SHCC Meeting Minutes – January 2008

SHCC Meeting Minutes – January 2008


January 2, 2008


From Sugar House


Trustees Present: Andrea Wargula, David Holbrook, Steve Wilson, Jan Brittain, David Mulder, Gary Johnson, , Ray Pugsley, Grace Sperry, Sarah Carlson , Cabot Nelson, Derek Payne, Rawlins Young, Emil Kmet, Maggie Shaw, Russ Callister, Barbara Green, Jessica Warner, Michael Cavanagh, Philip Carlson, Susan Petheram, Judi Short, Rene Richards

Trustees Excused: Dolores Donahoo, Jessica, Art Haddow

Call to Order: 7:00, Grace Sperry, Chair. Treasury Balance: $4797.03 given by Chair.

Chair Report: Grace Sperry Dave Mulder- Chair of 4th of July Booth Organization effort Andy Wargula- Secretary Wal-Mart meeting scheduled for Feb 19th at 7:00 p.m. at the Sugar House Garden Club. An informative presentation will be made by Wal-Mart regarding their plans for the K-Mart property on Parley’s Way. This presentation is open to the public, as is the one on Feb 20th, 7:00 at Dilworth Elem. (1950 So, 2100 E). Additionally, Wal-Mart will hold Open Houses on Jan 21 & 22 at 6:30-8:30 at Dilworth Elem Schl. Wal-Mart has submitted a Re-Zone application to Planning Commission.

Mayor’s Report: Bob Terragno November’s Meeting Minutes and January’s Agenda printings were delayed due to issues relating to a new copying and distribution process. R. Young suggested that new format compared to advertising flyers, and strongly advocates the former “corporate “ standard of notification. The Council can expect a letter of information regarding the use and procurement of public schools for community meetings. Mayoral Inauguration to be held at 12:00 noon, Monday, Jan. 7th at City & County Building.

Crime update: Officer Smart Last month’s suspect car apprehended….good job! Please be cautious with regard to hiring people to work in your home as related thefts are on the rise. Purse snatching at Bus Stop near Harmon’s. Please report any suspicious activity.

Land Use and Zoning Committee Report: Derek Payne Granite Block Demolition Permits issued and demo. to commence Jan 7th: Developer to have meetings mid- to end of Jan.- purpose to provides for public input opportunities for Granite Block redevelopment plan.

Westminster College Presentation of Proposed Science Center: Height variance require from Planning Department. Overall very favorable impression. Discussion of Dark Sky Standard compliance, landscaping as screen/appearance mitigation, and final piece of Westminster’s 1999 Master Plan. Judi Short to forward Trustee comments to Planning Dept.

Business Spotlight: N/A

Merchant Report: A special Thank You to Homestead Suites for their fine interior refinishing of the Santa Shack!

Parks and Open Space Report: Emil Kmet Revision to Sugar House Draw and Hidden Hollow access, plans not final and further coordination to occur between PRATT, Redman Bldg Owners, Woodbury Group (Owners), and Nexus (Architect) Presentation by Travis Lish of Woodbury Group: Two condominium structures in planning phase (location: betw/ Nexus Bldg and Chevron, SE corner of 2100 So. & 1300 E.). Large concern for access and quality of access to the Draw and Hidden Hollow. Rawlins Young referenced the City Creek Development and its attention to full pedestrian accommodation as an example and standard that these developments should be held to. Grace Sperry sited four entrances through the City Creek Development; SH community should insist upon the same kind of specifically dedicated development to/for the Draw.

Judi Short, motion; 2nd David Mulder, motion Passed Move that the SHCC approve the concept that Woodbury, PRATT, Redman, Hidden Hollow, the Draw, and SHCC work together to come up with a plan that works for every one.

Sugar House Mater Plan – you can pick up a copy at the Planning department (City & Co Bldg, 4th Flr)

Soren Simonsen: City Council Coming up in January: Council meeting on Conditional Use Permit Moratorium (compatibility issue) ending in Feb.; Council meeting on Stream Bed/Riparian Corridor Issues ending in Feb.; State of the City Address by Mayor Becker; Golf facility improvements funding (bonding ends); Airport Light Rail final alignment; SH (UTA) Transit spur on City’s and Mayor’s priority list, City exploring funding sources; Street and Building naming criteria

Public Input: Laurie Bray asked that SHCC find resources to save (remove and relocated) the inlaid compass design (sidewalk) slated for destruction during the Granite Block demolition. Owner Craig Mecham has no interest in saving/donating the historical insignia in front of since retired South East Furniture. Steve Wilson stated that the Council’s money go farther when pooled with other sources.

Philip Carlson, motion; 2nd Judi Short, motion Passed Move that the SHCC Parks & Open Space Committee be authorized to spend up to $500.00 at their discretion to preserve the compass.

Ray Pugsly Presentation on “Committee of the Whole” Adjourned: 9:20 p.m.

Landon Clark