SHCC Meeting Minutes – July 2011

SHCC Meeting Minutes – July 2011


Meeting Minutes – July 1, 2011

The monthly Sugar House Board of Trustees meeting was held at Sprague Library at 7:00 pm on July 6, 2011.

Attendees included:  Michael G Kavanagh, Rawlins Young, Christopher Thomas, Benny Keele, Annalisa Holcombe, Amy Barry, Larry Migliaccio, Judi Short, Sheila O’Driscoll, Laurie Bray, Robin Bastar, Dolores Donohoo, Sally Barraclough, Grace Sperry, Ron Molen, Lynne Olson Excused:

Cabot Nelson, Philip and Sarah Carlson,  David Mulder, Scott Kisling,  Topher Horman, Travis Pearce

Christopher Thomas chaired the meeting.  Called to order at 7:00 pm.

Minutes for June 2011 meeting approved without revision by no objections acclimation.

Secretary Report:  Elaine Brown term expires in August.

Treasurer:  Robin Bastar reported current balance in SHCC Checking at $3834.15 including $1476.00 income from map donations and other income from the Maps sold at Art Festival.  ($52.00)

Fire Station No. 3 Chief Captain David Dialpando

Recommendations provided for fire safety during the fireworks season.  Lynne Olson suggested the transportation committee work closely with the fire department to enhance parking safety and ability of fire engines to reach fire areas.

Public Comments:  (none)

Committee Reports

Land Use and Zoning Report provided by Judy Short.

Parks Open Space and Trails Report provided by Lynne Olson.

Arts:  Report provided by Laurie Bray.

Sustainability  Report provided by Amy Barry.

Transportation Report provided by Larry Migliaccio.

Fundraising Committee report by Christopher Thomas.

Finance Report  Sarah Carlson absent – no report

Web & Internet Report provided by Amy Barry.

CERT  (Carlisle Harris absent – No report

Affordable Housing  Patti Denunzio absent – No report

Historical  Report provided by Lynne Olson

SH Business District No Chair, No Report

Salt Lake Community Network  Report by Judi Short

Motion by Chris Thomas:

“To disband any committee lacking members or leadership by the August, 2011, meeting.”

During discussion the motion was tabled by acclimation.

Dan Lofgren  of Cowboy Partners  (Development Company) presented information on Affordable Housing.

Mr. Lofgren’s contact information via email is:

Mike G  Kavanagh presented “The Joint” for the Business Spotlight

James Adelman, the Owner provided information on “The Joint” wellness programs obtainable easily at reasonable cost.

No Crime Report  Detective – Boelter absent

Mayor’s Office City Report provided by Shawn McDonough

She may be contacted at:

SH Merchants Assoc.  Barbara Green absent – No report

Upcoming events at Sprague Library were provided by Dolly from the Library Staff.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:44 pm.

Landon Clark