SHCC Meeting Minutes – March 2007

SHCC Meeting Minutes – March 2007


March 7, 2007


From Sugar House



Trustees present

Russell Callister, Phil Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Barbara Green, Art Haddow, David Holbrook, Mark Holland, Michael G. Kavanagh, Scott Kisling, Emil Kmet, Dave Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Derek Payne, Susan Petheram, Ruth Price, Judi Short, Grace Sperry, L. Rex Sears, Andrea Wargula, Steve Wilson, Rawlins Young (21)

Trustees excused

Su Armitage, Steve Wilson, Ray Puglsey, Dolores Donohoo, Helen Peters (5)

City/State representatives

Michael Stott, SLC Mayor’s Office; Soren Simonsen, SLC Council; Fred Ross, SLPD (3)


Kyle Meadows, Katie Porter, Teri Rasmussen, Brent Rasmussen, Caren Beeman, Nick Ehdahl, Holly Bateman, Ben Von Allman, Nancy Von Allman, Ann Wechsler, Jesse Do Ke, Mick Dade-Riggs, Jana Johnson, Lynne Olson, Cynthian Osmun, Jeremy Heiser, Janelle Iverson, Vera Novak, Maureen Frikke, Randall Gilman, Chris Peters, Wendy Sears, Rhea Lisonbee, Fran Schwab, Jennifer Edgar, Mike Kunilich, Barbara Wolther, RN, Vance Hanson, Jaelene V. Myrup, Arwynn Harris Jensen, Ethan Jensen, Amy Knowllinger, Eric Steckel, Tanya Kjeldsberg, Pat Riley, Susan Halford, David Muse, Grant Hogarth, Jason Watson, Melinda Watson, Annie Johns, Traci Chase, Michael Nebeker, Alex Ogilvie, Madison Donnelly, Elizabeth Copene, Tonio Copene, Ashton Shaw, Ann Aineman, Sarah Morrison, Charlotte Doman, Karen Guthrie, Barb Schultz, Thom Benedict, Bob Evans, Paul Vanaslo, Kathy McKay, Sonia Stern, Mark Stackhouse, Darlene Malin, Elizabeth Brown, Tom Brazzale, Sheila O’Driscoll, Deb Dolph, Maryanne Draper, Karen Steele Sharp, Amy Kinder, Phil Wood, Matthew Ahlstrom, Mike Young, Rita Lund, Helen Bryan, Marguerite Shaw, Robert Williams, Libby H. Peterson, Zak Mason, Jeannette Mason, Kathleen Garcia, Erin Finney, Nancy Sakahara, Stacy Darden, Ann Gayle, Shawn McMillion (83)

Meeting minutes

Call to order, 7:03. Phil Carlson, chair, He described the process for being a trustee. For last month’s minutes, Ruth Price wanted to include the fact that there were many people here last month. Cabot noted the correction on number of trustees, 23 instead of 43. The minutes passed on a voice vote.

Dolores Donohoo may be out for a while due to health. The trustees took a collection to buy flowers to have Ruth delivery. The chair announced the website, It’s on Wiki, which means anyone can add to it. For Yahoo! groups, Secretary Cabot Nelson will invite Ruth Prise and David Holbrook.

Cabot moved to cancel July’s meeting. It was seconded by Grace Sperry. With the chair’s advice, the motion was withdrawn. The chair suggested to change date to 11th of July. The Final decision will be discussed in the Executive Committee meeting.

Cabot announced that he will be out for next month’s meeting. Grace Sperry volunteered to fill in as secretary.

Chair Report

There is no formal report. The chair will take Ray’s parliamentary post mortem.

Public Input

The chair explained that we’re not taking input on Parley’s Nature Park. We discussed it months ago. Ruth Price said we should have been noted that there would be no public comment. Art Haddow and Sarah Carlson concurred that we’d just hear a repeat of issues. We’ve heard, listened, and heard it all. Ruth Price moved that we make allow comments tonight. Mark Holland seconded. Steve Wilson said that different members of the public are here from the last time. Mark noted there is a lot of people. Steve suggested a raise of hands for a straw poll.

A raise of hands showed a majority (per the chair) are here to discuss Parley’s Nature Park. How many support? about 75%. Opposed? about 5-10%.

Ruth’s motion failed on a voice vote. Cabot moved to skip the public comment period and go to the crime update. Sarah Carlson seconded. Passed, 9-8.

Scott Kisling suggested the vote might need 2/3rds. The chair and Cabot didn’t agree.

Crime Update

Officer Fred Ross, SLPD: desk number: 799-3669, cell: 301-1251, email: . Be sure to hide your iPods, etc. There have been a rash of burglaries in the past 2 weeks in East SLC. A male black and a male American Indian, driving and older 80s model car. The burglaries occurred in the 400-600 block of redondo

Parley’s Trail

Presented by Vance Hanson of Stanley Consultants. It would link Hidden Hollow to 1700 East. It’s also part of the SH Draw. SHPark wants it on UDOT property at ballpark. There is input taken at . There will be a public info meeting after alignment in 2 months or so.

You can call Todd Perkins of 262-8700. They are meeting next week for alignment with the country club. Surveys on the SH master plan. Ruth Price asked how the public can get involved. The County does the maintenance for SH park.

Redeemer Lutheran discussion

(no presentation) The issue is on the Planning Commission Agenda on 14th of March. Grace Sperry and the Parks Committee has been working on it.

The Committee has been looking at its past. 1977 plan quoted: 2.5 acres per 1000 people. 1982 said the goal is to give green park appearance. The 1993 analysis reiterated the 1977 plan. The city arranged to purchase Parley’s. The Committee made motion to rezone the space. See handout.

Dave Mulder has a vested interest as a neighbor in Grandview. He and his wife is a part of that congregation. He reviewed the handout from church. Rex asked if they mentioned the SHCC meeting in their flier. Ruth asked if they have responded to the flier and gone to the open house that they would know about this meeting. Susan Petheram inquired about a set-back requirement. Not known. Andrea Wargula asked if this was a variance. Grace said the parks committee discussed it. Susan said it’s an option with the Board Of Adjustment. Dave emphasized that the church petitioners are following directions. Art offered to make a motion, but the chair objected. Mark Holland said this was outrageous. The chair asked for a voice vote to overrule his motion. Vote was 6 to overrule, 10 opposed to overrule, thus it fails.

Sarah Carlson reviewed her survey results: did they receive the church’s flier? Did they attend? 35 residences. 4 got a flier. 3 were unsure. 17 were not received. None of the 4 went to open house. 4 were undecided, 17 opposed, none overly in favor of rezone. They made comments, largely that they’d lose open space. If the zoning changes, what would future owners be allowed to do? Art was surprised that there would be opposition to such a small space. Michael G. Kavanagh noted that the church’s letter said the neighbors were “all in favor”, yet Sarah’s work showed otherwise. Tony Copene asked what the open space means. Audience participant Zach Mason asked if it used an easement. Sarah said the land was sold with conditions that it would be accessible. Mr. Mason never got contacted formally, only through his neighbor. Judi Short mentioned the planning web site:

Neighbor Elizabeth Doman Copene said she don’t know anything about this.

Grace’s motion by the parks committee: The SHCC will send a letter to the SLC Planning and Zoning Commission and SLC Council requesting denial of the petition of Redeemer Lutheran Church and School to change the zoning of their parcel of land adjoining the Hillcrest Open Space Park from Open Space to Institutional Zoning. This motion is made as per the SH Master Plans 1 & 2, and updates.

Grace wanted time for Emil, also on the committee. Emil said to Rawlins that the master plan was adopted after the sale of the property. Grace said that changing this would be detrimental to the plan.

Art Haddow opined that the plan wouldn’t detriment open space. He was opposed to the motion to deny. Mark Holland said if the church can’t get this, then their usefulness would be diminished. We must be responsive, not obstructionist. He was also opposed. Dave Mulder they are following directions from the city. The don’t feel as welcome in that neighborhood. He, too, was opposed. Sarah Carlson said that based on the number, there is opposition of those living nearby. She favors the motion to deny. Scott Kisling walks frequently on the site. He is opposed. Judi Short said that in general, she is opposed to Open Space to Institutional, but sees this petition as an improvement, and is opposed to the motion to deny. Susan Petheram is opposed. Cabot was concerned that the SHCC is not prepared to do this for everyone, and this our work set a precedence. Rex Sears will vote in favor of the motion to deny. The church needed to include more information upfront. A lot of questions are going unanswered. Derek said the church is hamstrung by this current zoning and the proposed zoning change wouldn’t affect the plan’s intention. He was opposed. Michael G. Kavanagh walked the property and is generally in favor of open space. With such a small slice, he’s in favor to deny. Ruth asked if it is private property with an easement.

Scott moved to end debate. Passed on a unanimous voice-vote.

The main motion failed on a voice-vote.

Scott moved for a letter in favor. There was a question whether he voted with the majority last month, which he said he did. Art seconded. Grace offered a friendly amendment to state that P&Z or City council not remove the easement.

There was a unanimous voice-vote to end debate. The main motion passed on voice vote. A re-vote indicated 11-5 in favor. (3 abstained)

Parks Committee

We returned to the parks committee: See handouts. Grace read them verbatim. Regarding the Motion submitted in writing: The SHCC should immediately send a letter to the SLC Council, the Dept. of Public Works, and the SLC Parks Dept. requesting that the petition of Millcreek F.I.D.O.S. to create an off-leash dog park anywhere in Parley’s Historic Nature Park be denied. This denial is for the purpose of preserving the natural and historic nature of the park as envisioned by the community and set forth in the SLC and SH Master Plans and Parks Open Space Master Plans.

Rawlins Young supports motion, opposing the off-leash dogs. Michael G. Kavanagh went to park, witnessed more dogs off leash than on in the parking lot which is against the rules. There was a lot of dog feces and dogs running in the water. Russ Callister doesn’t bike there anymore because dogs can run him down. Ruth Price said the park is decimated by dogs. Dogs are only as good as their owner. Art Haddow, Mark Holland and Dave Mulder spoke in favor of the motion. There were concerns about what the city presented. Steve Wilson was concerned about children’s safety. Scott Kisling noted a lot of wear and tear. Judy Short announced a meeting and handed out a notices for SL County for off-leash parks. Andrea Wargula recounted a bad experience being chased by a dog while riding a bike. Emil Kmet said there is little protection, No enforcement. Sometimes a ration of 2 people with 10 dogs. Ruth: letter: used to have wildlife. Now it’s no longer a nature park. Scott Kisling also voiced concerns.

Main motion passed on a voice vote.

Land Use & Zoning Committee Committee

Helen is out. Cabot’s motion to limit to five minutes failed for lack of a second. Judi presented the usual handout.

Business Spotlight, HawkWatch International

Presented by Thom Benedict. HawkWatch International is relocating to SH from downtown. A benefactor purchased the old lawn mover business building on about 2250 S 900 E and asked for a changes of use. The building started in 1937 as gas station with a small outbuilding. In the 1940s, more cinderblock was added. Sugar House Lawn Mower left last year. The EPA has tested areas and it has checked out. HawkWatch International seeking bids to design the building as green as possible. HawkWatch International Wants to work in Fairmont Park for education.

City Council Update

There is a transit corridor meeting on April 2nd. The transit authority is doing a major realignment. There will be a March 12 open house at downtown library. Route 7 will be discontinued. Other buses are being expanded.

The council meeting is on an outreach. Last Tuesday of March will be at Nibley School. Newsletter update: Ideas about historic preservation, etc.

Schedule for council meetings may be changing as they are trying to eliminate Thursday meetings. Tuesday meetings study sessions will start at 3pm. 7pm meetings for the public will follow. One motion is to make the city’s employment policy permanent beyond the current mayor. SLC worked with North SL for some purchase of land for open space.

Regarding the Parleys Historic Nature Preserve, the City is organizing a task force. There is no master plan nor management plan. Rawlins Young asked if there were plans asking to annex the Nature Preserve into the city. There is no need. We have an interlocal agreement.

Mayor’s Office Update

Michael Stott said succinctly, “we’re there for you. Give us a call.”

Merchant’s Association Update

Presented by Barbara Green. The merchants are moving along for Independence Day street festival. Same place with new businesses coming in. She has concerns that the media is going wild with various quotes. They’re looking for a story. Orion’s Music is selling out of the music business. Most are looking hard to stay in the area. People are coming to demonstrate, yet we should celebrate what’s going on.

Mark Holland asked if there was any impact to membership to merchants association. In fact, it’s growing.

Treasurer’s Report

Dolores is out. There is an outstanding bill of $7.00 to Cabot as he paid the corporation’s renewal to the state.

We wish Dolores well!

Parliamentary Postmortem

Russ Callister said it was unfortunate that we went 2 hours over. There are only two active committees: LU&Z and Parks. We need a transportation committee. We also need notice for the committee meetings. The church situation would have been better if Helen had help.

Another letter on the behalf the SHCC went out last week without the chair knowing. That can’t happen.


Adjourned, 10:32pm

Landon Clark