SHCC Meeting Minutes – June 2009

SHCC Meeting Minutes – June 2009


June 3, 2009

~ Sugar House Community Council Meeting Minutes – June 3, 2009 ~Trustees Present – Sally Barraclough, Amy Barry, Jason Bradley, Laurie Bray, Philip Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Dolores Donohoo, Barbara Green, Michael G. Kavanagh, Benny Keele, Larry Migliaccio, Cabot Nelson, Lynne Olson, Lindsey Oswald, Derek Payne, Susan Petheram, Ruth Price, Maggie Shaw, Judi Short, and Rawlins Young

Trustees Absent Excused –  Elaine Brown, Pattie DeNunzio, Pat Denslow-Kilroy, Dave Mulder, Ray Pugsley, and Grace Sperry

Trustees Absent Unexcused – Russ Callister, Greg Carter, Sheila O’Driscoll, and Ed Sperry

Others Present – Traci Marsing, Mitch Morley, Jaelene Myrup, Susan Wilson, Melissa Lichtenstein, Scott Newbold, Liz McCoy, Adriane Juarez, Helen Peters, Milton Braselton 

Call to Order – Maggie Shaw, Chair 7:00 pm.

Approval of Minutes –   Lynne Olson’s motion to approve minutes passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report – Dolores Donohoo reports no change in balance of $3,909.36. 

Public Comments – SLC Fire Station #3 crew spoke about the safety and importance of smoke detectors.  It is recommended to have a smoke detector in every room (bedroom, living room, and kitchen), should be kept away from stoves and circulating vents (i.e. air condition units) to keep them performing properly and batteries should be changed in the spring and fall.  They urged community to support a new public safety building bond this year.  Without regard to where it is located the need for a new building is vital as the current building is deteriorating and compromising public safety.

Suzanne Dickey (1838 Atkin Ave) and Scott Newbold (2857 S Melbourne) attended to request help in opposing a proposal by Qwest to locate DSL 5×3 boxes adjacent to their property (more information about this project can be found on and access the addendum reports to the May 2009 report).  Residents cited the lack of notification to the SHCC, existence of underground pipelines, removal of mature trees and shrubs, creating target for graffiti, lack of sidewalks on Atkin Ave, narrow sidewalk on Melbourne St with limited access, narrow ditch, and the minimal right of way that exists on this site.  Neighbors also commented on Qwest personnel servicing nearby boxes and the continual illegal parking by the trucks.  Sarah Carlson also relayed a comment by neighbor Randy Cromar who is also in opposition of this proposal.  Neighbors are wondering why other areas along the street that seem more appropriate are not being considered as sites.  Maggie Shaw commented about the lack of notification and the miscommunication with Salt Lake City planners and that the record has been rectified.  Judi Short also reported that she sent a letter to the Salt Lake City Planning Division about the inconsistent reporting on DSL boxes based on the ordinance.  Judi will be meeting with the neighbors to do an on-site review and go over their concerns.  Judi as Chair of the Land Use & Zoning Committee will be attending the planning commission hearing on June 10th to address this project.

Susan Wilson inquired about the status of the property on Wilmington Ave.  Deferred her questions until the presentation of RDA representative.               

Detective Mark Cryder – Crime Report – Car prowls and damaged property are biggest problems in Sugar House area.  Damaged property is generally associated with car prowl and don’t always represent a separate incident. Automobile safety tips – don’t leave visible items in car.  People walk around neighborhoods looking for easy items to grab quickly.   Watch for people that pull up and don’t get out or stand around for long time.  If you are suspicious of that activity call the patrol officer to respond and hopefully prevent incident from occurring.  Det. Cryder also asked for support for the financing a new public safety building.  He commented on how the police and fire department work together as a team effort with the community to make us safe.  Contact number 799-3669. 

Sugar House Merchants’ Report – Barbara Green – Appreciate timely responses from police.  Notified us of an upcoming 2009 5K Dash for Organ Donation on August 8th at Sugar House Park.  For more information on this event and entering the race visit  Lex Hemphill has reported to the Merchants Association that they will fund the fireworks for 2009 and have requested funding from the city and county for future events as they will not have the budget.  Booths are still available for the 4th of July Sugar House Arts Festival.  Sugar House will have a sidewalk sale on June 12-13th.  Barbara also congratulated Lynne Olson on all her work on getting Sugar House as part of the trolley project. 

Business Spotlight – Michael G. Kavanagh introduced Pam Ostermiller, Trifecta floral shop new shop 1940 S Highland Dr.  Trifecta went into business in 2005 in a basement located in the Avenues, moved to a workshop near West High, and since February 2009 has a new home in Sugar House.  Full service florist and has some growing areas to hopefully get fresh cut flowers in fall, they are also trying to use local growers as much as possible.  Trifecta offers weekly floral delivery for clients (salons, offices, etc), weddings, events, corporate & private parties.  They also offer full planning for events from invitations, music, and of course flowers.  They are open Monday-Friday (10-6) and Saturdays (11-5).  Every Friday (4-6) and Saturday (3-5) they have happy hour where you can buy one flower and get one free.   For more information visit:

Presentations –     

  • Valda Tarbet (Deputy Director) – Redevelopment Agency (RDA) –  Sugar House is an active project area within the city and money generated in this district (approximately $1.5 million annually) is used to fund future projects within the same district.  Typical projects include securing parking for Sprague Library, 10% of allocations to support housing in this area and citywide for affordable house projects, allocate money for public art in the district, remainder of funds are usually spent to support development activities such as housing and infrastructure.  Past projects include the benches around the business district, sugar beet art, crossword puzzles on sidewalks, Irving Schoolhouse Apts, Sugar House Commons, provided relocation grants to area businesses, infrastructure lighting along 2100 South, renovation of Sugar House monument and plaza, arrangements for land trades to help create Hidden Hollow and landscaping.  There are currently 10 outstanding loans in this district as RDA also wants to promote building renovation projects.  If the RDA sells property with a right of reverter condition in case the developer does not follow through with the proposed plans RDA can take the property back to offer it again.   They also include conditions on any property sale that try and ensure future developments are compatible with existing community such as respecting Hidden Hollow Natural Area.  In addition RDA projects try not and compete with local businesses.
  • Future Projects:
    • Wilmington Ave Property – The RDA property located on Wilmington Ave (2 acres) will be on the RDA Board agenda for July 14th, 3:00 pm, City/County Building, Room 326, the public is encouraged to attend and offer comments. Currently there are plans to solicit for a hybrid between a full blown Request for Proposal and a Request for Qualifications.  They are basically looking for developers to tell them what they have done in the past and in a short narrative outline their proposal for what they would do with this property.  There were questions regarding a community garden at this site and the RDA would be open to that suggestion.  They would require a community partner as they do not have the infrastructure to support this type of venture.  RDA recently built a pilot community garden on 900 South and 200 West.  This property has been ruled out as a possible site for the combined Sugar House area police and fire sub station as being too small and having access limitations to fit their needs.
    • Wilmington Ave/Sugarmont Realignment – The RDA has negotiated with the current property owners to realign Wilmington Ave and Sugarmont St.  The design of this realignment has been turned over to Salt Lake City transportation and engineers.  Information available is that the realignment will not be a collector road, will consist of a 50 ft right of way, one lane of traffic each way, 20mph speed limit, accommodate street car and bicycle lane, no off-street parking, sidewalks on both sides.  Remaining goal is to bring the road as close to McClelland as possible.
  • Other Projects – The RDA has been involved in working on the proposed street car/trolley project for the Sugar House Area. May revisit an attempt to negotiate a parking deal in the area north of Fiddler’s Elbow.  Valda acknowledged the failure of some of the benches located throughout the Sugar House Business District and reported that they are scheduled to be fixed or replaced.

Mayor’s Report – Lisa Harrison reported that price of new public safety building will increase now that location is not going to be on library square.  The City is still soliciting public comments and recommendations visit and click on the right bar to navigate to discussion about public safety building.  The City Council will meet on June 16th to discuss this issue and there will be time for public comments.  It is in the city’s best interest for a decision to be made by August 16th, which is the deadline to get the bond issue on the upcoming ballot in November.  Looking for at least 5 acres to provide the services and buildings they need for civic/safety campus.

Also noted an upcoming meeting June 18th 5:30-7:30pm at Fairpark Grand Building to seek public input on Grand Blvd on North Temple.   Lisa was asked to give an update on changes in planning division.  Projects that come before the community council are changing once they reach the planning commission and city council and there is no opportunity to revisit community comments.  Case in point it was learned that Red Mountain has put some of the property up for sale and the SHCC has not been notified.  Lisa suggested we write a letter stating this problem as other community council’s are experiencing similar frustration.   

Council Report – Soren Simonsen is absent.  

Council Business

     Chair Report – I-80 Westbound Off-Ramp to 1300 East closes June 6th.  Chair appointed Lynne Olson to put together an Elections Committee per the By-laws.  Maggie also reported that the Utah Department of Environmental Quality was awarded $200,000 by the EPA to look into cleaning up area brownfields.  Miscommunication regarding DSL box notification has been taken care of and a letter written to clarify ordinance.  Maggie will be meeting with Mayor’s office on June 11th concerning the issue of agenda mailings.  If you have any ideas please get them to Maggie before then.  Work starts this month through December on improving 1300 East.  They will begin with improving crosswalks and installing HAWK crossing lights and then move to reconfiguring lanes from 1300 South to 900 South into single lanes.     

Committee Reports – View committee reports on               

  • Website/Internet (Cabot Nelson) – The committee has installed some web analytics on website to track visits, etc. to gauge traffic on site. Committee has proposed looking into using Constant Contact to host email listserve that can augment paper mailings, drive traffic to site for $15/month.  Experimenting with banners on website and chart traffic and hopefully someday we could charge for advertising on our site to generate revenue.                 
  • Land Use (Judi Short) – DSL boxes and miscommunication about proposed boxes is being handled with the city.  Judi wrote a letter about inconsistency of notification and different planners about DSL box.  Details about Melbourne St proposal are on our website.  Property owners are not always notified and Qwest is not always getting signatures as per ordinance requirements.  Qwest has not demonstrated good neighbor behavior and perhaps hasn’t communicated enough why they choose certain locations over others.  Judi requests anyone interested to write letters to the planning division in addition to her official comments.  It would also be beneficial to find out what criteria Qwest uses to locate DSL boxes.  Electric box proposed for Westminster campus for Shaw Center.  No real comments other than questions about screening.
  • Parks & Open Space (Lynne Olson) – Sugar House Journal wrote about Parley’s Park neighborhood project regarding new trees and possible grant money for irrigation system.  Saturday is National Trails Day – Parley’s Historic Nature Park 8am-noon will be cleaning out thistles – wear appropriate clothing.
  • Transportation (Rawlins Young) – Rawlins pointed out conflicting details about what is proposed for street car/trolley line that would start at TRAX station on 21st South and 2nd West and would stop every 2 blocks and would end at McClelland.  This would create stops every 2 blocks that would place a burden for pedestrians and commuters.  The committee hopes to schedule a meeting with Will Somerkorn (Planning Director) and Frank Gray (Community and Economic Development Director) and interested staff in coming out to view SL Jordan Canal and how it interfaces with Sugar House Business District.  Salt Lake Transportation reported in 2007, 179 pedestrians were struck by vehicles.  Of those 160 injured and 32 killed in pedestrian/auto accidents.  The transportation committee applied for a grant (to University of North Carolina) last Friday to promote walkability in community.  Proposed area to study is 2100 South from Highland Dr to 1300 East to identify safety issues.  Criteria for the grant is a project that is realistic for the money available and promotes walkability in the community.  City and Westminster College were supportive and we should hear back in July.

Old/New Business – Sally Barraclough has reported there are not enough trustees that signed up to man the 4th of July booth for the Sugar House Arts Festival.  In addition, the price of the booth rental has increased to $135.  Barbara offered to check on that price to see if there was a discount possible.  Sally Barraclough’s motion to cancel the booth having a booth for 4th of July due to lack of volunteers passes 9-7.  Susan Petheram’s motion to contact PRATT to see if they are interested in sharing booth for price and manpower passes on voice vote.

Motion made by Cabot Nelson to adjourn passed unanimously 

Adjournment 9:00 pm

Landon Clark