SHCC Meeting Minutes – March 2009

SHCC Meeting Minutes – March 2009


March 4, 2009

Trustees Present

Sally Barraclough, Amy Barry, Laurie Bray, Russ Callister, Philip Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Pattie DeNunzio, Dolores Donohoo, Michael G. Kavanagh, Benny Keele, Larry Migliaccio, Cabot Nelson, Sheila O’Driscoll, Lynne Olson, Lindsey Oswald, Ruth Price, Ray Pugsley, Maggie Shaw, Judi Short, Gracy Sperry, and Rawlins Young.

Excused Absent

Elaine Brown, Barbara Green, Dave Mulder, Derek Payne, and Ed Sperry.

Unexcused Absent

Greg Carter, and Susie Petheram.

Others Present

Jaelene V. Myrup, Kathy Migliaccio, John Bouzek, Shawn Barr, Robert Cheney, Joyce Cheney, Crew from SLC Fire Station #3, Melissa Lichtenstein, David Lichtenstein, Nancy L. Day, William H. Day, and Shawn Smart.

Meeting minutes

Call to Order – Maggie Shaw, Chair 7:00pm.

Approval of Minutes

Motion by Michael G. Kavanagh to approve minutes passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Dolores reported no new activity – bank balance $4.601.61.

Public Comments

Annalisa Steggell, Director of Community Relations from Westminster College invited community to attend a Neighborhood Watch meeting March 5, 2009 at 6:00 pm to address issues concerning recent shooting near campus.

Crew from SLC Fire Station #3 addressed the SHCC. New Fire Chief, Tom Shannon wants more community level involvement (3 crews work out of the station). Invited public to come by station at any time if you need a tutorial on fire extinguishers or other matters. Invited back to future meetings for a formal presentation.

Shawn Barr and John Bouzek briefly talked about the possibility of Blue Plate Diner rezoning property across the street and provide the SHCC with a picture handout of the property in question. They were invited to contact Judi Short of the Land Use & Zoning committee to present at the next committee meeting to get on the formal agenda for a presentation.


Crime Report

Officer Smart – Handout of press release about shooting on 1318 E Westminster Ave (not many details currently). Police are waiting for tips from the public regarding the incident – Tips for cash 799-INFO hotline. The 26th Annual Night Out Against Crime is Tuesday August 4th – if you want anyone to attend let Officer Smart know now so he can arrange the schedule. Also provided a flyer regarding burglary in area of 2100 S and 2200 E. and a picture of the suspects wanted.

Sugar House Merchants’ Report

Barbara Green is not present.

Business Spotlight

Jon Levy owner of That’s My Room (2226 S 700 E) Jon is not present.

Mayor’s Report

Lisa Harrison reported that Thursday, March 26th the Mayor’s office is conducting a budget workshop to receive public input and to provide information on upcoming budget and stimulus money priority projects. Mecham property is in a holding pattern contingent on developers plans. Glass recycling area at Forest Dale golf course has been cleaned up and looks great.

Council Report

Soren Simonsen is not present.



Council Business

Chair Report – Fairmont Fest is scheduled for May 2nd between 2:00-6:00 pm. If we want a booth the rental is $25 payable to the Boys & Girls Club. Motion by Ruth Price to rent a booth passed unanimously. Cabot is willing to man booth and we can discuss about other trustees attending and getting appropriate signage. Maggie has a list of vacancies of Salt Lake City Boards & Commissions if you are interested. City invited Maggie to a discussion about the recent shooting near Westminster College to organize community (refer to Officer Smart’s report). Parley’s alignment with historic trail – management plan for off-leash plan is going to be hammered out over time, but it seems action will move on alignment. Slow down from developers asking for SHCC time. Maggie asked if trustees have any ideas or interest for certain presentation to email her.

Committee Reports – View all committee reports on [[WWW.SUGARHOUSECOUNCIL.COM]]

  • Land Use (Judi Short) – View on Valley development is scheduled for March 25th planning commission. City Council was briefed on Fairmont Park plan last night. Next meeting is March 17th at Sprague Library 6:00 pm.
  • Master Plan Review (Judi Short) – Handed out newsletter of master plan that represent collective goals of how we want the community to look and feel. Purpose of master plan is to bring all stakeholders together to create guide of how we want our neighborhood to look since communities continually change with each development (e.g. ShopKo,I-80, Hidden Hollow). Assignment – upcoming new trustee orientation on Saturday. Please read master plan for the discussion.
  • Parks & Open Space (Lynne Olson) – ADDENDUM to report on website – Fairmont Park Master Plan has come out. There is concern the park has been neglected over the years so the plan identifies 4 main concerns; 1) maintenance and upkeep, 2) safety, 3) historic nature preservation, and 4) future development that should accommodate growth such as Parley’s trail connection through park. Based on the identified concerns the plan outlines these goals: 1) improve functionality, install new irrigation system, improve tennis courts, redo pond due to crumbling curbing, address erosion issues, 2) improve safety and security concentrate on SE corner perhaps install small dog park and pavilion and use stage for a more active manner, 3) maintain historic nature of park, honor historic nature in future, save mature trees, and 4) develop safe accessible pedestrian friendly access. Pathway going under I-80 1 ½ foot drop has created a concern about accessibility. Maggie will drive by to look at the current site. Next meeting is March 17th at Sprague Library 5:00 pm.
  • Transportation (Rawlins Young) – Still looking for interested trustees to join. Rawlins offered many items those interested could review such as the official map of arterial streets in SLC, rule book of the SH master plan (pg 10-15 that address mobility access and the pedestrian experience), East Bench master plan, Central City master plan, rules for streets are same for every neighborhood, and the Cap Improvement Program (CIP) outlines next construction era to discuss upcoming projects.
  • Old/New business – Amy Barry discussed website to encourage trustees and the public to view it to get information prior to meetings. Cabot was asked to draft charter of a website committee to revamp hosting site. Ruth Price’s motion that Cabot draft a website committee was approved unanimously. Ruth wanted to address new neighborhood watch to acknowledge previous residents involved.

Motion by Ruth Price to adjourn passed unanimously.

Landon Clark