SHCC Meeting Minutes – July 2007

SHCC Meeting Minutes – July 2007


July 11, 2007


From Sugar House



Trustees Present: Dolores Donohoo, Ray Pugsley, Andrea Wargula, Derek Payne, Michael G. Kavanagh, Chair Phil Carlson, Judi Short, Art Haddow, Stand-in Secretary Grace Sperry , Emil Kmet, Russell, Sarah Carlson, Rawlins Young, Barbara Green Trustees excused: Cabot Nelson Dave Mulder, Andrea Moesser

Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M.

Approval of the Minutes

The approval of the Minutes was postponed on the recommendation of Rawlins Young as the Absentee List was incorrect and Cabot Nelson, the secretary, was not in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report

Dolores Donohoo. We have $4,790.03 in the bank and an undeposited check from Ray Pugsley for a pin.

City Council Report

Soren Simonsen Councilman for District 7 reported that there had only been 1 city council meeting in June and that the council had the rest of the month off. The meeting on July 10, 2007 lasted until midnight. He said a Landscape Ordinance addressing parking strip plantings passed which allowed plantings of things other than turf in the front and side yards but 1/3 of that area must be green plants including but not limited to vegetables and herbs. He said that the Park Advisory Board reported back their findings to the City Council regarding the Parley’s Historic Nature Park changing to an off-leash dog park. Many spoke. The CC will continue deliberating & make a decision on temporary off-leash use soon. 80 Thousand Dollars is earmarked for an Off-leash Baseline assessment. He hoped it would help to understand how to have a combined usage. He announced an Open House on July 12, 2007, from 5:30 to 7:30 P.M. to get public input on some of the alternative uses of the Transit Corridor. This will be followed by a couple of other Stakeholders’ meetings.

There was a meeting on the Foothill Blvd Corridor which includes the K-Mart property.

There is a new CDBG cycle open until August, 2007 in the Sugar House Area bounded by 21st South to I-80 to 9th East and South of I-80, West of 9th East and North of I-80 to Lake Street and West of Lake Street.

Community Improvement Projects have 1.5 million in funding above amount specified by Mayor Anderson. This could be used for major projects like parks or to pay down bonds. Look for Soren’s email later this month.

Parks Committee Report

Vice Chair Emil Kmet reported on the danger to the Elizabeth…Park West of the Historic Utah Light & Rails Building just next to the overpass on Highland Drive at Driggs Avenue. The committee is working with Rocky Mountain Power and UDOT. Emil also reported on the Fish Kill from excessive nitrates dumped into Parley’s Creek above PHNP.

Andrew Mitchell said there was lighting earmarked in the city budget for the Fairmont Skate Park but he won’t know the amount until August.

Rawlins reminded us that we, as SHCC trustees, have to interface with many varied departments for each issue e.g. Public Utilities-which feels it is above the City rules. Land Use & Zoning Committee: Derek Payne, Chair reported that the committee would meet the third Tuesday of each month.

The only item of new business was a Flag Lot Petition with two houses at 10th East and Hollywood Avenue.

Walmart Committee

Andrea Moesser, Chair, was excused. Phil’s Computer died so he couldn’t print out her report. Walmart has put in its application to re-zone the property. Phil feels that we as individuals should talk to all community council members regarding their personal feelings and opinions about the re-zoning since Walmart has been doing so.

The Walmart property is in the SHCC area but our SHCC overlaps more than one other CC in the Master Plan. It is also in the East Bench Master Plan. We need to know which planner is assigned to this petition. Ellen Reddick from the Emigration District Coalition and the Bonneville Hills CC attended our meeting.

Michael G. Kavanagh said no comments were taped because we were conserving tape.

Petitions Presented: Qwest

7:40 P.M. Quest’s representative Michael Johnson, presented a petition for D.S.L. Cabinets. Michael Gitlin was the City Planner assigned to the petition.

Sarah questioned how Quest was handling graffiti. Quest said they use a sticker on each which has the Graffiti Hot Line number to call for Quest service.

After this meeting they go to the City Planning and Zoning and are requesting our comments.

Michael asked if the Foothill Apartments got remuneration for allowing the boxes.

Derek wondered if cabinets would get smaller with advances in technology and whether outdated ones would be removed. Michael Johnson said, yes, they would be removed and that, in fact, new technology required larger cabinets.

Andrea wondered if they could be camouflaged. Michael Johnson said they asked the city for permission to plant shrubs-and were trying for a lower profile. The new cabinets were necessary because they would allow greater distances for D.S.L. connections.

Rawlins is against using parking strips to put in new DSL. and other boxes- ”They look like little soldiers.” Emil wondered if surrounding neighbors had bee contacted. M.J. said that is part of the next step. Art said we are part of the digital community and we need them. He wants them!

Judi agreed with Art. When P&Z made the original cell phone ordinance they required that outdated equipment be removed. M.J. said that is a requirement. M. Gitlin said that Quest pays taxes on each box and would therefore remove outdated ones.

Motion by >>>? The trustees authorize the Chair to send a letter to P&Z expressing our concerns about this issue. Motions seconded by Grace Sperry. Passed by Acclamation.

There was a request to know the form used. Judi showed sample form. Rawlins said the issue was: Why is S.L.C. zoning ordinance dealing with these issues of permitted uses in Public right-of-ways? The Chair said the process can be cumbersome-city has, in place, forms for dealing with issues. Derek said he used the form last month and it worked well. Phil said further discussion would be saved until the meeting’s end.

Verizon Petition

8:15 P.M. “stealth antennas”.: Art reported that he contacted Mr. Denison, the Verizon representative for addresses where he could look for the “stealth antennas”. He went to see them and found them hard to locate.

Mr. Denison wants our support for an antenna at the Nibley Park School. The School District gets one half of the money from the use. Derek asked how much they weighed. They weigh 25 pounds but the radio equipment is on the ground behind and alcove with a wall by the dumpster and the area taken is approximately 8 feet by 10 feet in addition to the dumpster area.

Andrea asked if they were dangerous to children.Rawlins wondered if more and more towers caused more interference. Emil wanted to know why public buildings were being used more and more. All SLC schools are allowing them.

The Chair ended the discussion by calling for “All those in favor to raise hands.” The vote was unanimous. The petition will be on the August 2, P&Z agenda.

Condo Petition

8:30 P.M. Condo Petition: John Gardener Project at 1988 So. 1100 East. John Gardener is president of Gardener Properties, L.L.C.. His local office is at 1023 E. 2100 South. His architect is Allen Roberts who is Councilman Soren Simonsen’s Partner.

He proposed a 26 unit Condo with 10 2 bdrm, 2 3 bdrm, 14 1 bdrm or studio units. 90% of the units would be under $300,000. They would have 9 foot ceilings and the total square footage is 23000 sq. ft. The building would be 60 feet tall with a 30 foot setback between the 15 foot set back in the front and the back. It would be 32 feet wide. He needs 38 parking spaces off street to satisfy the city requirement and 3 on the street.

The project displaces the Wells Fargo, Fiddlers’ Elbow, Rudy’s parking. Gardener holds the right of way on the alley over the SL So. Jordan Canal with 6 more parking spaces west of the alley. He stated that he didn’t think that the traffic density would change because the condo parking would just replace the current use.

This high density project encourages transition of Sugar House from auto oriented to pedestrian oriented traffic. He proposes leasing some space on the main level facing 11th East to an art gallery for a 3 ½ foot deep display window. He thought that would be acceptable because “galleries now sell in the internet”. Behind that the main floor is all parking. He wants to “contribute to the feeling of 11th East.” He said “Walkability is about looking at architecture” …besides which “putting in retail space would eliminate 8 parking spaces or 80% of his 2 bedroom units.” His consultant told him that 90% of condos being built now have less than 2 spaces per 2 bdrm unit.

Public comment began: Resident John Grey said there is not enough parking. Resident Ann Lion asked who was the target buyer. He said young and old. Resident JG suggested using post office at night. Resident Amy Berry said security must be provided because of car prowlers and vandalism to cars at Irving Commons. She asked about lighting.

JG said it was a conditional use petition because although everything he proposed was allowed under the current zoning since the building was taller than 30 feet he must have a design review. Resident Todd Cameron from Holly wood Avenue said there was already an incredible increase in traffic and that this development would increase the to & from work traffic. There is a study being done on Hollywood Avenue traffic.

JG said he hadn’t gotten into that yet but that those parking there now would just park elsewhere. Resident Sarah Woolsey from Hollywood Avenue said more humans would cause more parking problems and would further impact the area. JG thinks RDA should buy land and build a central parking lot for Sugar House. Resident Melissa …? She uses the alley to access the bank drive through. And it is barely 2 cars wide.

JG says his right of way is 14.75 feet wide. It is a privately owned alley and there are three points for entering and exiting the alley. Most people are out of the area on the way to work by 8:00 A.M.

Resident Mark Haffey 1030 Hollywood Avenue said retail was needed. An art gallery is not major retail and would not increase foot traffic or make the street by the condo more walkable. Land Use & Zoning Report on the Development: Derek reported the committee wanted more active mail level. He does not interpret the SH Business District 2 Zoning requirements for retail the same as the developer. He quoted SHBD2 Opportunity development Page 21 “Active Uses on Ground Level” JG’s use is passive. Further, the 5 foot set back on the 3,4,& 5th levels of the building does impact development of neighboring properties & would be damaging JG’s buildings air space and views. Further, the SHBD has different parking requirements.

Trustees’ Comments:
1-can’t build based on what might happen.
2-1 ½ parking spaces not enough
3-Andrea- 13th & Van Winkle- Those apartments like this and they remind her of a wall. JG should develop fewer units.
4-JG replied that the construction costs are high and can’t keep cost low with few units and would have to raise prices.
5-Suzie- Development impact Hollywood Avenue
6-Ray- reminds him of 3rd East & 7th South in Central City. The 4 plex across street is set back. Irving School development is too dense. He is opposed to 5 stories.
7-Emil- traffic concerns on Hollywood Avenue, Services will have trouble accessing property, alley too narrow, main parking lot exiting on to 11th East will impact all development, should be a business development, Building out of scale with neighborhood.
8-Rawlins- Concerned about the Alley which is par of the SL So. Jordan Canal Trail Parkway system in the SH Master Plan. It is important that it be developed and be a pedestrian road to the Elizabeth Sherman Park. It is as significant a trail system as the Pratt Trail. It is rated 4th in importance after the Pratt, Bonneville & Jordan River trails. It is being ignored. This is a conflicting use. This development puts garage doors on both sides of the trail. Master plan calls for development of stores on 11th East . You already have to use a ladder to get into Barnes and Noble. This is not appropriate to the SH Master Plan Area 1, North of 21st South and West side of 11th East. The 1st priority is land assembly, see Master Plan. Need cooperation of landowners to buffer Hollywood. The development is contrary to the parking suggestions of the Master Plan. Hollywood Avenue is part of an architecturally significant area.

The administration of Salt Lake City has been sitting on 2 planning documents for 5 years- the small area SH Business District plan and the Westminster District. 9-Russell- zero lot lines and window placement a problem. Zoning ordinance does not allow parking on the main level.
10-Chair asked- all in favor to raise hands. No trustees in favor – all opposed to raise hands. 12 trustees unanimously opposed. Derek will fill out the forms.

Durrant Bakery Petition

Durrant Bakery Petition cancelled: Suzie P. asked them to review the design they may change the 9th East portion.

Public Safety Officer Report

9:45 P.M. Lt. Molly from the Police Department and Lt. Scott from the Fire Department passed out the Bond request for new buildings.

Mayor’s Office Report

Michael Stott disbursed his “Calendar of Events”. He reported that rocks, pebbles, boulders in a parking strip are OK if they are a minimum of 18 inches from existing trees and if 33% of the parking and side areas is vegetation.

Suzie Petheram reminded us that July 18, 2007 is the day that Westminster College will host “Sugar House Stories” from 3:00 – 5:30 P.M. in the Foster Hall Faculty Lounge at 1830 S. 13th East. Rawlins Young presented his petition to be renewed as a SHCC trustee. The trustees approved the petition unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 10:05 P.M.

Landon Clark