SHCC Meeting Minutes March 6, 2013

SHCC Meeting Minutes March 6, 2013


March 6, 2013

The regular meeting of the Sugar House Community Council was held on Wednesday, March 6, 2013, at 7:00pm, at the Sprague Library. Trustees in attendance were Shelia Driscoll, Sally Barraclough, Larry Migliaccio, Maggie Shaw, Steve Lester, David Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Scott Kisling, Judi Short, Amy Barry, Rawlins Young, Topher Horman, Benny Keele, and Michael G. Kavanagh. Amy Barry served as chair and Cabot Nelson as secretary. The trustee noted as excused were Christopher Thomas, Robin Bastar and Laurie Bray.

Call to order at 7:00pm. Cabot Nelson gave his secretary report. Motion to approve the minutes of the February meeting passed on a voice vote with an amendment to note that David Mulder and Scott Kisling were in attendance.
Carole Straughn petition as a new trustee was passed on a voice vote.

Police and Fire department reports

Chris Milne of the SLFD gave a report on the fire department.

SLPD Officer Worsencroft, filling in for Andrew Leonard, gave a report on the police department.

Public comments for items not on the agenda

George Chapman expressed his concern for 2100 S Highland’s new traffic light set.

Amber Milne of the Fairmont Aquatic and the SH Merchants Association talked about a pending water safety class.

Committee reports

Judi Short reported for the Land Use and Zoning committee.

Larry Migliacchio reported for the Transportation committee.

Cabot Nelson reported for the Web and Internet committee.

Amy Barry reported for the Arts and Cultural committee.

Scott Kisling reported for the Business committee.

Special presentations

Rick Augustine of the SH Rotary Club made a presentation.

Bradley Gygi, architect, presented the plans for the LDS Church’s Parley’s Meetinghouse. Scott Kisling of the Land Use and Zoning committee made the following motion: “The SHCC is disappointed with recent design changes for LDS church structures in SH and requests that future design efforts focus on better integration with the surrounding neighborhood as outlined in the SH Master Plan.” The motion passed unanimously.

Also regarding the Parley’s Meetinghouse, Judi Short made the following motion: “We deny the request for the 32-foot high building and approve a 28-foot high building which is the maximum allowed in the R-1-7 zoning.” A voice-vote led to a division. Passed on a vote counting raised hands, 9-3.

Annie Burbidge and Lindsey Ferrari provided an update on the Performing Arts Center.

Community and City Presentations

Utah Senator Gene Davis presented an update on the recent session of the Utah State Legislature.

Soren Simonsen gave updates about Salt Lake City Council.

For the business spotlight, Michael G Kavanagh introduced Eleni Karahalios, proprietor of the Lace Place at 2682 Highland Dr..

Dolly Rauh reported on library events.

Shawn McDonough gave a report for the Mayor’s Office.


Adjourned 9:04pm.


Landon Clark