SHCC Meeting Minutes – January 2011

SHCC Meeting Minutes – January 2011


Meeting Minutes – January 5, 2011


Approved February 2, 2011

The regular  monthly meeting of the Sugar House Community Council Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011, at 7:04 P.M., in the meeting room of the Sprague Branch Library, the Chair Cabot Nelson conducting and the Secretary, Philip Carlson being present.  The minutes of the last meeting having been read individually were approved without objection.  Trustees in attendance included Michael G. Kavanagh, Russell Callister, Elaine Brown, Grace Sperry, Jim Brown, Rawlins Young, Laurie Bray, Larry Migliaccio, Scott Kisling, Amy Barry, Carlyle Harris, Sarah Carlson, Annalisa Holcombe, Judi Short, David Mulder, Benny Keele, Dolores Donohoo, Robin Bastar, Derek Payne, Sheila O’Driscol and Travis Pearce.   Trustees excused: Lynne Olsen, Sally Barraclough, Pattie DeNunzio and Christopher Thomas.  Trustees absent:  Barbara Green, Ruth Price, Sandra Walsh and Greg Carter.

Officer’s reports were given by the Chair, Cabot Nelson and Treasurer, Robin Bastar current balance $2,491 with one contribution of $60 was received.

Mary Amanda Fairchild and Cabot Nelson addressed the council on the topic of the recent murder at Fairmont Park during the public comments.  Followed by a trustee discussion.

Committee reports were given by: Judi Short for LU&Z, Rawlins Young for Transportation, Amy Barry for Sustainability, Philip Carlson for PFDC, Sarah Carlson for Finance, Cabot Nelson for Web and Internet.

A presentation on the UTA Sugar House Streetcar Project was given by Kerry S. Doane, followed by public comments then trustee discussion.

John Flint, the Community Preparedness Coordinator from the City gave a presentation on the CERT program.

During the CERT presentation Amy Barry moved that “The SHCC establish a CERT Committee naming Carlyle Harris as the trustee to organize.”  The motion passed.


Monthly presentations given: Business Spotlight, hosted by Michael G. Kavanagh, Lynne of House of Bread, Grace Sperry for the SH Merchant’s Association, Detective Boelter with the Crime Report, Mayor’s Office report by Shawn McDonough and Adrianne Juarez presented Library Events and a farewell.

Larry Migliaccio moved: “The SHCC draft a letter to the Library Administration, praising Adrianne’s service and requesting that she remain at Sprague Branch Library.” The motion passed

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

Landon Clark