SHCC Meeting Minutes – December 2007

SHCC Meeting Minutes – December 2007


December 5, 2007


From Sugar House



Trustees Present

Andrea Wargula, David Holbrook, Steve Wilson, Jan Brittain, David Mulder, Art Haddow, Gary Johnson, Dolores Donahoo, Ray Pugsley, Grace Sperry, Cabot Nelson, Dereck Payne, Rawlins Young, Emil Kmet, Maggie Shaw, Russ Callister, Barbara Green, Jessica Warner, Philip Carlson, Susan Petheram

Trustees Excused

Sarah Carlson

Meeting minutes

Call to Order: 7:00, Grace Sperry, Chair. Meeting Minutes of November 7th, 2007; approved.

Treasury Balance

$4797.03 given by treasurer.

Chair report

Chair report given by Grace Sperry : Trustees please check web-site.

Request for 4th of July Booth Organization

Wal-Mart has submitted Re-Zone application to Planning Commission, Wal-Mart has asked PC to wait until

Public Relations Campaign is organized and affected.

Crime update

Officer Smart.

Please report any suspicious activity involving, or any sighting, of a 1992-1994 Buick LaSabre or like, with sun roof, and replacement (diff. color) door on passenger side. Vehicle is wanted in connection with serious vandalism activities throughout Sugar House (in particular 2100 South- 300 East to 700 East, weekends late at night).

Request by R. Callister for more frequent patrolling in parking lot behind auto detail shop (@ Sugarmont and McClelland) to mitigate auto vandalism and male prostitution.

Salt Lake City Police and Fire Department representatives distributed smoke/CO2 detectors. THANK YOU! Available at fire stations near you!

Land Use and Zoning Committee report

Emil Kmet

WiBlue Presentation: Use of flag poles on private property to support their network. 120 sites proposed for Salt Lake County.

Andrea Wargula, motion, Philip Carlson 2nd

Move that the SHCC send a letter to the Salt Lake City Council requesting to have the legality of Blue Boutique’s relocation to a CN zoned property be reexamined by independent legal council.

Motion Failed

Emigration Riparian Corridor Report by Emil Kmet

Business Spotlight

Omar Abou-Ismail, proprietor. Living Cuisine (soon to be Pure Sun Cooked) introduced his local, organic, fresh, and all sustainable cuisine. Located at 2148 Highland Drive. If you like Mazza, you’ll love this.

Merchant Report

The Santa Shack is open!!!!

Mayor’s Report

Bob Teragno

2nd open space aquisition money available. Due date for pre-application is Dec. 31

re-announcement of Urban Forestry’s front yard tree program

1300 East and Yale Cross-Walk study to be done by City

Christmas Tree Collection: North of 1300 South, Jan 8-11; So. of 1300 South, Jan. 2-7

2102, 2140, & 2051 Highland Drive demo permits granted, with January commencement stipulation.

Rawlins Young, motion; 2nd Philip Carlson

Move that the SHCC petition (ask) SLC Corporation to design that portion of the Canal/ McClelland Corridor Trail between Parkway Avenue on the south and Holly wood Avenue on the north, as recommended by the Open Space Master Plan (1992) and the Sugar House Master Plan (2001 and amended Dec. 2005)

Motion Passed

Sugar House Mater Plan distributed. Thank You!!

Philip Carlson, motion, 2nd ????

Move to establish the SHCC Parley’s/Foothill Development Committee (SHCC PFDC, or PFDC) and duties.

Motion Passed



Landon Clark