SHCC Meeting Minutes – June 2003

SHCC Meeting Minutes – June 2003


June 4, 2003


From Sugar House



Trustees Present

Su Armitage, Rich Bennett, Philip Carlson, Dorlores Dohohoo, Alice Edvalson, Michael G. Kavanagh, Sheila O’Driscoll, Lynne Olson, Helen Peters, Susan Petheram, Ruth Price, Martin Smith, Grace Sperry, Gina Thompson, Gayen Wharton, Rawlins Young (16)

Trustees Excused

Chris Bowler, Deedra Hansen-Lambert, Julie Nitzkowski, Ray Pugsley

City/State Representatives

Barry Esham, Mayor’s Office; Melissa Anderson, SLC Planning; Dale Lambert, SLC Council, Kim Guess, SLC Police (4)


Thomas P. Bailey, Val Murdock, Michael Lane, Emil Kmet, Maureen Simes, Tom Nitzkowski, Ben Burdett, Leezec Tamglaq, Joseph Buffington, Bee Lufkin, Kris Bodeen, Rebecca Nelson, Melissa Lichtenstein, Milton Braselton, Ron Weber, Mark Holland (16) TOTAL (36)


Meeting Minutes

Meeting began at approximately 7:30 PM due to the length of the prior Business District Planning meeting. Chair Helen Peters conducting. The minutes of the May meeting were approved with the addition of Assistant added to scout master John William’s name.

Chair Report

Helen noted the following upcoming activities: Hidden Hollow Celebration on Sat. June 7 from 11 AM – 2 PM in Hidden Hollow; the National Night Out Against Crime on Tues. Aug. 5; SLC Planning Commission Public Hearing on Tues. Jun. 10 at 4 PM regarding a request from Qwest Wireless for a conditional use permit to replace a 34 foot utility pole with a 44 foot pole at 2785 So. 8th East to accommodate wireless telecommunications antennas and associated electrical equipment; SLC Planning Commission hearing on Jun. 25 regarding zoning ordinance standards that regulate the use and placement of street banners in the public right-of-way; and an open house on Wed. Jun. 18 from 6:30 – 7:30 PM at the Sprague Library regarding the conservation and reconfiguration of the monument plaza at 2100 South Highland Drive. Helen also gave information regarding the Neighborhood Matching Grant Program, the SLC Pedal Pass, SLC Boards and Commissions, Graffiti Removal, and the SLC Recycling program, noting that there is now a glass recycle bin at the south end of the parking lot at the Forest Dale Golf Course.

Public Input

Emil Kmet noted illegal signs that are being posted on public and private property. He had an example of a hand written sign advertising a furniture item for sale that had been put in front of his friend’s furniture store. Barry Esham indicated that this is a housing and zoning issue.

City Council Update

Councilman Dale Lambert reported that the zoning changes for the Commercial Business District in Sugar House have been called back to the Planning Department so the new Planning Director can look at some of the items, especially some of the larger parcels where the proposed zoning is different from what is currently there. Dale feels there will be some changes to these proposed zone changes. Dale will keep the pressure on the Planning Dept. to get this completed as quickly as possible. Dale also reported on the several CIP applications that were submitted for the Sugar House area. He feels there is some resistance on the street lighting proposal as some feel there needs to be a master plan for street lighting before this is done. Dale feels that Impact money can be used to help fund the Sugar House Park irrigation upgrade. He hopes to at least get funding for the engineering design for the trail through the Sugar House Commons area. Dale is proposing that the small neighborhood park near the Brickyard be funded. The City Council feels that the mayor’s proposed budget is a bit optimistic. Michael Kavanagh noted the mailing from the firefighters regarding the 17-10 funding. Dale answered several other questions regarding the budget. Tom Nitzkowski asked the status of the skateboard park in Fairmont Park. It was thought that the bid process would be opened next week with construction taking place during the summer. Dale especially thanked Melissa Anderson for all she has done for Sugar House.

Mayor’s Office Update

Barry Esham said he had been working on getting things cleaned up around ShopKo and Toys R Us and said the boat & trailer that had been parked in the the Homestead Village parking lot has been moved. The next “Saturday Morning with the Mayor” will be June 21 at 10 AM at the Farmer’s Market in Pioneer Park. Barry also had a handout with information on CDBG funding applications. The areas eligible for the CDBG funding have been changed and there is no longer much of the Sugar House Community Council area that is eligible for this funding. Barry also noted that there is a need for more people to volunteer to serve on SLC Boards & Commissions. He also had information regarding discounts available in connection with the Mayor’s Pedal Pass. Sheila O’Driscoll asked about cars being parked in front yards and Barry said this is a Housing & Zoning issue. He indicated that trailers parked on the street with no license plate are a parking issue.

Town meeting with Dave Buhler Report

Su Armitage reporting on this meeting noted that Dave had discussed the “fly over” the East Bench area that is being proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration. The City Council and the Airport do not favor this proposal. She also noted that the Hogle family is not in favor of moving the Zoo as has been discussed by some. The family want the zoo to have better and fewer displays.

Police Dept. Update

Kim Guess noted the crime statistics report on the table and spoke regarding the criminal activity in our area.

Planning Dept. Update

Melissa Anderson reported that the planning process for the Sugar House Business District plan is progressing well. The next meeting will be held on Jun. 18. She also noted that she had met with the committee working with the competition for the crossing from Hidden Hollow to Sugar House Park. They have selected 5 candidates and met with those five today. Each of the five will submit their proposals and a winner will be chosen from among them. The proposed development at McClelland and 21st South is going forward. They are in the process of applying for the vacation of the alley going through that area from McClelland to 10th East. Melissa announced that she has accepted a new job in Hawaii and will be leaving in mid-July.

Smith’s Food Update

Helen Peters reported on a meeting that she, Judi Short and Lynne Olson had attended along with a large group of people from the City as well as Smith’s. Smith’s is going to file an appeal with the 3rd District Court. Smith’s has suggested leaving the store as it now is and adding a gas station on the corner. This issue will be on the July agenda with whatever the new proposal will be.

National Register Nomination for the Sugar House Business District

Bee Lufkin showed old pictures of businesses that are in the business district that are being looked at for nomination to the National Historic Register. The buildings they are looking at are: 1) the old Granite Drug & Lumber on the southwest corner of 21st South and Highland Drive, 2) the old Sugar House Ward building on 12th East (the LDS Church is refusing to have this listed on the national register), 3) the Crown Cleaning and Dying building which is now the J. Scott Anderson building on 11th East, 4) the building on 21st South now occupied by “Time Line” that was at one time an auto business, 5) the Sprague Library, 6) the Granite Stake Tabernacle on 9th East (the LDS Church is refusing to have this listed also), 7) the Sugar House Monument, 8) the old Utah State Liquor store which is now home to Midwest Optical on 11th East, 9) the Redman building on 21st South, and 10) the old Petty Motor Annex, now Hip & Humble. These 10 buildings are part of the project that was funded by CDBG money. Bee has been working with Elizabeth Giraud, the City’s Historic Planner.

Organizational Issues

Trustee Petitions – Claudia O’Grady, a trustee in the Westminster neighborhood has resigned due to moving from the area. A petition has been received from Ronald Weber of the Westminster neighborhood. The motion was made and seconded to accept his petition. Voting was unanimous in favor with one abstention. A petition has also been received from Mark Holland of the Dilworth neighborhood. The motion was made and seconded to accept his petition with voting unanimous in favor. At our next meeting in July we will have a report from all of the committees following the presentation of the new Smith’s proposal. Helen asked that, due to the late hour, instead of taking time to start looking at the by-laws, that trustees meet on Jun. 14 at 9 AM at the library to do a full reading of the by-laws. Ruth Price thanked the trustees for the card sent her and her mother at the death of her brother. Thanks were again extended to Sugar House Coffee for providing coffee for the meeting.



Adjourned at 9:04 PM

Landon Clark