SHCC Meeting Minutes – February 2010

SHCC Meeting Minutes – February 2010


February 3, 2010

~ Sugar House Community Council Meeting Minutes – February 3, 2010 ~Trustees Present – Sally Barraclough, Amy Barry, Robin Bastar, Jason Bradley, Elaine Brown, Jim Brown, Russ Callister, Philip Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Mallie Jowell, Michael G. Kavanagh, Benny Keele, Dave Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Sheila O’Driscoll, Lynne Olson, Derek Payne, Susie Petheram, Ruth Price, Judi Short, Christopher Thomas and Rawlins Young.

Trustees Absent Excused –  Pat Denslow-Kilroy, Pattie DeNunzio, Dolores Donohoo, Barbara Green, Larry Migliaccio, Ray Pugsley, Maggie Shaw, Ed Sperry and Grace Sperry.

Trustees Absent Unexcused – Laurie Bray and Greg Carter

Others Present – Jaelene V. Myrup, Adriane Juarez and Melissa Lichtenstein. 

Call to Order – Judi Short, Vice Chair 7:02pmApproval of Minutes –  Judi Short’s motion to approve minutes passed unanimously. 

Public Comments – Census takers are recruiting for testers at Sprague Library on Monday’s to fill 1,200 census jobs to being in April.

Bylaws Amendment Section 5.2.5-7 Elections Procedures 

Elaine Brown’s motion “Inasmuch as the Chair of the Bylaws Committee has been unavailable, due to travel and illness, to meet with the Bylaws Committee since mid-December, was unable to attend the January 2010 Board of Trustees Meeting due to travel, and is unable to attend tonight’s Board of Trustees meeting due to illness, I move that the January motion that the first order of business after public comment each and every month shall be discussion and vote on said By-Laws changes until all such changes have been addressed and voted on and 30 minutes shall be set aside for this item of business be overturned, and removed from tonight’s agenda” passes 17-0.

Officer Reports –

  • Chair – None.
  • Vice Chair’s –  None.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Dolores Donohoo is not present.

Committee Reports – View committee reports on

Parks, Open Space & Trails – Wasatch Hollow Community Council’s new open space committee chair came to last meeting. Interested in working together on issues of Emigration Creek as the decisions for this trail will affect Sugar House trails, parks, and open space.  Emil Kmet has complained to SLC police and SLC transportation department about homeless camps being set up under the Highland Dr I-15 bridge and graffiti in Elizabeth Sherman park.

Land Use & Zoning – The proposal for an urban farm on Texas St is on planning commission agenda on February 10th.  The Redman Building and Chik-Fil-A have not filed any plans with the city.  The planning commission made some modification to the proposal alcohol normalization ordinance and forwarded it on to the city council.

Transportation – Master plan for SL/Jordan Canal Trail System is now before the CIP committee.  The committee is shifting focus toward transportation within individual neighborhoods to identify issues.  Interested to see if constituency thinks there is a traffic problem in Sugar House and their neighborhoods.

Website/Technology –  If anyone is interested in joining the website committee talk to Cabot.  Elaine followed up on her suggestion to post vacant neighborhood trustee positions on the main website.

Bylaws –  None.

Sustainability –  None.


Historical – Held an event on January 23rd at Sprague for people in the community to bring old photos and historical information to scan, digitize and document.  Library staff gave lesson in proper methods to catalog historical documents.  February 23rd there will be a trip with Adriane Juarez to get further instructions from State Archive personnel.

Monthly Presentations 

Police Report – Detective Cryder 801-799- 3669 – Problems with the I-15 bridge along Highland Dr. is really a design flaw from UDOT that created ideal pockets of space for homeless people to set up camp or store their belongings.  Police were under the impression large boulders would be put in place to block access the shelves.  To respond to issues of public health the police contacted the Health Dept to remove items being stored in these spaces.  UDOT should be putting in a barrier or boulder to block access.  Elizabeth Sherman Park is difficult to patrol due to the power substation although the fusion patrol is going in there at various times during the day to patrol for graffiti.  Det. Cryder also discussed the crime statistics for Sugar House, which appear to be rather high in relationship to other community council areas.  He explained that the crime statistics are compiled by city council districts and the reports are broken down by community council, which lead to a false comparison.  For more detail on this breakdown of crime statistics per district please visit  The high number of car break ins and burglaries are crimes of opportunity.  Take precautions and lock your car and remove valuables to deter break ins.  Det. Cryder also mentioned that they find about 90% of the traffic laws (speeding, traffic violations) occur by people that actually live in that neighborhood.

Mayor’s Office Report – Shawn McDonough 801-535-6338 SLC Community Liaison –  UTA is offering free rides on February 12th as part of the clean the air campaign.  May 14-15th there will be a city fundraiser for Historic at Fisher Mansion 200 S 1900 W, if you are interested in volunteering call Shawn.  SLC is working on energy assessment by testing 2 new street lights and encourage public observation comments, go to city website for site locations.  Take 10 in 2010 initiative to get everyone counted for the upcoming census, providing support materials, educate on importance of participating in the census.  One of one meeting with the Mayor on February 17th, call early on February 10th to schedule a meeting.

City Council Update – Soren Simonsen – Capital improvements projects recently authorized by the city council include bonds for soccer complex and public safety building.  Special assessment area funding to rebuild North Temple viaduct and North Temple Grand Boulevard will continue until about 2012 (viaduct will come down in late spring – 18 months before new bridge will be replaced) and the Trax line will be completed shortly after.  The RDA is going through a selection process for Wilmington Ave property site, conducting final interviews with 3 developers that met criteria.  Upcoming items of note – reviewed proposal by planning division to Planned Unit Development Ordinance changes to remove the one single building requirement and some of the minimum lot size requirements in the zoning areas for PUD’s.  The proposal will eliminate the need for a conditional use permit for PUD’s and thus no longer require those development plans to have community council review.  There is a public comment hearing planned for this subject on March 2nd. Alcohol normalization ordinance is coming up for public comment with the city council.  Currently the city council is in the process of revamping transit to development zoning approach to move in the direction of a form based code and away from land use code.  This will probably lead to changes along 400 South corridor and some elements may also be future tools for Sugar House street car line.

Sugar House Park Authority – Lex Hemphill – Mark Danenhauer is the new President of the Park Authority.  Sugar House Park Fireworks update has awarded a permit to Scott Workman (Renaissance Interiors) to conduct the 2010 July 4th event and he is currently raising funds for the event.  For more information you can visit  Signage project is the first capital improvement project undertaken and should be started by the end of the month.

Sprague Library Update – Adriane Juarez – Upcoming events –  March 5th at 2pm there is a reading event for girls  7-12 yrs old.  First Monday of every month starting March 1st will be family stories event in the meeting room at 7pm.   Fourth Wednesday of every month they have bilingual story times for English and Spanish.  No required reading book club for adults to get information on new releases.  Writing for change workshop scheduled for Tuesday, March 16th from 6-9pm.

Sugar House Summit – Annalisa Steggel, Community Affairs Director with Westminster College – Rest of summit events will be held every other month February 27th – The Art of Building Community is the topic.  Will discuss connected by design, pedestrian pathways, community building with art and water, how local business supports the economy, community planning.  April will be focused on art and education in our community (kid specific).  Susie Petheram delivered the results of the survey conducted by volunteers during the Buy Local Event for the Holidays in the business district.

Sugar House Merchants’ Report – Barbara Green – Barbara is not present.

Business Spotlight – Michael G. Kavanagh introduces Jennifer Holmstead with Got Beauty at 904 E 2100 S, 801-474-2090.  Got Beauty is a locally owned store and has their headquarters in Sugar House from which they ship products around the world.  The store has a full service hair salon and 2 private spa rooms (waxing, body treatments, facials, etc) along with great gifts (shoes, purses) and beauty products. 

Cabot Nelson’s motion made by to adjourn passed unanimously. 

Adjournment 9:02 pm

Landon Clark