.
  • Email:

7:15 pm: District 7 CIU Update

Detective Nathan Meinzer

  • Been with SLCPD for seven years and in District 6 doing community intelligence unit
  • Now covers District 5 and 7
  • Reports directly to division
  • Discussed hotspot map — mostly property crimes are the type of crime occuring, such as porch pirates, breaking into cards, etc.
  • The majority of these issues can be deterred through techniques like surveillance cameras, keeping your car dealership clean, keeping property kept up with shorter hedges, make sure to lock your car, connect with your neighbors.


7:25 pm: Farmers Market Update

Aimee Horman

  • Not sure what the 2021 farmers market will look like yet, but if you have input or questions, email
  • August Sundays — looking forward to it!


7:30 pm: Capstone Project for 2100 South

Lynn Jacobs, SLC Transportation


7:45 pm: Mythbusters: Learning About SLC’s Unsheltered Population and Responses

(You can submit questions prior to the event here)

Devon Cantwell, Will Kocher, and Maggie Regier

Katherine Fife-Director, Programs and Partnerships at Salt Lake County

Rebecca Hardenbrook, Community Activist


8:45 pm: District 7 Salt Lake City Update

Councilwoman Amy Fowler –


8:55 pm: SLC Community Liaison

Tim Cosgrove –


9:00ish: Meeting Adjourned!


Landon Clark