SHCC Meeting Minutes – April 2005

SHCC Meeting Minutes – April 2005


April 6, 2005


From Sugar House



Trustees Present

Cabot Nelson, Mark Holland, Julie Nitzkowski, Dolores Donohoo, Su Armitage, Helen Peters, Bill Habel, Art Haddow, Paul Nash, Janice Anderl, Derek Payne, Rawlins Young, Barbara Green, Michael G. Kavanagh, Russel Callister, Grace Sperry, Lynn Olson, Ruth Price, Susan Petherham (19)

Trustees Excused

L. Rex Sears, Tina Ottesen, David Lawver (3)

City/State Representatives

Annette Daley, SLC Mayor’s office; JR Smith and Janeel Ericksen, SLPD (3)


Jennie Thueson, Emil Kmet, Ranae Pierce, Lex Hemphill, Liz Apking, Jerry Schmidt, Philip Carlson, Ton Nitzkowski, Ben Burdett, Karen Lloyd, Melissa Lichtenstein, Michael Johnson of Qwest Communication, Rep. Roz McGee of Utah House of Representatives, Dennis Guy-Sell of East Central Community Council, Brad Bartholomew (15)

Meeting minutes

Call to order at 7:04. Mark Holland, conducting. Minutes of the last meeting were amended to include the list of attendees, which was left out. Also, Dan Bergenthal was not in attendance and the trustees struck the comparison of Highland Drive and 9th East. Paul Nash moved to approve the minutes as amended with a second from Grace Sperry. Approved 12-0-0.

Chair Announcements

There is an application to the board of adjustment for a carport located at 2864 E Emerson. The meeting will be held on April 19 at the SLC Council Chambers. The non-conforming uses ordinance changes will affect all areas of the city. Grace Sperry pointed out that as the carport concern is actually in Beacon Heights, it doesn’t apply to the SHCC.

Trustee Barbara Green, also with the SH Merch Ass’n, spoke about the “Lights on in Sugar House” celebration to be held on May 20 and 21. It will formally dedicate the new street lights throughout the central business district with small business passports, the Mayor switching on the lights, and street music (tentatively planned). Barbara Green commended the city for its work.

Art Haddow made business cards and offered to create cards for other trustees.

The SHCC received a trustee petition for Emil Kmet of the Forest Dale neighborhood. He has been a regular attendee of these SHCC meetings for a some time. Michael G. Kavanagh moved to accept with Su Armitage seconding. The trustees voted unanimously.

Lapsed trustee Phil Carlson presented his petition to renew his representation for the Grandview neighborhood. Art Haddow moved to accept the petition with Bill Habel seconding. Motion passed 16-0-1.

Public Input

T. Scott Davis of Impact Soccer spoke about the condition of the soccer fields in Fairmont Park. Park manager Troy Baker (not present) suggested to Mr. Davis to bring it to the attention of the SHCC. Various Groups–including Judge High School–used the soccer fields, but now the fields are being neglected even after Impact Soccer had invested some funds. Dist 1 of the Utah Soccer Ass’n is willing to offer some funds. It regards water, among other concerns. Some teams still use the Fairmont fields for practice, but many have left due to the poor quality. Grace Sperry asked if it was due to recent rain. Mr. Davis said that the quality has been going down for a couple of years. There are organizations–such as the soccer association–that would be happy to help. Cabot Nelson asked exactly what happened. Mr. Davis understood that the new sod was implemented, but the watering was reduced, possibly due to some budget restrictions.

Liz Apking presented a request for approval for city matching funds for lighting on the north side of Hollywood Avenue near Dilworth Elementary. There was $5000 shared among 19 homeowners. Helen Peters moved to approve the request by acclamation, which was accepted without objection. Mark Holland signed Ms. Apking’s request. Ms. Apking was applauded for her work.

Crime update

JR Smith and Janeel Ericksen explained that incidents were down 30% recently but not much change this month. 25% of sex assaults due to drugged drinks. Officer Smith reminded the SHCC that you should be aware of whom you are associating. There were various robberies and assaults. Su Armitage asked for statistics for district 7. There might be some available next month. Officer Ericksen noted a cluster of car prowls in the parking lots and vicinities of Movies 10 and the Liquor Store/Fairmont Park. These prowls are common due to dark areas and other crime friendly opportunities.

Mayor’s office report

Annette Daley announced an invitation to meet the mayor on April 16 from 10am to 11am at Sugar House Coffee. The “Religious Divide” discussion meetings are splitting in smaller groups. They still welcome participants. There has been more news coverage about the mayor and the topics of world strife and hunger. The mayor has traveled extensively regarding these concerns. Ray Pugsley asked about the vacant lot on Wilmington east of Highland Drive. It is gathering junk and graffiti, yet the city currently owns it. It is being used as a staging area for the street-light installations. Annette Daley noted it and said that she’d say something to the RDA.

City Council update

Councilman Dale Lambert was not in attendance.

Parks and Open Space

By Lynne Olson. Lex Hemphill, a new member of SH Park Authority, spoke about parks and trails, mentioning that councilman Dale Lambert was trying to find funding. The signs in Hidden Hollow were protected from graffiti with a plastic shields, but moisture condensation occasionally obscures the signs. Michael G. Kavanagh inquired about the Fairmont amphitheater. Not much can happen without a plan. As a member of SH Park, Mr. Hemphill may need input for benches in SH Park. SH Park never had a plan. He’ll ask for CIP funds for the plan which might need a letter from SHCC. Lynne Olson mentioned new coordination between SH Park & the Independence Day SH Street festival.

Primer of Parliamentary procedure

By Ray Pugsley. Ray provided handouts of summaries for making motions. Grace Sperry moved that the SHCC should buy each trustee a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order, with Ruth Price seconding. With a quick discussion on cost, Grace later withdrew the motion.

SH Business Spotlight

By Grace Sperry. The representative of The Dutch Store could not attend. This presentation is postponed until next month. In June, Helen Peters will present a neighborhood deli.

Review of the State Legislature

Representative Roz McGee of House District 28 presented her observations of the 2005 legislative session. Her district includes a mid-south and east portion of the SHCC. Notable for the other districts in the SHCC was that Larry Wylie replaced Rep. Ty McCartney of district 31. Also, Jackie Biskupski represented district 30. Rep. McGee shared stories of parliamentary procedure on adjournment and intrigue using minority reports. Of legislative 600 bills filed, 400 passed. The legislature now has voice streaming on the Internet. Legislators welcome Email. Rep. McGee was pleased with the passage of her bicycling bill. Paul Nash commented on legislative actions about traffic calming and red-light photo enforcement.

Committee organization business

As it wasn’t properly formed and it did not select its own chair, the subcommittee for the Highland Drive restriping project will be reorganized. Dan Berganthal of SLC will present next month. Barbara Green will see if she can get interest in having a SH merchant on the committee.

Land Use & Zoning update

Helen Peters provided handouts. Cabot Nelson opined that the CIP money ought not be placed in paperwork and planning, but Helen Peters explained that the CIP money does indeed fund the planning for its projects. Judi Short moved to send a letter to the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for the SH Park master plan. Lynne Olson seconded the motion, which was approved 14-2-3.

SHBD Zoning amendments

The LU&Z committee placed their concerns in a letter to Luis Zunguze. The proposals are now before the planning commission and the SHCC is done with its comments. Russell Callister commented on the letter to Luis with some issues of integrating residential or more streets. He mentioned that it is difficult to manage facilities that serve both commercial and residential.

The proposal to amend the bylaws regarding Emerson & Wasatch Hollow was postponed.

Qwest proposal for utility box

Michael Johnson presented Handouts with aerial photos. Qwest wanted to remove one “cross box”, replace with a new one and another “adtran” box at 2200 S. Foothill, NW of Foothill Place Apts. Helen Peters moved to approve with Ray Pugsley seconding. It passed, 16-2-2. Qwest wanted box in the same vicinity on Foothill Drive. Grace Sperry moved with Judi Short seconding, 17-4-0.


Adjourned 8:54pm

Landon Clark