SHCC Meeting Minutes – January 2006

SHCC Meeting Minutes – January 2006


January 4, 2006


From Sugar House

SUGAR HOUSE COMMUNITY COUNCIL Minutes for January 4, 2006



Trustees present

Philip Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Barbara Green, Mark Holland, Michael G. Kavanagh, Emil Kmet, David Mulder, Andrea Moesser, Cabot Nelson, Tina Ottesen, Derek Payne, Helen Peters, Susan Petheram, Ray Pugsley, L. Rex Sears, Grace Sperry, Rawlins Young (17)

Trustees excused

Judi Short, Su Armitage, Dolores Donohoo (3)

City/State Representatives

Annette Daley, SLC Mayor’s Office; JD Smith, SLPD; Jason Hathaway, SLPD (3)


Jen Brittain, Melissa Lichtenstein, Shelia O’Driscoll, Jennie Theuson, Ashley Shaw, Karen Beebe, Kirk Huffaker, Stacey Linday, Edward P. Campos, Jim Agutter (10)


Call to Order

7:02pm. Mark Holland conducting. Derek Payne moved to amend the minutes for the December, 2005, meeting, noting that he attended the meeting, but was listed as both present and absent but excused. Grace Sperry moved to approve the minutes as amended. Michael G. Kavanagh seconded. Passed, 8-0-2. Secretary Cabot Nelson repeated his call to recognize Michael G. Kavanagh’s petition of October, 2005, as being a successful challenge to Ronald Weber’s petition and that Ronald Weber would be hereby removed as a trustee of the SHCC, reasoning that with the SHCC Bylaws, Article III, Section 3.5, the petition of a trustee with absences can be challenged. Grace Sperry moved, David Mulder seconded, with the motion passing, 10-0-1.

Treasurer’s report

Dolores Donohoo was not in attendence.

Chair’s report

The SHCC received a letter from Duncan Williamson, of the SH Merchants Association, stating their thanks for the $250 check to help pay for the holiday lights. Dave Mulder mentioned that last year, SH Merchants Association Santa’s House sat for months. Barbara Green assured that it wouldn’t be the case this year.

Public Input

No public input.

Crime Update

By JR Smith, SLPD, ph# 799-4640, with Officer Jason Hathaway. The officers wished the SHCC happy holidays. This month had an increase for districts 6 & 7. Over the prior year, the statistics dropped. This may indicate more success for mobile watch. The main concern was auto thefts throughout SH & SLC. A cop car stolen in Sandy, then caught in Sandy, which might be connected to 7-8 different crimes. Five or so auto thefts keys from idling vehicles. In one neighborhood—not SH—all the victims IDs were in car. Keep the concern fresh, and be educated for neighborhood watch. Michael G. Kavanagh had a concern about a cotton candy operation in his neighborhood. It may have resulted in minor vandalism with dye on cars. It is important to document everything. Photographs, case numbers. Mr. Kavanagh’s concern is a zoning issue, as well. One can obtain an information packet for neighborhood watches. Andrea asked what constitutes a car prowl. It means a car break-in. Emil Kmet asked about sex assaults on Highland. Officer Smith said that the victim knew the perpetrator. Andrea Moesser asked about aggravated assaults. Most are between family members as cases of domestic violence.

Mayor’s Office Report

By Annette Daley. Not here yet.

City Council update

By Soren Simonsen. He did not attend.

Sugar House Merchants Association

By Barbara Green. No meeting this morning. Next week, 8:15am at Fiddler’s Elbow. The Slamdance Film Fest will be shown in SH, coinciding with the Sundance Film Fest. Cabot Nelson inquired about Sugar Beats, the performance space. Barbara explained that it will remain through an interesting network between the SH Coffee, Orion Music, and Mecham, the landlord.

Sugar House Business Spotlight

Age Well Center, 2670 S 2000 E, by Dave Mulder. The presenters had not arrived.

I-80 reconstruction – UDOT

Moved to February’s meeting.

Utah Heritage Foundation

With Kirk Huffaker regarding Garfield School declared surplus. He was not in attendance yet. Proposal to light the Fairmont Park Skatepark. By Andrew Mitchell. This was moved to February’s meeting.

Unit Legalization

By Tex Parker. Address is 2816 (an a half) South 900 East. Mr. Parker bought the house. It was sold to him as duplex, but he later found that it’s not a legal duplex. The Polk directory research shown that as a duplex since 1955. Mr. Parker spoke with Alan Mickelsen, unit legalization planner, about appearing with the Board of Adjustments. Also, the house has a permit to add parking. The is a special exception for unit legalization. The SLC Public Works recognizes it as duplex. It has hard-wired smoke detectors, all up to building code. Rawlins Young asked if there was separate electricity. Yes. Rex Sears asked if any were neighbors informed. Yes. Michael G. Kavanagh asked if there is an awning over the second entrance. Yes. Ray Pugsley asked if there were any members of the audience wishing to speak to the matter. No, there were not. Sarah Carlson asked for pictures. There weren’t any available at the time. Dave Mulder asked who brought up the legal status of the duplex. Mr. Parker’s renter turned him in. Cabot Nelson: asked if there were any other duplexes nearby. Yes: Three legal, others not. Rex Sears noted that we need Helen Peters to address this further. Cabot Nelson move to table the discussing until Helen Peters gets here. Tina Ottesen seconded. Passed 12-0-0.

Mayor’s Office Report

By Annette Daley. She said that she had nothing to present and wished the SHCC Happy New Year.

Parliamentary Post Mortem

By Ray Pugsley. He provided a handout regarding “Duties of Presiding officer”. The chair expressed his thanks to Ray for the continuing instruction on parliamentary procedure. Mayor’s spokeswoman Annette Daley noted that of all the community councils she’s worked with, this is the most functional with order and decorum.


Motion to recess until 8:00pm


Call to order 8:02pm

Unit Legalization continued

Helen Peters said that the neighbor to the north has not signed off on this project. At this point, it goes to the Board of Adjustment. Grace Sperry moved to send letter of acknowledgment that Tex Parker has appeared before the SHCC. The neighbor hasn’t said anything. Seconded by Dave Mulder. Rawlins Young said that he doesn’t know the ordinance and was not comfortable to sign the letter. Helen Peters explained that we can sign for the technical requirement for meeting with the SHCC. Sarah Carlson asked if are we signing approval, or merely that the petitioner presented to the SHCC. Heidi LeBeau of Franklin Realty said that the neighbors were notified. Rex Sears found on back of the city’s form that Mr. Parker brought, “recognized neighborhood approval”. We don’t know if there was a full notice. There will be a notice about the Board of Adjustment hearing, anyway. Alan Mickelsen will make determination. Rex Sears asked Mr. Parker whether signing will just note his presence to the SHCC. Rawlins Young said that by ordinance, the reason for community councils is to reduce workload of Board of Adjustment. It is a quasi-judicial body. Grace said we’ve been approving legalization before. Rawlins continued, pointing out that we don’t know the ordinance. Helen reminded that this will still go to Board of Adjustment, even with the lack of signature. Ray Pugsley expressed concern that the SHCC was establishing a new custom where all a petitioner needs to do is show up. This would be arbitrary, capricious and unnecessary. Sarah said the reason for community council is to discuss the issue. Cabot moved to call the question, with a second by Grace Sperry. It passed, 11-0-1. The previous motion passed, 13-1-0. Grace asked Rawlins to present the ordinance next month. Alan Mickelsen of SLC Board of Adjustment will attend.

Utah Heritage Foundation

With Kirk Huffaker regarding Garfield School declared surplus. Refer to Douglas school. See handout. Current with Montesori and Daycare with leases to continue. Ray ask of what is the concern is this of the UHF. Mr. Huffaker said that this is a historic building. It might be adapted well to new use. Neighbor Jim Agutter is concerned with what happens to is. It is a parking lot right now. He wants to know whatever is done to keep historic nature. Neighbor Ashley Shaw had concerns with neighbors when Westminster leased parking lot. Dave Mulder asked whether it was a parking lot. Yes, said Jim Agutter, converting what was once the playground into a lot with shuttle buses going to Westminster. Derek Payne, who worked on the raised field project, knows about it. The lot is temporary. Leasing for Westminster will continue until the project is done. Helen Peters circulated a notepad for addresses for participants to continue this discussion. Rawlins said that the 1967 master plan called for schools. It’s near Emigration Creek. He suggested that SLC buy SLC School District property with it becomes available. Ray Pugsley continued Rawlins’ point, but noted that the Emigration Creek stream bank is largely privately owned. North & west of the Garfield building is mostly paved. Grace asked how many acres the school occupies. Mr. Huffaker said approximately 3 acres. Rawlins move to get subcommittee under LU&Z to address Garfield School surplus issue, with Cabot Nelson seconding. Concerned neighbors Kristy Sweat and Laurel Young will also participate. Passed, 15-0-0.

Land Use & Zoning Committee

Rex Sears spoke extensively on the Infill Development, citing examples of houses that would be in violation of the new ordinance. Key points include building height, garage setback (attached vs. detached), and neighbors’ backyard privacy. Dave Mulder inquired if one wanted to make a change, how much time does it take to get through the process. Rex mentioned that the Planning Dept. is concerned about backlog. Helen Peters said hearing officers are being used more often. Rex Sears and Helen Peters said this committee regarding the infill development has been operating under the LU&Z. Helen presented her handouts. Notably an article on the Board of Adjustment. Lex Traughber & Alan Mickelsen should be on February’s agenda.

Concluding words

Next Wednesday for Executive Committee meeting. Also, Michael G. Kavanagh asked for support for cotton candy fiasco. Derek Payne moved to adjourn. Passed unanimously.


Adjourned 9:04pm

Landon Clark