SHCC Meeting Minutes – August 2003

SHCC Meeting Minutes – August 2003


August 6, 2003


From Sugar House



Trustees Present

Su Armitage, Philip Carlson, Dolores Donohoo, Alice Edvalson, Deedra Hansen-Lambert, Mark Holland, Michael G. Kavanagh, Julie Nitzkowski, Lynne Olson, Helen Peters, Susan Petheram, Judi Short, Ron Weber, Gayen Wharton, Rawlins Young (15)

Trustees Excused

Scott Kisling, Ray Pugsley, Grace Sperry

City/State Representatives

Dan Bergenthal, SLC Transportation; Alicia Orgill, SLC Police; Dale Lambert, SL City Council; Ranae Pierce, Sprague Library; Annette Daley, Mayor’s Office, Dell Cook, SLC Engineering, Malcolm Campbell, Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee (7)


David Lawver, Helen Langan, Jennifer Schwartz, Rex Sears, Justin Williams, Nancy Larsen, Joseph Beesley, Dan Jones, Ben Pellegrino, Dave Nielsen, Jack Robinson, Bret Wahlen, John V. McDonald, Marie W. McDonald, Blakely Summerfield, Tom Wharton, Amber Ross, Ed Sperry, Caren Smith, Sara Smith, Jodi Russell, Keith Horwood, Ros Aubrey, Rick Nosser, Annette Toren, Ann Buckmiller, Sarah Torres, Scott Anderson, Candace Roberts-Grosbeck, Kathy Roos, Ted Roos, Darrin Walkenhorst and Troop 199 Scouts, Janet Stewart, Megan Stewart, Joan Kasteler, Thomas Q. Bailey, K. F. Buell, Elaine Buell, Michael Murray, Kathy Bailey, Jennie Thueson, Stacie Sears, Craig Neeley, Darren Freeman, Crystal Stone, Craig Caviezel, Dawn Roper, Steven Williams, Joseph C. Klewicki, Lynda A. Geddes, Russ Reiss, Cabot Nelson (52) TOTAL (74)


Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Chair Helen Peters at 7:00 PM. Minutes of the July meeting were approved. Treasurer Dolores Donohoo gave the treasurer’s report: the July 5 beginning balance of $5,158.17; $26.73 paid out for postage, leaving a balance of $5,131.44.

Chair Report

Helen reported that: 1) Su Armitage will be coordinating the organization of the nominating committee for the election of executive officers for the October meeting. 2) SLC is working on a plan to revitalize Pioneer Park and are looking for input from citizens. 3) There is a public hearing for an alley vacation at 2327 S. 5th East/2322 Park St. at the Planning Commission on Aug. 13. 4) There will be a public hearing with the SL Community Development Advisory Committee regarding general community development needs on Aug. 11. The chair report included, 1) a handout which contained a report from the Sugar House Merchant’s meeting of Aug. 6, 2) a report of the sub-committee meeting regarding the rezone request for 2018 East 21st South, 3) information from the Utah Dept. of Environmental Quality with ways to prevent air pollution, 4) a flyer with information regarding a Minority Workers Training Program, 5) information on Neighborhood Crime data available on-line.

Public Input

Gayen Wharton stated that we need to look at the sub-committees again. Se felt that the role of the Land Use committee was to look at issues that were on the upcoming agenda and making a recommendation to the trustees at the meeting. She felt they often did not receive enough notice prior to the meeting to do this.

New Trustee Petitions

David Lawver for At Large/Westminster neighborhood was approved with 12 in favor. A petition from Helen Langan for the Emerson neighborhood was also unanimously approved.

City Council Update

Dale Lambert reported the bid for the skateboard park in Fairmont Park came in way over budget. They have redone the plan to fit within the budget and the bidding process has been opened again. The annexation proposal that we heard a few meetings ago will go before the City Council in September. Dale explained the increase in the water rates and why they have to be increased. Dale will be sending out a newsletter describing the requirements for an Olympic Legacy project in our area and will be asking for suggestions for a project that will be a real asset to our community. He would like the community to be involved in the selection of that project. He spoke of the desire of some to move the zoo from its current location. The City is not in favor of doing this and he noted there was a petition on the back table for people to sign if they were in favor of keeping the zoo where it is. Dale noted that the budget has been very difficult the past 2 years. They had serious unanticipated needs and had to dip into reserves to deal with these. Next Tues. they will be discussing the allocation of CIP funding. The funding for the Sugar House Park irrigation system has been approved. Some of the other projects that have been proposed include, the Rails to Trails, the 13th East crossing, and the Brickyard Park. The RDA budget has been completed. They did fund the Sugar House Business District lighting project. They have money for the monument restoration, the brick pavers and the sugar beets in the business district. Rawlins Young questioned the water usage in relation to the growth in the City and feels that the water people aren’t looking at the long range development of water resources to keep up with the growth. Dale doesn’t feel the growth in the city will be that big, most of the growth is in the outlying areas. Tom Wharton asked about the reserve funds and how they are managed.

Mayor’s Office Update

Annette Daley introduced Alicia Orgill as our new Crime Specialist replacing Kim Guess. Alicia can be reached at 799-4640. Annette spent a lot of time in the neighborhoods last night at the “Night Out Against Crime” activities. She spoke about the Care fair to be held on Aug. 14-15-16 at the Horizonte Center at 1234 S. Main Street. Annette noted that she tries to respond to her voice mail and e-mail as quickly as possible so encouraged those with questions or problems for the Mayor’s office to contact her. Police Update: Alicia Orgill thanked those who were involved in the Night Out activity. She again cautioned us to have adequate lighting around out homes and not to leave things in our cars.

Irrigation Water Running in the Gutters

Helen had received a phone call wondering about water running in the gutters in the Sugar House area. She read a letter from Tim O’Hara of the SLC Water Dept. explaining that this water is the Parley’s Water Exchange irrigation water and is used by many residents of the Sugar House area. The gutters are used to deliver water to some of the water users. This is secondary water and should not be used to drink or play in. The water is not being wasted but is being used to water gardens and lawns by those people who have the right to this irrigation water.

Sugar House Business District Master Plan

Susan Petheram reported on the survey that was done last month when she presented 3 alternatives for the restoration of the monument plaza. She said they had received a lot of feedback on the three proposals and that the 2nd alternative seemed to be the most desirable. She asked for any comments regarding this design. The merchants in the area of the monument are really pleased with this design. The RDA funding was for the design phase. This design will be given to the City so when funding is available to actually do the work, they will be ready to move ahead.

27th South Proposed Bike Lane Configuration Recommendation

Grace Sperry was unable to attend the meeting but sent word that she had found the neighbors to be in favor of the proposed bike lane. Deedra Hansen-Lambert had received an e-mail from Martin Smith who also found the neighbors in support of the recommendation. Malcolm Campbell of the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee noted that this was an important route for bicycles and the proposal would provide a safe place for them to ride. A motion was made that we support the creation of the bike lanes as recommended by the City. Voting was12 in favor and 0 opposed with 2 proxy votes in favor and 1 proxy vote opposed, for a total of 14 in favor and 1 opposed.

Re-zone at 2018 East 21st South/Sego Lily School

Helen reported on the sub-committee meeting that had been held on July 21 with the neighborhood. Jennifer Schwartz presented the modifications that have been made to the proposal since our last meeting and responded to the concerns of the neighborhood. Rex Sears, a neighbor acknowledged that the proposal is better developed now than it was at the previous meetings. He pointed out that the issue is not just that of the school but of the rezoning of the property and the impact that could have on future uses. He presented a diagram showing all the property owners surrounding the church. Trustee Julie Nitzkowski reported visiting the area and found the neighborhood a very quiet residential area and was supportive of their desires to maintain the zoning as it is. Trustee Ron Weber also visited the area and was impressed with how quiet it was especially since it is just off 21st South. A motion was made that we not recommend the rezone from R1-12000 to Institutional. Discussion included Trustee Su Armitage who felt that this zone change would change the character of the neighborhood. Helen Peters explained the process that this proposal has to go through before it would be approved and encouraged those interested to continue to be involved in the process as it goes to the Planning Commission. Trustee Susan Petheram suggested the possibility of looking at other conditional uses for R1-12000 rather than changing the zone. Trustee Rawlins Young suggested the possibility of using the Rosslyn Heights building that will become available when that school is empty. Trustee Deedra Hansen-Lambert amended her motion to include that we also recommend the property be changed back to the R1-12000 on the future land use map and that we change our master plan to show that change in the property designations. Voting was 12 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions with proxy votes of 1 abstention and 3 in favor for a total of 15 in favor, 0 opposed and 1 abstention.

Rezone from R1-7000 to RMF30 at 830 Stratford

Justin Williams noted that this property contained ½ acre and was presently a vacant lot. Susan Petheram verified that it is the only lot facing on Stratford that is R1-7000. She suggested that the master plan would recommend that this is ok. The motion was made that we deny this request and that Justin come back at a future meeting with an actual proposal of what would be built on that property. Voting was 13 in favor and 0 opposed with proxy votes of 2 in favor for a total of 15 in favor and 0 opposed.

Veterinary Clinic at Vintage Square

Nancy Larsen presented a request for a conditional use permit to allow a veterinary clinic for cats only at this location. She noted that a previous request for a veterinary clinic at this location had been approved but the clinic was never built. A motion was made to support the request for the conditional use permit for the feline clinic. Voting was 12 in favor and 1 abstention with proxy votes of 1 in favor and 1 opposed for a total of 13 in favor, 1 abstention, and 1 opposed.

Skateboard Park in Fairmont Park

Dell Cook again noted that the bids came in so high that they had to redesign the park in order to trim the budget. A meeting had been held prior to this meeting to discuss this issue and it was hoped that the new bid process could be completed by Sept. with construction to possibly begin in the fall. Dan Jones spoke in favor of moving the project forward but did say that they didn’t want to compromise quality in the redesign process. Dan and Ben Pellegrino are working with the redesign process to assure that the quality will not be compromised as they felt that the design and construction are the most important factors. It was suggested that a letter be sent to Dell Cook informing him that we have heard the presentation of the redesign of the park and would support the revised plan. The motion was made to send the letter and that we empower the committee to monitor the process to assure that it is done right. Voting was 12 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained.

Smith’s Food Update

Helen reported that Smith’s had appealed their proposal to the 3rd District Court and that many have tried to work with them to see what could be done to satisfy most people. Lynne Olson, Judi Short, Helen Peters, and Susan Petheram have represented the Community Council and Helen feels that the current plan could be acceptable. David Nielson representing Smith’s, Jack Robinson representing the architects, and Bret Wahlen representing Great Basin Developers presented the revised plans. They include a small shop at the 9th/21st corner and another small shop at the Lincoln/21st corner. The dock is on the Lincoln end of the store with the store backing on Elm. The main entrance is on the north side with a smaller entrance on 9th East. There are pedestrian walks from 21st to the main entrance to the store on the north side and from the 9th/ 21st corner to the center walk way. There would be a center turn lane and a bus turnout lane on 9th East. The walkways across the parking lot are landscaped with new trees and the elm trees on 9th East are preserved. The 9th/Elm corner of the building is lower than the rest of the building. The 9th East side has a lot of glass but we encouraged them to add more glass on the south side as well as on the north. Rawlins Young made the motion that we do not accept the proposal because it still is not transit oriented as suggested by the master plan. Voting was 3 in favor, 9 opposed, and 0 abstentions. Since this was a negative motion and more difficult to monitor, another motion was made that we approve the plan as proposed by Smith’s. Discussion included Susan Petheram suggesting that they come back and show us that they have incorporated the suggestions we have made. The motion was amended to include that the letter that is sent to the City include a list of all the suggestions that we have made which included, 1) eliminate the driveway in front of the main entrance, 2) a cart corral at the NW corner to hold carts pushed there by transit users. Voting was 9 in favor, 3 opposed, and 0 abstentions.

Neighborhood Olympic Legacy Project

Lynne Olson presented a proposal from the Trails Committee for a sesquicentennial project for Sugar House to develop the Canal/McClelland Trail between the UP&L substation on Highland Drive and Fairmont Park. They are also working with the Utah Dept. of Health to create a Gold Medal Mile trail along the Canal/McClelland corridor where the route is well established north of 17th South. Lynne stated that this did not mean the trail would be the Olympic Legacy project for District 7. The motion was made that we support this as a Sesquicentennial Gold Medal Mile Project. Voting was 10 in favor and 0 opposed with 2 proxy votes opposed for a total of 10 in favor, 2 opposed and 0 abstaining. By-Laws: There was much debate on whether trustees need to have a current petition or not in order to vote. It was noted that Dolores had found a couple of places that were in conflict regarding this issue. The motion was finally made that the


Be approved as revised. The voting was 8 in favor and 2 opposed with 3 proxy votes opposed for a total of 8 in favor and 5 opposed. Helen explained her idea to resolve the problems we have had with the sub-committees indicating that rather than have sub-committees, trustees would be appointed on a rotational basis to work with issues as they are presented to the council. This will give more people opportunities to be involved. She also spoke regarding Rawlins Young’s concern with the dropping of the Bonneville neighborhood from our boundaries.



Adjourned at 10:48 PM

Landon Clark