SHCC Meeting Minutes – August 2006

SHCC Meeting Minutes – August 2006


August 2, 2006


From Sugar House



Trustees present

Su ArmitageRussell CallisterPhilip CarlsonDolores A. DonohooBarbara GreenArt HaddowMark HollandMichael G. Kavanagh,Emil KmetDave MulderCabot NelsonHelen PetersSusan PetheramRuth PriceRay PugsleyGrace SperrySteve WilsonRawlins Young (18)

Trustees excused

Derek PayneJudi ShortL. Rex SearsAndrea Moesser (4)

City/State Representatives

Annette Daley, SLC Mayor’s Office; JR Smith, SLPD; Soren Simonsen, SLC Council (3)


Benny Keele, Keslee Keele, Jaelene V. Myrup, Kenny Ho, Christian Simonsen, Wayne Ricks, Wanda Gayle, Karen Hale, Wendy Fisher, Roz McGee, Melissa Lichtenstein, Gary Snow, John Johnson, Carol Johnson, Dave Holbrook, Jennie Thueson, H. Craig Carter (17)

Meeting minutes

Call to order, 7:01pm. Grace Sperry moved to approve the minutes and Dolores Donohoo seconded. Su Armitage was to listed as excused for July along with Steve Wilson. The July meeting minutes were approved, 11-0-2.

Treasurers Report

We started with a balance of $4770.03 on July 1. There was a deposit of $125 from proceeds fromt the July 4th Street Fair. The final balance is $4895.03. It was speculated that Tina Otteson, who may work for Eimco, was behind last month’s donation from the Eimco Company.

Chair Report

There is a sign-up sheet for the trustee’s summer party. It will be held the last Saturday in August. Andrea Moesser has volunteered her home.

Soren Simonsen mentioned that since start of year, the SL Council has had working meetings. August 3rd meeting is here at the Sprague Library. At 5pm, they will travel to trails, especially Parleys Way. Dinner nearby. The work mtg. is at 7pm. Comments welcome (2 mins ea.)

New petitions: Mark Holland and Ruth Price each renewed their petitions. Grace Sperry and Michael G. Kavanagh moved. It was accepted by acclamation. Motion carries.

On Aug 8 at 7pm there will be a public hearing SLCouncil, planning comm to amend SL Zoning Ordinance for Ambulance services. Also, standards for street banners will be discussed

Michael G. Kavanagh ask if we are still doing the the Small Biz spotlight going again. Cabot moved to get going again, but there was no motion necessary.

Agenda change: No I-80 reconstruction tonight.

Public Input

Foothill Place Apartments was a main concern. Carol and John Johnson just learned of redevelopment. They are 6-year residents and don’t want to move. Cabot mentioned the meeting that was held at Forest Dale Golf Course. Craig Carter commented. He is not a resident but attended Forest Dale meeting. He’ll keep up with the happenings.

Bruce Robertson of the visual art institute is concerned about his location at the Garfield School. Now the city owns it. The Vis. Art. Inst. has a plan. With Emigration Creek nearby, they want grant monies promised to them and the support of the community. Dave Mulder asked if the city was to purchase the land.

Foothill Place resident Norv Lambert said traffic is bad near the Foothill Place. It’s frightening that there is potential for high increase in density. The city was excited to have this housing. There would be different demographics, young professionals. She doesn’t feel comfortable. Carol Johnson added that there are problems, but there are many types of people there. Parking is difficult. The city wants to move from 1.6 parking spaces per unit to 1.7.

Dave Mulder moved to have the Land Use and Zoning to now. Art Haddow seconded. Rawlins Young and Philip Carlson wanted to know if there were other public comments or agenda items. Motion passed, 12-0-0.

Land Use & Zoning Committee

This was moved up in the meeting to accommodate comments about the Foothill Place redevelopment. Helen Peters provided handouts. On July 13, architect firm David Owens Tryba held an open house. Helen invited anyone to come to become a trustee, especially residents. The redev will come to the community council, but we don’t know when.

Helen moved to send a letter to the City Council and Planning Commission to update East Bench master plan. It’s old. Su Armitage, seconded. Cabot ask if the oppositions to the zoning, or opposition to the master plan update. Rawlins Young and Dave Mulder spoke. The age of the Foothill Place buildings is not much. There are concerns about WalMart. Grace Sperry said it is cheap construction and needs to be replaced. Art Haddow said the opposition letters seem like form letters. Art Haddow called the questions, passing 13-0-3. The main motion passed, 12-1-3.

713 Harrison Ave. redev for next month.

Cabot moved to authorize the chair to sign the unit legalization for Mr. Kenny Ho. Dave Mulder seconded. It passed, 12-2-2.

Crime Update

By JR Smith, SLPD ph#799-4640. Crime stats have dropped. Burglaries occur 10am – 3pm. Knock on front, bust in back. Curfews? Officer Smith doesn’t know exactly. 16 or younger, 10pm. Talk to Officer Smith, 799-4640. Two robberies: 10am at Carl’s Jr. by a male in his 20s, 6’2″. The Walgreens robbery, they got the guy. He’s in jail. Liberty Park “Night out against crime” turnout was good, but earlier weather a factor. For the mobile watch, there were 500 people, max 150 at any one time. Individual neighborhoods still did their booths. No updates on the sex assaults in SHPark. On Friday at Movies 10, there was a lady who left 8pm, grabbed by male, and was sexually assault. Male, possibly Hispanic. Older red truck. “Hatchet man” decal on glove compartment with tinted windows.

JR Smith is leaving SLC! He received an applause from the board.

Mayor’s Office Update

By Annette Daley. On Friday, the Junior League offers its “CARE fair”. Outdoor retailers on August 10th. See more on the mayor’s web site. Ferragosto will be held on August 19th. On 300 South from 400 West to Rio Grande. The Planning Commission meets twice a month. There are new openings. Talk to Diana Karrenberg in the Mayor’s Office. Muslim fest is August 26-27. The household hazardous waste pickup is at Jordan Park from 7-10am on the 4th Thurs of month. Movies in the park: “Nanny McPhee” on August 28.

City Council Update

By Soren Simonsen. The SL Council workshop for chairs and vice chairs is at 5pm. Anybody in district 7 can comment at tomorrow’s meeting. There is work on the East Bench master plan and the city-wide transportation plan.

Walmart redev will be discussed, along with the redev in SHBD. A lot of new development pressure, particular with the Granite Block. Mr Simonsen’s legislative intent is to find a way to accomodate the businesses. SH Monument ribbon cutting is for this Friday evening. Mr. Simonsen is arranging a work task force for the pet ordinance. He would like 15 mins for extra comments next month. Russ Callister asked what this “legislative intent” means. What’s the process?

Art Haddow met with most SH merchants. Many are vehemently opposed to SHBD redev. Dave Mulder raised an issue with RDA. The proposal will come out this fall, but it could take 5 – 6 years. Ruth Price asked about the process for the historic preservation. Su Armitage asked about anything with the Downtown malls.

Recognize Sen. Hale and Rep. McGee

Ray Pugsley mentioned that State Rep. Roz McGee and State Sen. Karen Hale are here. The trustees recognized them.

Sugar House Merchants Association

Barbara Green offered a “thank-you” for the 4th of July Street Fest. It was great. Some are even trying to get their spot for next year. This Friday night, there will be a ribbon cutting at 6pm for the SHMonument. Music and fun.

I-80 Reconstruction update

This has been postponed. No future date set.

Utah Open Lands Conservation Assn. re: Hidden Hollow

By Wendy Fisher, Executive Director. Ms. Fisher applauded Soren Simonsen’s comments. The UOL protects 40,000 acres and it’s best done with private property, esp. farmers and ranchers. Hidden Hollow is a 3-acre urban natural area. “Kids Organized to Protect the Environment” was about 20 years ago started it. They also protected Perkins Flat in Emigration Canyon. Open Lands are in the Dixon Bldg. The Hidden Hollow is owned by city with an easement by UOL. Rawlins Young wants the public access preserved, especially alley ways, etc. Russ Callister said the sprinklers are not on, garbage is piling up. Call UOL at 463-6156. Grace Sperry has shown up to help, but no one else has shown up. There needs to be school kids to be there. Ruth Price mentioned the different zones. She’s willing to help to do plantings, get starts, etc. Ty Harrison of Westminster College works a lot in the Hidden Hollow. Email her at .

Some of the Hidden Hollow does not have water. There might be a fight regarding the water. Maintenance is by parks and rec. UOL is working on a private donation campaign.

Sugar House Park Authority

By Lex Hemphill, president of SHPark Authority, offered the Status on the master plan. Year and half, CIP funds with letter from SHCC. $25K, matching funds, now an RFP. Handled by local firm Psomas; Jerry Tulley is principal. First the contract, then proposals for the master plan, 7 months, by April or so.

It’s been a while. A Deseret News article in Dec 1998: “SHPark to get master plan”. Contact Mr. Hemphill at 466-6648.

Dolores Donohoo asked for more picnic tables. There are also requests for benches, etc. Mr. Hemphill said SHPark doesn’t have funds, (SLC and SLCounty) but they’ll work on it. Art Haddow mentioned his membership in the Sons of the Revolution. Could they put something like a monument in the park? Mr. Hemphill said he should to attend monthly meetings.

Ray Pugsley said there were dead trees in NW corner that were removed. Now there are more dead trees. The county forester makes the determination. Ray asked why are they dying.

The meetings are on 3rd Thurs at 6pm at SL County Complex. As a bit of history, SH Authority moved the old prison. SLC and SL County operate the park jointly. Helen Peters asked that the SH Exec Comm re-establish the parks and trails committee.

Parliamentary Post Mortem

By Ray Pugsley. We did pretty good. There was a little disruption. We don’t have to take votes on everything. In fact, the chair has the power to move by saying “without objection”.


Final remarks

$12 large tshirts still for sale. 2109 Berkeley Avenue for Andrea Moesser’s place for the SHCC party.

Adjourned, 8:55pm

Landon Clark