SHCC Meeting Minutes – March 2004

SHCC Meeting Minutes – March 2004


March 3, 2004


From Sugar House



Trustees Present

Sarah Carlson, Philip Carlson, Alice Edvalson, Doug Green, Deedra Hansen-Lambert, Mark Holland, Michael G. Kavanagh, David Lawver, Cabot Nelson, Julie Nitzkowski, Lynne Olson, Tina Ottesen, Helen Peters, Susan Petheram, Grace Sperry, Rawlins Young (16)

Trustees Excused

Su Armitage, Dolores Donohoo, Ray Pugsley, Rex Sears, Judi Short, Ron Weber

City/State Representatives

Ranae Pierce, Sprague Library; Lex Traughber, SLC Planning; Alicia Orgill, SLC Police; Annette Daley, Mayor’s Office; Dale Lambert, SL City Council (5)


D. J. Williamson, Barbara Green, Claudia Pack, Benny Keslee Keele, Mott Alessi, Craig W. Mecham, C. T. Bintz, Dottie Bintz, Verdi White II, Ryan Cardenas, Allisen Mursiari, Sagon Qo, Chase Hansen, Christian Madsen, Vincent Fonvo, Rily Nilsen, Kiono Nevarez, Wyatt Stewart, Jordan Davis, Joe Goldhardt, Ryan Hiatt, Thomas Q. Bailey, Melissa Lichtenstein, Tom Nitzkowski, Mark Martin, Jennie Thueson, Emil Kmet, Denise Vance, Karen Matthews, Mr. Matthews, Charlene Durham, Jaelene V. Myrup, Wayne Hull, Penny Archibald-Stone, Vicki Mickelson, Laura McIndoe, Troy Burton, Nancy Boskoff, Bernardo Flores-Sahagun (39) TOTAL 60

Meeting minutes

Meeting began at 7:00 pm

With Chair Helen Peters conducting. The minutes of the February meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Dolores Donohoo was excused so no treasurer’s report. Helen read a report of the sale of our Sesquicentennial items.

Chair Report

Helen Peters noted the phone number to report potholes in the streets. She also encouraged those present to purchase the Sesquicentennial pins, t-shirts, and plates on display at the meeting. These items can be purchased by contacting Alice Edvalson at 485-1663. Sugar House will celebrate the 150-year anniversary on April 23, 2004. Helen expressed condolences to the family of Gayen Wharton who passed away over the weekend and also to Michael G. Kavanagh who lost a close friend recently. Helen noted a public hearing with the SLC Council on Mar. 9 at 7:00 pm regarding fine-tuning changes to the SLC zoning ordinance. There is also a hearing on March 16 for comments on several projects proposed for CDBG funding. There is also a public hearing with the Planning Commission on Mar. 10 at 5:45 pm regarding proposed changes to properties at 2545 and 2505 East Parleys Way. Helen wondered why it hadn’t come before the Sugar House Community Council. She will check on this issue and see what she can find out. Helen distributed information regarding the Animal Control Ordinance changes that are under consideration. She also distributed information on a Certified Community Planner Seminar. Helen showed some color photos of the new building that is being built on the SE corner of 21st South and 9th East and asked trustees for any comments.

Merchants Meeting Report

The merchants are working on a fundraiser to purchase new banners for the business district. They will ask merchants to contribute to this. Karen Matthews is preparing an application for a matching grant for up to $5,000 for these banners. Lynne Olson made a motion that we contribute $250 to this fund. Grace seconded it with voting 11 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions.

Public Input

Charlene Durham spoke regarding a proposed apartment building on 21st South near the Dilworth School. She feels there are already too many apartments in this area. This is also a very congested intersection and she is concerned with the increased traffic this would create. She is suggesting that area be left for open space or for small local businesses or for a senior center. Jaelene V. Myrup spoke regarding the same proposed apartments. The proposed apartment plan would include 46 units. Helen asked Lex Traughber to check on the details of this development. It was suggested that persons concerned with this project should talk to the Zoning Dept. for answers to their zoning questions. Wayne Hull, a member of the LDS Sugar House Stake high council was interested in what was being done in the community for the Sesquicentennial celebration. He was referred to Lynne Olson.

Mayor’s Office Update

Annette Daley of the Mayor’s office had nothing to report.

City Council Update

Dale Lambert reported on the new pavers that will be put in the business district, noting that they are being funded with RDA funds. He expressed appreciation for Gayen Wharton and all the great work she did for both our community and the City. Dale reported that the open space bond passed and that now he and Jill Remington-Love are drafting the open space ordinance. They have a committee that will identify possible properties that could be purchased for open space and will determine a priority for acquiring these properties. He encouraged us to get involved and informed regarding the UTOPIA project. He applauded Tina Otteson for the Neighborhood Watch program she is organizing in her neighborhood. Tina Otteson asked about the panhandling problem at the freeway entrance and exit. Dale feels there may be limitations on what can be done because of 1st Amendment rights. The City can only take action if they have specific information on these problems. Panhandlers have to be really causing a problem, restricting access, being abusive or interfering with businesses. Rawlins Young asked about burying of fiber optic cables and electrical lines in the neighborhoods and wondered if this is related to the UTOPIA project. Dale asked us to identify properties in our area that could be used as open space.

Sugar House Pavers Public Art

Nancy Boskoff and Bernardo Flores-Sahagun explained what is being planned for public art which will be incorporated into the new pavers in the business district. These will be a series of anagrams (like a scrabble) or crossword puzzles using words that have historical meaning to the Sugar House area.

Central Community Master Plan Orientation

Penny Archibald-Stone (chair of East Central Community Council) introduced Vicki Mickelson (former chair of East Central Community Council). Vicki explained that the Central Community Master Plan is going through a very extensive review by the City Council. She explained that the City is concerned about implementation items that could have an effect on the City budget. She feels that even approved master plans, such as our Sugar House Master Plan, could be reviewed with a more critical look by the City Council. Rawlins Young made comments regarding the planning process and the difference between master plans and community development plans.

Sugar House Business District Master Plan & Zoning

Lex Traughber noted that public comments were taken at several meetings regarding these zoning changes and all comments will be forwarded to the Planning Commission. There have been concerns with the height limitations that are included in the staff recommendations. It is anticipated that this issue will go to the Planning Commission on April 14.

Stratford Park Report

Sarah Carlson reported that the City is planning on putting in a new picnic table and new play area. It was also suggested that they include swings. The City will come back to the Sugar House Community Council to present the final plans when they are completed.

Unit Legalization – 847 Downington Ave.

The Land Use and Zoning sub-committee had previously reviewed this petition and recommended approval. Chair Helen Peters signed off the application so that we would not have to spend time hearing this at this meeting.

FAA Northern Utah Airspace Initiative

Laura McIndoe who lives in the 15th East & 15th South area spoke of the proposed new routes for incoming air planes over the eastern part of the Salt Lake area. She is concerned with the noise this could create. There is a possibility that funding to study this could be withdrawn, so it could be a moot issue. Helen will let us know what we need to do to address this issue. Cabot Nelson expressed his opinion that he had no problem with part of the flight patterns over the east side. He grew up in the west side and wasn’t concerned with the flight patterns over that area.

Development at McClelland & 21st South

Armand Johansen was not present. Helen noted that Baja Fresh apparently is not going to be in the north end of the building. The 10th East and 21st South mirror image proposal was approved by the Planning Commission.

T-Mobile Tower Hearing

Sarah Carlson reported that this request was approved. She suggested we probably should look more closely at these communication issues in the future. She noted that the appeal process for this particular communication site created an additional notification for the Planning Commission hearing which gave neighbors another opportunity for their comments to be heard.

Development at 2050 South Windsor St.

It was noted that the address as listed on the agenda was incorrect and it should have been 868 Ramona and adjoining property. Mark Martin of McNeil Engineering and Troy Burton, whose father has owned this property for years, presented this proposal. There was much confusion as to where this property was really located. Troy explained that it is an existing apartment house south of Ramona and the entrance is through the back parking of the house on the corner of Ramona and 9th East. The new proposed building is on the other side of the creek. There are 18 units in the old apartment building and there will be 24 in the new one. The new one will be a 3 story building with the 1st level set into the ground about 5 ft. Lynne suggested that the Westminster Neighborhood Master Plan calls for the creek corridor to be developed as a public right-of-way. The Land Use sub-committee looked at this proposal and felt it would be an upgrade for the area. Helen suggested they look further at a CPTED study and also that they look at open space and cool community issues. Helen asked that the sub-committee meet again and look at these issues with the developer, and we will include this again on next month’s agenda.

Reading of the By-Laws

The remainder of the meeting was spent on the continued reading of the By-Laws. At this point in the meeting the following trustees were present: Deedra Hansen-Lambert, Julie Nitzkowski, Mark Holland, Doug Green, David Lawver, Lynne Olson, Alice Edvalson, Helen Peters, Rawlins Young, Grace Sperry, Cabot Nelson, Tina Otteson, Sarah Carlson, Philip Carlson, and Michael G. Kavanagh. Each section was voted on as read with the following results:

Article IV Section 4.1 – Unanimously approved as read

Article IV Section 4.1.1 – Unanimously approved as read

Article IV Section 4.1.2 – Unanimously approved as read

Article IV Section 4.1.3 – Unanimously approved as read

Article IV Section 4.2 – Approved by 13 in favor, 1 opposed, 0 abstaining, with some minor modifications

Article IV Section 4.3 – Unanimously approved as read

Article IV Section 4.4 – Approved by 13 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstaining as read

Article IV Section 4.5 – Approved by 12 in favor, 2 opposed, 0 abstaining as read

Article IV Section 4.6 – Unanimously approved as read

Article IV Section 4.7 – Approved by 13 in favor, 1 opposed, 0 abstaining as read

Article IV Section 4.8 – Approved by 9 in favor, 4 opposed, 0 abstaining, with a minor modification

Article IV Section 4.9 – Approved by 13 in favor, 1 opposed, 0 abstaining as read

Article V Section 5.1 – Unanimously approved as read

Article V Section 5.2 – Unanimously approved with the modification of changing the italics to regular type

Article V Section 5.2.1 including Attachment “B” – Approved by 12 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstaining as read

Article V Section 5.3 – Approved by 12 in favor, 2 opposed, 0 abstaining, with minor modifications

Article V Section 5.4 – Unanimously approved as read

We will begin with 5.5 at the next meeting.


Adjourned at 10:08 PM


Landon Clark