SHCC March 2023 Minutes

SHCC March 2023 Minutes


Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

7:00 P.M.

In Person at The Neighborhood Hive


1)  Welcome, Reports, and Updates

  • Landon welcomed everyone to the meeting. We’ll be doing an aid station for the Marathon. Unfortunately, Sim Gill had to cancel and won’t here but will come next month. The Kum and Go application will soon be on the City’s agenda.
  • Detective Fallows provided an pdate. Property owners can file affidavits with SLPD that allows the police to enforce potential trespassing violations after hours without having to check in each time with the property owner. Property owners must post a City-approved “No Trespassing” sign; they are available for purchase from the City for about $30. Det. Fallows answered questions from attendees about this program. Det. Fallows reminded attendees that they can use the SLC Mobile app to report certain concerns, like graffiti, downed stop signs, etc.
  • The firefighters from Station #3 provided an update. Be sure to have your kits ready in case you lose power or heat or in case of another emergency, like an earthquake.

2)  Michael G’s Spotlight on Business and Business Update

  • Sheri from Sportcuts discussed her business. She is grateful to the fire department for saving her business but the fire has been hard on the adjacent businesses. She is grateful for folks that have supported the business and asks for the community’s continued support.

3)  UDOT Update

  • Everyone is now driving on new pavement on the I-80/I-215 rebuild. The bridge at 2000 E is done. Three ramps are done on I-215: the on and off ramps at 3900 S and the offramp at 4500 S. The whole project will cost $122 million. Soon, UDOT will begin the 1300 E. bridge replacement. When the bridge is replaced, both directions of I-80 will be closed starting Friday, March 31 at about 9 pm from 700 E to Foothill. UDOT intends to open it by 5 am on Monday, just in time for the commute. The bridge is almost a perfect square: 175’ x 175’. As a result it will take longer than the 1700 E bridge took to demolish and longer to slide the new bridge into place. 1300 E will be closed for about a week. There may be some increased traffic on surface streets as a result of the closures. The entire project is set to be completed by the end of the year. Project contact info: phone 844-909-3278 or email to You can check out the website at

X)  Mark Issac  

  • Mr. Issac will be filing an application for improved size of signage for Sugar House retailers. He will be working with Judy Short on that. Also, they are trying to get the City to update utilities in conjunction with planned road work. This should minimize the number of disruptions to City residents by allowing the work to proceed at once. There are bunch of elk at the County Club; they are quite happy with their new home but are tearing up the golf course. When they move back to the hills it could be difficult for drivers on I-80, Foothill, and I-215.
  • Mr. Issac’s associate discussed upcoming development. He wants to work with the community and encourage local retail to stick around. His focus is on high-quality materials. He develops with “Mass Timber,” which is an engineered wood material that is more environmentally sound than buildings materials like concrete and steel. The entire structure is made of wood which can be exposed, helping indoor air quality and adding to aesthetics. The developer hopes to use this method to build a new residential building on the Wells Fargo block. They intend to execute a document or contract that details the benefits the community will receive from the developers. The foundation would be concrete; the rest Mass Timber. That would result in construction 9 months faster than they could build a traditional building. They hope parking would be below grade (and that part would be concrete). The developer hopes to build above the 105’ height limit that is currently allowed.

X)  Rick Plue

  • They just purchased the First Congregational Church on Foothill. There is a huge stained-glass window there that is very beautiful, and they would like to find a home for it. They are willing to donate to a worth organization. They would not pay for the removal; that cost would have to be born by the individual taking possession of the window. The First Congregational church moved up the street to the All Saints Church.

X)  Tim Gosgrove

  • The City has a housing stability office. In that office is the Homeless Engagement and Resources Team. That team will be holding a resource fair for homelessness on March 10 in Fairmont Park. The Department of Sustainability has recently issued a new micro-food equity grant. It allows for building more food equity. The grant application deadline is March 5.

X)  Treasurer’s Report, Mike Bagley/POST Committee Update, Sally Barraclough/Transportation Update,

Kenzie Osguthorpe

  • Our U.S. Bank account has $6,358.91 in it. There has been little new activity on that account besides the accumulation of a bit of interest. We have $968.33 in our PayPal account. We have some of these monies set aside for our Sugar House art bins project. Mr. Bagley reminded attendees that the Sugar House Community Council is a 501(c)(3) and encouraged folks to go onto the website and donate if they would like to support the Council.
  • The City has hired a contractor to do work on the main lodge at Allen Park, including work on the structure and the roof. Those contractors are working now. The City is also conducting an adaptive reuse and management plan. The next POST meeting will be in March.
  • There will be a new signal at Kensington and Foothill along with some new paint. It won’t impede traffic mobility but will eliminate left hand turns onto Kensington. There will be a new bike/pedestrian signal like the one on 600 E and 2100 S.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at 7 p.m.

Landon Clark