SHCC Meeting Minutes – February 2009

SHCC Meeting Minutes – February 2009


February 4, 2009


Trustees Present

Sally Barraclough, Amy Barry, Laurie Bray, Elaine Brown, Russ Callister, Philip Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Greg Carter, Pattie DeNunzio, Dolores Donohoo, Barbara Green, Michael G. Kavanagh, Benny Keele, Dave Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Sheila O’Driscoll, Lynne Olson, Lindsey Oswald, Susan Petheram, Maggie Shaw, Judi Short, Ed Sperry, Grace Sperry, and Rawlins Young.

Excused Absent

Larry Migliaccio, Ray Pugsley, and Andrea Wargula.

Unexcused Absent

Derek Payne, Ruth Price, and Steve Wilson.

Others Present

Sue Phelps, Robert Cheney, Joyce Cheney, Jaelene Myrup, Kathy Migliaccio, Melissa Lichtenstein, Sharon Odikuh, Maureen Kent, and J.T. Martin.

Meeting minutes

Call to Order – Maggie Shaw, Chair 7:00pm.

Approval of Minutes

Motion by David Mulder to approve minutes – passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Dolores Donohoo reported a previous balance of $5,101.61. The SHCC wrote a $500 check to SH Merchants last month so the new balance is $4.601.61.

Public Comments

Grace Sperry motioned the following: “I make a motion to amend the agenda and move the Old and New Business from the end of the meeting to just following the Treasurer’s Report” Motion failed 5-11-6

Annalisa Steggell, Director of Community Relations from Westminster College commented on the successful year both the women’s and men’s basketball team was experiencing this season. Invited everyone to the “Sugar House Community Night” for the final games of the season February 21, 2009, Behnken Field House starting at 5:30pm.

Crime Report

Officer Smart – Handout given – for more information regarding crime rates visit Car prowls are once again down, the primary complaint received is mobile drug dealing around the 2800 S 1100 E area. Question from public about off leash pit bulls – calls should be directed to animal control.

Sugar House Merchants’ Report

Barbara Green reiterated there are still car prowls (Fiddler’s Elbow parking lot was a recent site) keep valuables out of car. Lex Hemphill, Sugar House Park Authority reported that in addition to the $27,500 bill for fireworks they received an additional bill for $22,000 to pay for police presence. Councilman Simonsen is looking into budge alternatives to help with added expense. Excited about night at Westminster College. Mike Hanson, manager from Zions Bank spoke to Merchants Association’s breakfast meeting. Working on getting Santa’s Shack moved.

Business Spotlight

Scott Waters owner of Artistic Framing Company (2160 S Highland Dr – located above Michaelangelo’s). They display artwork and focus on showing art from Westminster students free of charge, and they provide custom framing for all types of projects. Open Tues-Sat 10am-6pm.

Mayor’s Report

Lisa Harrison is not present.

Council Report

J.T. Martin (in lieu of Soren Simonson) reported on the 13th E traffic study. Work has been funded and scheduled to start in the spring to change the functionality of 1300 East – pertaining to the number of lanes. New design affects 2100 S to 500 S where streets will be down to 2 lanes with a dedicated large center turn lane and will be installing “hawk lights” to increase pedestrian safety. Overflow traffic to neighborhoods seems unlikely as traffic calming in surrounding streets should help alleviate any problems. Studies show this new design will allow twice as many cars to travel along this section of 1300 E. For more information and/or to submit issues you feel should be priorities in your neighborhood visit Council disappointed in the limited scope of the Foothill Corridor Study. Legislature in session, if you want more information visit to view every bill that impacts this city. Rinaldo Hunt, owner of land north of Emigration Market has applied for a building permit to construct a restaurant in that space.


I-80/Driggs Avenue Sound Wall

Sue Phelps (Driggs Ave) Presentation concerning decision by UDOT to not place a sound wall along the I-80/Driggs Ave section. Residents are concerned about original balloting process of “front row” residents that included votes by 2 houses slated for demolition because of the I-80 project. Without those “no” votes the residents would have met the burden to have a sound wall installed along their street. In addition the scope of the reconstruction has resulted in the freeway being much closer than originally presented to the residents. Formal request of the SHCC to submit a letter to UDOT supporting the request to readdress the balloting procedure. Judi Short motioned that, “the SHCC will write a letter to UDOT asking them to allow the property owners on the I-80/Driggs Avenue to vote again on the issue of sound walls along I-80 work, change the numbers of the previous vote to be divided by the number of remaining houses on the block (12), instead of the owners who voted previously. Two homes have been taken down since the original vote was taken” passed unanimously by voice vote.

Forest Dale Historic District Nomination

Susan Petheram (Forest Dale Historic District Nomination) – Expanded boundaries now include Fairmont neighborhood and this issue will be heard by Board of State History on February 28th – then sent to National Park Service. Hopefully by end of May it will be recognized on the National Register Historic District to bring opportunities to tax credits for home owners who rehabilitate structures.

Council Business

Chair Report – City putting together a park advisory board. Committee reports are now available online Salt Lake planning division creating new guidelines for Historic Landmark for commercial residents – open house.
Petitions for renewal trustee – Grace Sperry from Forest Dale submitted renewal petition and Michael G Kavanagh from Westminster submitted renewal petition motion to accept approved unanimously.
Committee Reports – View all committee reports on
Land Use (Judi Short) – Next meeting February 24th at 6:00pm at Sprague Library
Parks & Open Space (Lynne Olson) – Next meeting February 24th at 5:00pm at Sprague Library
Transportation (Rawlins Young) – Would like to hold meeting and requested interested trustees express interest. Next meeting February 24th at 6:00pm at Sprague Library.
Old/New business – none

Motion by Judi Short to adjourn passed unanimously.

Landon Clark