SHCC Meeting Minutes – July 2006

SHCC Meeting Minutes – July 2006


July 5, 2006


From Sugar House



Trustees present

Philip CarlsonSarah CarlsonDolores A. DonohooMark HollandMichael G. KavanaghEmil KmetCabot NelsonDerek Payne,Helen PetersRay PugsleyGrace SperryRawlins Young (12)

Trustees excused

Dave MulderArt HaddowBarb GreenRuth PriceSusie Petheram (5)

City/State Representatives

Annette Daley, SLC Mayor’s Office; DJ Baxter, SLC Transportation Department; Ben Johnson, SLPD; Soren Simonsen, SLC Council; Rep. Roz McGee, Utah State Legislature (4)


Jennie Thueson, Tiffany Sandborn, Benny Keele, Sarah Getzelman, Kathleen Hutchinson, Melissa Lichtenstein, Russ Lence, Ranae Pierce, Susan Collard (9)

Meeting minutes

Call to Order

Call to order, 7:01pm. Mark Holland, Chair. This was a remarkably small quorum, which reminded Helen of when she started her participation in the SHCC.

Dolores Donohoo moved to approve the minutes. Emil Kmet seconded. It passed, 7-1-0

Treasurers Report

We started with a balance of $4720.03 on June 1. There was a deposit of $50 from GL&V Eimco Water and Technologies, yet we don’t know what it’s for. It was nice of them, however. The final balance is $4770.03.

Chair Report

We participated in the SH Arts Festival yesterday, July 4th, but the rainfall closed it early. We $125 in donations, with 5 cases of water left over.

From July 28th to September 15th, there will be the SH Farmers Market every Friday at the Highland Plaza parking lot, 2144 S Highland Drive.

SL Council is hosting a public hearing tomorrow for a petition to amend the major street plan and transit maps. Another public hearing is on July 11th for SL Code for standards for child daycare.

The SL Planning Commission is having a hearing on July 11 for T-Mobile wireless to locate a roof-mounted antenna on Dilworth Elementary. The Planning Commission will meet again on 12 July to discuss steep-slope restrictions for subdivisions in foothill zone. On 13 July, the Foothill Chimney Associates will discuss at Forest Dale golf course the redevelopment of Foothill Place.

The SHCC Board of Trustees has received a petition for a new trustee from the Garfield neighborhood, Andrea Wargula. She’s been concerned about development in her neighborhood. She’s also aware of the school building issues.

Cabot Nelson moved to accept Andrea Wargula’s petition as a successful challenge for Fred Conlon to be replaced. Grace Sperry seconded. It passed, 9-0-0.

Public Input

Trustee Sarah Carlson reminded the board of the Sounds of Summer concert series on Thursday at 7:30 at the back of the library. Trustee Phil Carlson’s band “Tanya and the Townsmen” will perform. An attendee has questions about street lights.

Crime Update

By detective Ben Johnson SLPD, phone #799-4642. Annual “Night Out Against Crime” will be Tues Aug 1st at Liberty Park, 5-8pm. Burglaries are down, but the numbers are consistent throughout the year. Auto thefts and car prowls are also consistent. There were 2 domestic violence incidents. There was an assaulted hitchhiker. There was a rage in the pool at the Irving Schoolhouse Apartments. There was a road-rage incident involving reckless driving where the driver brandished a gun. In June, there was a sex assault at Wild Oats. the suspect is a male Hispanic, 5’6″.

There is a stepped up bike patrol with the business association. The added a new squad to the department for weekends and evenings. Of the 2 sex assaults, lifestyle is a contributor: this was a meeting in an Internet chat room. Sarah Carlson asked about a hit and run at 3pm. No police showed up. Reports are simply taken over phone. Rawlins Young asked how neighborhood watch functions in SLPD. “Mobile watch” is the only one. The city was more actively involved in the past. Officer Johnson will talk later regarding ways of finding what organizations are functioning.

Mayor’s Office Update

By Annette Daley. Regarding street lighting, call 535-6333 and ask for Michael Barry of the street light program. The hazardous materials collection at Costco has a liability, so it’s on hold. You’re welcome to call 313-6697. July 8 – 15 is Independence Week for Buy Local, an area merchant group.

The Jazz Fest is this week. You need a free ticket to get in. Go to Zions Bank or other places to get the free tickets. The July 6 concert is sold out. The hotel venues cost money. Go to web site for more information.

At the Gallivan Center, Monday nights are free movies, Wednesday nights are concerts, and Thursday nights are The Twilight Concert series. On July 14, there is a pops concert at Abravanel Hall. The Brown Bag concert series is underway, as is the Farmers Market. For more info, visit the Mayor’s web site, 3rd link down [1].

City Council Update

By Soren Simonsen. The council adopted a budget on 13 June. Originally, they wanted 13 new cops, but now 8. Three are civilian. It’ll enable other officers to be out on the street. There are $1.5- to $2 billion in new projects in Downtown soon, especially the new office buildings and expansion on Salt Palace. Regarding the funding on planners, there will be one additional position for the caseload expected with the new compatible infill ordinance, except Wasatch Hollow and The Avenues.

This Thursday they will work on an interlocal agreement with SL County for funding for the Draw at SH Park. This will allocate to use funds for environmental work.

Regarding transportation, this Thursday they will work on updating the city-wide transportation plan. This will affect a corridor from I-80 to Foothill, 2100 South and areas therein. Councilman Simonsen has worked on the spur line in the D&RG / UTA spur. The current initiative has airport, WVC, Draper, and Daybreak. South SL opposes Trax running through their neighborhoods.

Helen Peters asked if the SHCC could send a letter. Councilman Simonsen suggested we contact the state legislature and the governor for possible sales tax rather than property tax. Rawlins Young said there will also be discussions on regional transportation plans. Without acting now to get the funding on the bond, it would be unlikely.

There is 5 criteria for the transportation spur: Transit to transit service, accommodate Parley’s trail, a system that uses conventional signal crossing (not arms), low speed (<30 mph), and stations not more than 2 blocks apart.

There will be public hearings for 10-year leases for Luna and SH Coffee for sidewalk dining. (This is a formality; they already use it.) On August 3 (the following night after the SHCC meeting), there will be meeting in this room here at the Sprague Library. There will be a 5:00pm tour at area around KMart and the Foothill Place apartments. There will be walking around the SH Business District. Dinner is at 6pm. The location will be announced later. 7pm is the formal meeting.

There will be discussions about street lighting and pet ordinance. On August 3rd, there will be legislative action for affordable rent and the local merchants in ways to help keep their business and historic preservation.

Sugar House Merchants Association

By Lynne Olson and Barbara Green. They couldn’t attend today.

Legislative Update

By. Rep. Roz McGee. There are 4 or 5 community councils in House District 28. Rep McGee recognized Councilman Simonsen for Architect of the Year award. The good news: the Legislature is not in session. Funding for dental and vision on Medicaid recipients was not renewed. Many people need those. Rep. McGee views it as important to address those needs. The general assistance program was cut from 24 months to 12 months. SLC Library System was designated as library of the year. Rawlins Young mentioned the donation for dental programs. It was a match for federal funding.

I-80 Reconstruction update

This has been moved to August.

Land Use & Zoning Committee

By Helen Peters. She distributed handouts. About the Garfield school, the school district expects an offer from SLC. The project on Harrison is on hold. The owner will present to the ECCC. Nibley did not submit an application to Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget. They’ll work with SLC instead. On Thurs, July 13th, there will be an open house for Foothill Place redevelopment at Forest Dale Golf Course Club House

Milton Brasstlean is on rail line transit. He’s working with the Parley’s Trail PRATT board meetings.

Street Cars and Trolleys into Sugar House

By DJ Baxter. This is a $1.25 billion development proposal. The SH transit line was approved, yet it was left off the bond issue. Why? Not as much technical planning has been done (others have the NEPA process) yet UTA didn’t do one for SH. Also, the residents and elected officials in South SL have objections.

Mr. Baxter showed a power point presentation on the history and the plans for street cars.

Motion by Helen Peters: The SHCC will send letters to say we are interested in having the SH line be included in the first phase of funding. Dolores seconded.

Rawlins Young said we need to consider rails and corridor. Helen, Mark, and Cabot said we don’t need to consider that yet. Rawlins still wanted to know what to do with the $10 million. Helen explained that it’s for the east of Fairmont. There can be more discussion on federal and county funds.

There was a friendly amendment by Cabot Nelson to strike “first phase of funding” with “any referendum”. The motion to read: The SHCC will send letters to say we are interested in having the SH line be included in any referendum for extension of rail transit system. Cabot and Phil moved to end debate, which passed 7-1-2.

The main motion passed, 7-3.

Parliamentary Post Mortem

By Ray Pugsley. We still need to address comments to the chair. If you have any thing to say, raise your hand and wait to be recognized.


Adjourned, 9:01pm

Landon Clark