SHCC Meeting Minutes – August 2012

SHCC Meeting Minutes – August 2012


Meeting Minutes – August 1, 2012

The regular meeting of the Sugar House Community Council was held on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, at 7:00pm, at the Sprague Library. Trustees in attendance were Annalisa Holcombe, Benny Keele, Dolores Donohoo, Robin Bastar, Sally Barraclough, David Mulder, Joedy Lister, Laurie Bray, Scott Kisling, Cabot Nelson, Judi Short, Christopher Thomas, Topher Horman, Rawlins Young, Sheila O’Driscoll, Barbara Green, Grace Sperry, Michael G. Kavanagh. Christopher Thomas served as chair and Cabot Nelson as secretary. The trustee noted as excused was Amy Barry.

Call to order at 7:04pm. The minutes of the June meeting were approved by a voice vote. There was no meeting in July.

Cabot Nelson gave his secretary report. The motion to renew the petition of Robin Bastar was approved on a voice vote.

Robin Bastar gave his treasurer report.

Christopher Thomas as chair made announcements. Benny Keele, Sally Barraclough, Annalisa Holcombe have formed an elections committee.

Police and Fire reports

Det. Tyler Boelter, SLPD, gave a report on area crime.

Committee Reports

Judi Short reported for the Land Use and Zoning committee.

Police and Fire reports, continued

Capt. Chris Milne, SLCFD, gave a report about Fire Station #3.

Committee Reports, continued

Sally Barraclough reported for the Parks, Open Space and Trails committee. The committee offered the following motion with passed: The SHCC POST moves that the SHCC make a $100 donation to Tree Utah to assist with the tree replacements in SH Park in order to increase the diversity of species and age of trees located within the park.

Grace Sperry reported for the Sustainability committee in lieu of Amy Barry.

Grace Sperry reported for the Historical committee.

Laurie Bray reported for the Arts and Cultural committee.

Scott Kisling reported for the Business committee.

Community groups and projects

Sally Barraclough reported on the streetcar planning and construction update.

Judi Short reported on the SL Community Network.

Annalisa Holcombe reported on the SH Merchants Association.

Special presentations

Ellen Redick presented a project at 2016 S 2100 East. There was the following motion: Move to the plan for the property at 2016 S 2100 East and the zoning change be approved. The motion failed on a tie vote with the chair dissenting. There was a second motion: Move to favor zoning to CN (Commercial Neigborhood) for the property at 2016 S 2100 East. Passed on a voice vote.

Katie McKeon presented about Momentum Glass Recycling.

Community and City Presentations

SLC Councilmember Soren Simonsen gave updates on various actions and projects from the SLC Council.

For the business spotlight, Michael G. Kavanagh introduced Chris Julian, MPA Executive Director, of Brightwork Cottage.

Dolly Rauh reported on library events.

Shawn McDonough gave a report for the Mayor’s Office.

Adjourned at 9:02pm

Landon Clark