SHCC Meeting Minutes – January 2009

SHCC Meeting Minutes – January 2009


January 7, 2009

Trustees Present

Sally Barraclough, Amy Barry, Laurie Bray, Elaine Brown, Philip Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Pattie DeNunzio, Michael G. Kavanagh, Benny Keele, Larry Migliaccio, Dave Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Shelia O’Driscoll, Lynne Olson, Susie Petheram, Ruth Price, Ray Pugsley, Maggie Shaw, Judi Short, Ed Sperry, Grace Sperry, Rawlins Young.

Excused Absent

Delores Donohoo and Barbara Green.

Unexcused Absent

Russ Callister, Greg Carter, Annabelle Peterson, Andrea Wargula, and Steve Wilson.

Others Present

A. Price, Gordon Gygi, Brad Gygi, Erin McShay, Brian King, Shawn Smart, Richard McCune, Melissa Lichtenstein, Soren Simonsen, Kathy Migliaccio, Jani Iwamota, Sharon Odekuc, John Michic, David Lichtenstein.

Meeting minutes

Call to Order – Maggie Shaw, Chair.

Approval of Minutes

Motion by David Mulder to approve minutes – passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Dolores Donohoo is absent – no report.

Public Comments

Brian King (House Rep 28) spoke about legislative session and upcoming budget issue meetings beginning Monday. Solicited comments regarding budget issues – .

Crime Report

Officer Smart – Discussed crime issues from last month regarding a few gang related incidences at Highland High and Hillside Junior, mobile drug dealing incident, fusion bikers police officers working citizen complaints. Citizen complaints can call drug hotline at 799-DRUG.

Sugar House Merchants’ Report

Barbara Green is absent – no report.

Business Spotlight

George Metos from Au Naturale – locally owned and operated new restaurant on 2100 S 900 E – offering good, simple, healthy, fast food with a drive through option.

Mayor’s Report

Lisa Harrison announced mayor launched transparency campaign – new initiative to open city government to make it more accountable to public. Visit to get more info. Reported the county and city are in discussion with Craig Mecham concerning the status of Granite block development. Deadline for filling hole or moving forward with development is January 16th.

Council Report

Soren Simonson stated Open Space bond money is being used to acquire property to complete draw of Sugar House as part of the Parley’s Train System. City is finalizing interlocal agreement with UTA to rebuild North Temple viaduct to complete airport TRAX line. Lights on at Fairmont skate park seems to be a success – master plan for Sugar House park is complete should be presented to city council in February. Carlton Christensen is new chair and JT Martin is vice chair of city council.

Foothill Stake Center

Brad Gygi (McNeil Group) Presenting petition to rezone Foothill Stake Center (1933 S 2100 E) from R1-7000 residential zone to institution to accommodate demolition and new construction of chapel. President Steve Warner spoke about need to demolish existing building and build new chapel onto existing gymnasium. Brad Gygi (architect) presented plans for the new chapel that included 15 ft buffer to residential backyards, 40% minimum open space on site, saving mature trees, incorporating pedestrian access from 2100 E to 2000 E, 240 parking stalls, and xeriscaping. Design materials will be primarily brick and will incorporate relief features to break up sidewalls and façade elements facing streets. Motion by Grace Sperry to approve petition design as it stands. After discussion motion by Cabot Nelson to suspend discussion and call for vote passed 17-4-2. Original motion passed 12-11-1 (Barbara Green by proxy).

SLC Transportation – 1300 East

Kevin Young (SLC Transportation) – Public comments being accepted through January on improvements for 1300 East. Visit and follow link to comment form. Open house was conducted October 30, 2008 to discuss issues identified by road safety audit (i.e. deep gutters, missing signs, adding back plates to traffic signals, reduction of speed limit, adjust signal timing).

Council Business

Chair Report – Presented certificate of thanks to Grace Sperry, issues that reflect mission statement will get priority on agenda, chair appointed Amy Barry to be Secretary. Motion made by Judi Short to support appointment – passed unanimously. New trustee orientation questionnaire – Handed out by Judi please return by February. Overview of committees – Lynne Olson chair of Open Space, Judi Short chair of Land Use and Zoning, if you want new committee talk to Maggie Shaw. Old/New business – The city needs to determine is SHCC use of yahoo list for trustees to communicate violates transparency guidelines. Motions should be written down and passed to Amy Barry to be recorded into minutes. Chair recognized Erin McShay from Valley Journal who reported an error in last edition and County Commissioner Jane Iwamoto who introduced herself and gave contact information. Motion by Grace Sperry to adjourn passed unanimously.

New/Renewed Trustee Petitions

Petition for new trustees – Lindsey Oswald (Forest Dale) presented petition, motion to accept approved unanimously. Petition for renewal trustee – Derek Payne (Westminster) presented renewal petition, motion to accept approved unanimously.


Landon Clark