SHCC Meeting Minutes August 2022

SHCC Meeting Minutes August 2022

Sugar House Community Council August Meeting Minutes

Thank you for coming to the August edition of the SHCC. We are going to continue to be on zoom for the time being.  It seems to be convenient for most folks.

Yappy Hour is Tuesday August 9th at Fairmont Park

The Wells Fargo building on the corner of 2100 South and Highland Dr. has sold.

The property owner at 700 East and about 2300 South will come sometime this fall to show off their plans.

The Thriving in Place group canceled a few hours ago so we will try to get them back on the schedule

Secretary Report: Shane Stroud.

I did record the new bylaws with the city.  They will also be found on our website. We did update an address before they were submitted.

Fire Department Station #3

Captain Sharp YTD we have had 1445 calls just out of this station. It is about the same as we have done at this time last year.  City wide we are about 2500 calls above the year before.  We have a recruit school starting August 8th.  We have 20 recruits are starting with us. We have some classes starting up called Prometheus and Athena.  Prometheus is for the boys 16-20 years of old. We get them in gear and just do a lot of job related stuff and it is September 17th.  Athena is for the young women ages 16-10 years old and their date is Sept 10th.  We had a good firework season in comparison to years past.

Det. Sam Fallows

June stats 269 part 1 and part 2 crimes in Sugar House. Top 5 calls in Sugar House: 1) Theft and Larceny 113 2) Simple assaults 25 those are like threats 3) Motor Vehicle Thefts 16  4) Fraud 16  5) vandalism you can file reports.  Please download the SLC Mobile App. You can use it for some many things.   The 20 mph signs are being switched over.  There are more police out enforcing the new speed limit. We are keeping an eye on the RVs that are parking near the Boys and Girls Club.  Salt Lake City is going to a stratified policing model so please report everything.  We are working at creating hotspots which will guide our policing. 

District 7 Mayor’s Liaison Tim Cosgrove

You can buy bags of grass seed through the city which uses 30% less water. It is great thing.

20 mph signs are going up throughout the city. About 70% of the city streets will now be at 20 mph.  I want to introduce our ADA coordinator Ashley LIschtle.  She has moved here from Arkansas a few months ago.  

Ashley Lischtle:  I came here today to introduce myself and looking for folks who want to volunteer on the ADA commission.  We have 10 members on the commission now but have 5 vacancies. Qualifications are people who have a disability or have experience working with people who have disabilities, or work for an organization that provides services to SLC residents who have disabilities. We meet the fourth Thursday of every month from 3-4:30 pm at the City County Building. You can join virtually now. You can check out more information at the Salt Lake City website under the tab boards and commissions. 

The mayor’s liaison office is now doing office hours.  We are going to pick a new location around Sugar House each month.  Come by ask questions, etc.

Andrew Smith: Parley’s Mine Update

DOGM is still considering the new small mine operation Notice of Intent (SMO-NOI)

Public support letters to DOGM and the board are still needed showing we support the in denying this current SMO-NOI

Utah Physicians have now started a new petition.  Please continue to send letters to Granite construction And the legislature.  There are some proposed mining amendments making there way through the legislature.

We are looking for good locations for banners and signage showing “Stop the Gravel Pit” and “SAVEPARLEYS.ORG”  Reach out to me at

Sarah Woosley and Momentum Recycling

Budget Request for painting the glass recycle container at Fairmont Park

It sits at the entrance to the park on 900 East near the skate park.

Momentum had a budget to get these painted but now they don’t. We are applying for a SLC Arts Council Grant that requires matching funds.

Why paint?

Raise awareness about local glass recycling

Support local artists and local art

Reduce graffiti

Slows people down because they take notice.

part of applying is to hold an event.   The dumpsters do rotate locations. We have 8 dumpsters in this location.  This will be the fourth painted dumpster. Looking to get them all completed to have a traveling art show.

We need about $4000-$4500 for the dumpster transformation. 

November 18th the application is due.  So, we are starting our matching funds.

Judi Short makes a motion for the SHCC to contribute to this campaign and make the funds available.  Rich Knickerbocker seconds the motion.  Shange states, that the motion passes unanimously.

Councilwoman Amy Fowler District 7

August 9th we are having another CIP discussion.  And August 19th we will have our final vote on the CIPs.  A lot of our discussion is done during our work session. We have tried very hard to have more public hearings. We are trying to do two a month so people can give their voice.  Seems like projects have been delayed 3 years or so.  We are working on fixing that. 

We also have the sales bond and the GO bond going on. We will be discussing these two issues at the upcoming council meetings.  We are in the process of planning a free golf day at Forest Dale golf course.  We will have clinics in the morning and a free day in the afternoon. 

Sprague Library Update:

Cherie Koford 10 more days of our super reading challenge.  In the month of June, we have 13,000 people come through our doors. We are ready to bring back story time inside in September.

Committee Updates

Judi Short-Land Use and Zoning 3rd Monday at 6 pm

Planning Commission is looking at the Growing Salt Lake Plan. It is the stuff the city has to have in place before they get any money from the legislature. My report is on our website.  That will be going to the City Council shortly because it has to be done I think by October 1st.  ADU’s are on the planning commission agenda for the 10th of August.  We made comments on the previous draft so now they have another update. We should pay attention.  The planning commission is also looking at the Local Link Study which is an extension of the Sugar House Circulation Plan. Looks at ways for the surrounding cities to get to Sugar House.  This isn’t definitive but have to get the first step approved.  Next meeting August 15th we will talk about signage in Sugar House.

Sally Barraclough-Parks, Open Spaces and Trails 2nd Monday at 6 pm

We continue to meet and get updates from Parley’s Trail, Friends of Fairmont and Friends of Allen Park. We are always looking for more members. We did a large cleanup in the Draw.

Brandon Hill and Erika Wiggins-Sugar House Chamber

We have been having a lot of conversations with the businesses along 1100 East about the upcoming construction on 1100 East.  Dayna is working on permitting to do an Octoberfest event on September 11th from 1-5 pm at the Neighborhood Hive. Excited to bring more events to Sugar House.

Jeremy Chatterton-Highland High principal

School starts August 30th. This Saturday 6-8 pm the Highland football team is hosting an event on the soccer field. If anyone has a business who wants to hang a sign on our fence along 2100 South, please reach out to the school.  Highland is the fastest growing school in the district. We will have over 2000 kids for the first time in 25 years. There is some conversations about the possible rebuild of Highland High and West High.  It is early but hopefully something to look forward too.

8:19 pm  Meeting Adjourned!

Landon Clark