SHCC Meeting Minutes – April 2008

SHCC Meeting Minutes – April 2008


April 2, 2008


Trustees Present: Andrea Wargula, David Holbrook, Jan Brittain, Sarah Carlson, David Mulder, Gary Johnson, Grace Sperry, Cabot Nelson, Derek Payne, Rawlins Young, Emil Kmet, Maggie Shaw, Michael Kavanagh, Philip Carlson, Judi Short, Dolores Donohoo, Ruth Price, Sheila Driscoll Trustees Excused: Steve Wilson, Art Haddow, Ray Pugsley, Barbara Green, Susan Petheram

  • Call to Order: 6:45pm, Grace Sperry, Chair.
  • Presentation by Officer Sean Smart on Personal Safety
  • 7:20 Motion: March 5th minutes approved with noted revision: R Price, 2nd: C. Nelson:  : Delores Donahoo present. Motion Passed.
  • Treasury Report: Balance: $4245.01 given by Treasurer

Chair Report: Grace Sperry Utah Heritage Foundation annual Preservation Conference April 17 – April 19 Mayors Road Trip: 2 hr visit to Sugar House is scheduled for May; please submit suggestions for highlights Wal-Mart Town Meeting called by City Councilmen J T Martin and Soren Simonsen to be held Tuesday April 22nd, at Dilworth Elementary School (1953 S 1900 E) 6:30 – 8:00 pm. BE THERE if you are concerned.

Crime update: Officer Smart Police are looking for a male with dark skin, big eyes, approx 170 lbs who has exposed himself several times in the Foothill Village area! ALSO: Drug theft at knifepoint occurred at Walgreen’s (2100S 900E). Suspect is white male, 5-8” tall, 185 lbs, 25-35 yrs of age, wearing all black.

Land Use and Zoning Committee Report: Derek Payne 700 East Corridor Study; call Sharen Hauri 364-9696 for more information Westminster Science Building (call Casey Stewart for comments or concerns, 535-6260). University of Utah’s Project Universe (call Nick Norris 535-6173)

Mayor’s Report: N/A

See Land Use and Zoning Committee Report and Parks and Open Space Report for additional items. Motion: P Carlson 2nd: D Mulder Motion to send the PFDC’s report, motion and recommendation statement (on the re-zone of the “K-Mart/Wal-Mart” property) to the Planning Department C/O Nick Bitten Motion Passed (1 opposed)

Merchant Report: N/A

Parks and Open Space Report (P&OSC): Emil Kmet Motion (that Lochner present to SHCC on XXXXXX ): Ruth Price, 2nd: P. Carlson Motion Passed M. Kavanagh spoke to Fairmont Park Senior Grounds Keeper about garbage can over flow, restroom facility openings, fountain and fire pit disrepair. Items to be addressed. R. Young stated that Fairmont Park is a Historic Area. D. Mulder presented flyers to advertise Fairmont Fest (Fri April 4th) and (made a Motion, 2nd: C Nelson, Motion Passed) requested that we send a letter to Albertson’s requesting a bottled water donation. THANK YOU ALBERTSON’S!!

4th of July Celebration: Jack’s Drum Shop to coordinate bands, L. Bray can get artists to paint boards along construction fence (but will need supplies), G. Sperry requested that D. Mulder get prices quotes for a SHCC Banner. Amy McDonald Sanyer, founder of Brolly Arts, announced recent Utah Art Council grant award to be used for Sugar House Stroll (a merchant and artist collaboration), Westminster College Desert Works (May 16-17), and the Legend of Hidden Hollow 2 (in June last year, this festival was a smash hit!) Also, Westminster College has agreed to be an official repository of Sugar House history (Yeah!)

Soren Simonsen: N/A

Business Focus: String Beads: 2223 S. 1100 E. String Beads (and Bob & Dinah Ihle) have been with us in Sugar House since 1993. Not only do they carry an inventory of 35,000 beads, but also specialize in repairing beaded jewelry, including that vintage or antique piece you’ve been waiting to have fixed! (excellent!) Open 10:00 – 7:00 M-F, 10:00 to 6:00 Sat.

Public Comment: Joan of 965 Blaine concerned about parking on the pavement behind Westminster Park. Alley access is compromised by parking provisions. Would like to see Park remain a walking park. Motion: C. Nelson, 2nd: R. Price Westminster Park issue to be placed on the Parks and Open Space Committee Agenda. Motioned Passed

Kenneth Lines presented an article published on Wal-Mart’s response to another community’s concerns as an example of what we as a community can expect (OR NOT) from Wal-Mart S. Carlson: Conditional Use Permits for Utility BOXES – April 15 at City and County Building Room 315 7:00 pm

Arthur Morris of Utah Open Lands gave a presentation from an ecologist’s point of view on Hidden Hollow and the special kind of maintenance required. (Guided Tour April 8th) Jerrad Stroufe (5th grade student and KOPE kid) gave a presentation on why Hidden Hollow is important to maintain. Lynn Olsen presented several papers written by Jerrad’s classmates in support of maintaining Hidden Hollow.

Laurie Bray submitted application for SHCC Fairmont Trustee position: Motion: D. Mulder, 2nd: G Sperry motion to accept Ms Bray’s application. Motion Passed.

Melissa Lichtenstien requested that Trustee contact information be published on all further mailings. G. Sperry stated that might not be possible due less printable space (new city mandated format).

Announcements: Check out Tracy Aviary’s Summer Camps for kids, Trainer Talks, and Pelican Encounter (daily). Adrian xx , Sprague Librarian requested materials for Local Business exhibit. Purge your Spurge! (Remove the non-native noxious plant (Spurge) call SL County Weed Control 468-2261 or be part of REI’s purge efforts on April 26 10:00 to 4:00 This Is The Place Heritage Park: 2008 Season Event Schedule published! Go check it out! Westminster Park (1700 S 1000 E) closed April – June for repair and equipment replacement.

Adjourned 9:20 p.m

Landon Clark