SHCC Meeting Minutes – April 2006

SHCC Meeting Minutes – April 2006


April 5, 2006


From Sugar House



Trustees present

Philip CarlsonSarah CarlsonDolores A. DonohooArt HaddowMark HollandMichael G. KavanaghScott KislingEmil Kmet,Andrea MoesserDavid MulderCabot NelsonLynne OlsonTina OttesenDerek PayneHelen PetersSusan PetheramJudi Short,Grace SperrySteve WilsonRawlins Young (20)

Trustees excused

Ray PugsleyL. Rex Sears, (2)

City/State Representatives

Annette Daley, SLC Mayor’s Office; Soren Simonsen, SLC Council; Ben Johnson, SLPD (3)


Jennie Thueson, Dave Egelund, Jaelene V. Myrup, Sarah Moyer, David Wilson of BSA Troop 473, Melissa Lichtenstein (6)

Meeting Minutes

Call to order, Minutes approval

Minutes Amendments

Dave Mulder did not attend March’s meeting, but he was excused. Art Haddow moved to approve the minutes as amended with Michael G. Kavanagh seconding. It passed, 9-0-0.

Treasurer’s report

Same as last month. No change. As a reminder, the last check we wrote was to the State of Utah for $7.00 for corporate renewal. 4812.03 – $7.00 = 4805.03

Chair’s report

The Chair announed that trustee Paul Nash has resigned. The Chair recognized Boy Scout Troops 473 and 84. Starting April 1, SLC has a 3yr contract with a firm for maintaining the street lights. This was from a March 27 letter from Tim Harpst. It includes monthly patrols and data collection for service a repair. More info at 800-814-4311. Pick up a brochure about the I-80 improvement study. The Mental Health Assoc of Utah will hold its 4th annual 5k walk on Sat Apr 22, 11-2 at Sugar House Park.

Secretary Cabot Nelson announced the creation of the SHCC Website at

Phil Carlson submitted a letter for our approval to be sent to Gene Davis as approved last month. Phil offered to do this in email. Rawlins Young was concerned and wants hardcopies. Art Haddow said that email would be okay. Phil offered to send electronically, then print hardcopy.

Public Input


Crime Update

By Officer Ben Johnson, SLPD, tel. 799-4642 Crime stats for dist. 7: Trend with warmer weather approaching. Auto thefts, break-ins, store robberies. In Foothill Place Apts., a person saw 2 people breaking in a car. The thieves pulled a gun. Note that confronting anyone in commission of a crime could be dangerous. For setting up a neighborhood watch, call Officers JR Smith or Ben Johnson.

Michael G. Kavanagh said that across his street, there was a mail theft. He offers is caution about mailing checks. Officer Johnson said US Mail drops in grocery stores are secure.

Tina Ottesen asked about response time for burglaries. No response in 2-3 hours. The response time is variable. Statistically, it’s under 7 minutes. Give dispatcher information. An attendee 20 minutes for a drug deal. Another attendee asked about how officers are on duty any given time. E side/ W side. 10 beats on E side. Dist 6 & 7 is 4 beats. Varies between 50 – 60 officer. Priorty for crimes in progress and against persons. When they are not on call, then it’s at officer’s discretion. Usual patrol for speeding, alley watches, etc.

Mayor’s Office Report

by Annette Daley. SLC book club: Young Children: Grandfathers Journey. Young Adult: Esperanza Rising (300 pages), Adult: Kite Runner (About Afghanistan and the Taliban). Also, Devil’s Highway.

SLC Gets ( on Apr 17th. Kick off on Apr 24th. Next Wednesday is another Freedom Forum, this time to discuss immigration. Earth Day is Apr 22nd. Apr 25th, e2 business program. (

Next month, Mayor Anderson will be here. It will be a community conference with heads of departments, especially the new police chief. (Annette recommended to allot 1 hour for the mayor.) On May 12th, there will be a brown bag panel. Finally, go to for the mayor’s calendar.

City Council update

By Soren Simonsen. There was a consideration for a tax incentive for a development at Redwood & North Temple. There would have been an anchor, but the deal is likely dead. It didn’t rise to a level of support. Regarding immigration and concern about cultural clash, remember that it makes us culturally rich.

Budget opening in March. This should include the Parley’s Trail project. The City and County was successful in getting $10.5 million in federal money. Go to This money should pay for Environmental Impact Statements/Environmental Work. There is $2.6 million in ZAP funding for having the trail cross I-215. This should be completed this summer. UDOT has the go-ahead. Groundbreaking on June 1.

SLC might rezone Mt. Olivet for institutional use and would develop an expanded school campus. Council had no formal action. There were strong feelings but the meeting kept civil.

The pet ordinance on April 18th. Cats and ferrets might be required to be licensed. Cats are euthanized and not returned. Licensing can ensure the pets’ return. For the number of animals, there is a limit of 4 pets per household, limit 2 per species, not including small rodents and farm animals. There might be reasonse for more than 4 pets, possibly with inheritance and rescued animals, which might require a special permit. Licencing fees are a concern. They want an incentive to microchip and sterilize pets. The city should maintain its current status for senior discount.

RDA advisory committee is meeting now to review its list of projects. Last month, a business owner presented a street fair idea (see last month’s minutes). The transportation division is very concerned about closing Highland Drive. However, the city is interested in a street fair idea.

Transit initiatives. WVC has consulting for WV Trax spur. Councilor Simonsen wants the SH spur included in that study. In connection, UTA announced a bond election for a local option to fund in entirety for WVC Trax and the airport spur. Denver was successful in their initiative and moved 10-20 year projects to 5-10 years.

Regarding the Highland Drive road diet, the traffic counts are underway. Precarious on McClelland St. canal. Staff will look at it.

SLPD and FD need a new public safety building. This will need a new bond. There is the option to replace or expand the existing complex and get a new precinct on east side.

Michael G. Kavanagh announced that June 3rd is National Trails Day. He needs volunteer to help in a trail clean-up. Perhaps the Boy Scouts could help. Michael has the info.

Finally, Cooper Roberts Simonsen got a small business award from the SL Chamber.

Sugar House Merchants Association

By Art Haddow. He was at this morning’s meeting. Biggest topic was PRATT (Parley’s Trail). $10 million study to linking the train to the Jordan River. $500K may get taken from Sundance. He would like a committee to discuss that.

Sugar House Business Spotlight


Hospice Alliance

By Rebecca Brockbank. There are 55 hospices in SLC. You need 3 things: 1) Financial stability and money in place, 2) Living Will and other legal papers, and 3) Medical durable power of attorney. Michael G. Kavanagh inquired whether the regular power of attorney woudl suffice. No, one needs the medical power attorney. Without medical power of attorney, a nursing home can keep a patient and bill a family member.

Legislative Update

Rep. Roz McGee could not attend.

Road diet on 2000 E.

by Phil Carlson. Spencer Jenkins presented a resolution and motion for the SHCC to consider this road diet. Dan Berganthal of SLC has helped. The motion: We ask the SHCC to ask the city study the section of 2000 E from Parleys Way and 2700 to reduce traffic lanes, accommodate bikes, and increase pedestrian safety and give residents 24 hour parking. With the motion from committee, it needed no seconding.

Dave Mulder had concerns about cyclists trying to make it up the hill after going under the highway.

Judi called the question a suspend debate. Passed, 14-0-1. Motion passed, 14-0-1.

Parley’s Trails

by Lynne Olson. For the first time 5-6 years, there is a master plan open house.

The trail group has secured $10.5 million in federal funds to build the trail. There would be enough money to go from Bonneville to 23rd east. Matching funds in 3-4 years would link it to the SH Biz District. Then there would be environmental studies for the remainder of the corridor. The trail area near SH park could be under construction this year. Artist is Patricia Johanson, who wrote a book Patricia Johanson: Art and Survival. Landowner Jeff Woodbury has agreed to accommodate the trail.

Michael G. Kavanagh reminded that June 3rd is National Trails Day. There will be a service project cleanup for the rail bed from McClelland to State.

Land Use & Zoning Committee

By Helen Peters. Emil spoke about the lights in Fairmont Park. The city has a policy to not light something unless it generates fees. Helen commented on Kennecott Land’s west bench development proposal. See SL County for more details.

Parliamentary Post Mortem

by Ray Pugsley. He could not attend and was excused


The SHCC executive committee will meet at Dolores’ home, Wednesday at 7pm.

Adjourned, 8:52pm.

Landon Clark