SHCC Meeting Minutes – March 2008

SHCC Meeting Minutes – March 2008


March 5, 2008


From Sugar House

Trustees Present: Andrea Wargula, David Holbrook, Steve Wilson, Jan Brittain, David Mulder, Gary Johnson, Ray Pugsley, Grace Sperry, Cabot Nelson, Derek Payne, Rawlins Young, Emil Kmet, Maggie Shaw, Russ Callister, Barbara Green, Michael Kavanagh, Philip Carlson, Judi Short, Rene Richards, Dolores Donahoo Trustees Excused: Art Haddow, Sarah Carlson, Jan Brittan


Call to Order: 7:00, Grace Sperry, Chair.

Motion: D. Mulder, 2nd: C. Nelson: Feb. 6th minutes approved with noted revision: Delores Donahoo present. Motion Passed.

Treasury Report: Balance: $4266.03 given by Treasurer, EIN requested for RDA to secure “compass” funds.

Chair Report: Grace Sperry

Granite Block Redevelopment: elevation change since presentation to SHCC.

Wal-mart: Thank you to SH Garden Club for the use of their building for the Feb. 19th Wal-mart presentation the SHCC.
Crime update: Officer Smart April meeting scheduled with Chairs to determine how police can better serve our community. The status of the bike patrol position vacancies is undetermined currently. Motion: J. Short, 2nd: D. Mulder: 30min safety presentation scheduled for 6:45p.m., April 2nd SHCC mtg. Motion Passed. C. Nelson (again) inquired as to why local crime stats. are not available on a city web site. Officer Smart indicated that all available stats. are on line. Boys and Girls Club request add’l police presence during Fairmont Fest. M. Kavanagh inquired as to police response times; Officer Smart indicated that the new GPS is in place and will aid in affecting shorter response times. R. Young noted that last year at this time, Officer Ross said that SH would see an 18% reduction in crime, and then asked how the police are measuring up to that statement.

Land Use and Zoning Committee Report: Derek Payne Urbana on 11th Petition passed through Planning Commission with various stipulations, including proper notifications to all property owners within 450 ft of site (prelim. plat application will be re-heard by PC) (call Casey Stewart for comments or concerns, 535-6260). Classic Cleaners application for conditional use permit (drive-through), presented to LU&Z C, comment forwarded to PC. Melissa Lichtenstein (public comment) expressed concern for yet another curb cut in a sidewalk that serves Hawthorne Elementary School student (call M. Lewis for comments and concerns, 535-7757).


Mayor’s Report: Hank Welsh (new community liaison representative for Districts 5, 6, & 7 (535-6338))

Mayor Becker’s monthly breakfast with the community council chairs is intended to allow community representative to bring attention to their specific issues/concerns. Restructuring in Planning Department to increase responsiveness, and review existing ordinances. R. Pugsley asked about Sugar House TRAX Line status. See City Council Item. M. Kavanagh asked why can’t the City clean up the TRASH OVER LOAD at the glass recycling bins located around the City? Specifically, the Forestdale site is a MESS, and perhaps a public health hazard? A. Wargula inquired as to why the City can’t incorporate glass into their recycling program; it’s profitable for BIF, why not the City?

B. Green wanted to know when SH could expect the two vacant bike patrol vacancies to be filled.


See Land Use and Zoning Committee Report and Parks and Open Space Report for additional items.


C.E.R.T.S. Program Presentation: cancelled.


Merchant Report: Mecham (Granite Block properties) should receive permit to move construction fence behind sidewalk (allowing pedestrian access to sidewalk by 3/7/08. SLC Police Department receives $1,500 matching grant for surveillance program in the SH Business District. Merchants are being advised Sugar. House Merchants: you can get reduced advertising fees in the SH Journal if you advertise as part of the Merchant Association (call B. Green 484-5259)
Parks and Open Space Report (P&OSC): Emil Kmet

2700 South Bike Trail: No official proposal currently filed with city. Please be aware of issues regarding the Wal-Mart plans and zoning change application. E-mail for info. SHCC position (honor and support the East Bench Master Plan and thus not support a zoning change) to be forwarded to PC. Arlene Juarez, new director of Sprague Library, discussed the conversion of back staircase to an emergency egress in order to discourage vandalism and vagrancy. Sprague is currently working on a local business exhibit for the main floor, and would welcome contributions. Fairmont Fest: Friday April 4th 4:00- 8:00 p.m. M. Kavanagh and C. Nelson to staff SHCC’s the booth. R. Young asked that we have the I-80 map replaced.
Soren Simonsen: City Council 6 month study of the restriction of Conditional Use Permits issuance to commence. The “Domestic Registry” is in the State House currently (since passed with the reassignment of title). PC will be reviewing the Wal-mart application with-in the next 60-90 days. SH TRAX Line: $1 million Federal money dedicated for Small Starts Program. Councilman Simonsen will speak to Chief of Police regarding the bike police patrol vacancy. Request for Proposal for the Environmental Assessment and Long Term Management Plan has been released.


Business Focus: Finn’s: 1624 South, 1100 East. Finn’s has been in business since 1956 (with a minor interruption and a relocation to the Original Paramount Dairy Building , you knew it as Free Wheeler Pizza bldg). Finn Gurholt’s, niece Heidi’s, and 3rd partner’s claim to fame is their 100 yr old sourdough starter culture. Open 7:30 – 2:30 for breakfast and lunch. Daily, wonders made from scratch. (Moms), you’ll also lover their child booster seats. Finn would love to meet you.


Public Comment: R. Price spoke to the Riparian Overlay Ordinance, currently under a 180-day moratorium. She expressed that this ordinance is currently inappropriately applicable to private property owners, and that in fact it is the municipalities that are responsible for environmentally damaging effects due to municipal storm run-off, which is especially polluted and salt concentrated every spring.

Re: the possible bike route on 2700 So.: This is not a PRATT project, but rather a City Transportation and Sugar House Master Plan project.

R. Young stated that the current format of the SH News Letter is not an appropriate cooperate business format. Amy Deufreese of the Utah Rivers Council (URC) spoke in defense of the Riparian Overlay Ordinance and provided a handout on the URC’s position on the Ordinance.

Laurie Bray inquired as to how people are to use ramps in front of Mecham properties, and as to why the few parking stalls available are being used for public walkways? Laurie Bray asked who is in charge of cleaning up Hidden Hollow? C. Nelson commented that we (as a community and Council are constantly trying to protect and acquire Open Space Lands and Parks, yet the Parks Dept. is resource deficient to maintain these same facilities. Sharon Prichett, private property owner along Emigration Crk, spoke to the fact that it is the private prop owners who tend and care for the natural creek areas. She keeps graffiti vandals & other vagrants out; she calls police when there are problems; she vigilantly picks up trash in & around the creek. Her position is that she and other private prop. owners take better care of the creek and corridor than the City and thinks that perhaps the City should take better care of the public properties it is charged with & that are in such neglected condition. Motion: D. Mulder, 2nd: C. Nelson Motion to accept Sheila O’Driscoll’s & Annabel Petersons’ petition to join SHCC as Dilworth trustees. Motion Passed
Ray Pugsley: Conflict of Interest presentation. Adjourned 9:20 p.m

Landon Clark