SHCC Meeting Minutes May 1, 2013

SHCC Meeting Minutes May 1, 2013


Meeting Minutes – May 1, 2013

The regular meeting of the Sugar House Community Council was held on Wednesday, May 1, 2013, at 7:00pm, at the Sprague Library. Trustees in attendance were Deb Henry, Carol Straughn, Dolores Donohoo, Shelia O’Driscoll, Rawlins Young, David Mulder, Maggie Shaw, Steve Lester, Scott Kisling, Amy Barry, Judi Short, Joedy Lister, Benny Keele, Larry Migliaccio, Topher Horman, Sally Barraclough, and Michael G. Kavanagh. Judi Short served as chair and Cabot Nelson as secretary. The trustees noted as excused were Christopher Thomas, Annalisa Holcombe, and Robin Bastar.

Call to order at 7:06pm. Cabot Nelson gave his secretary report. Motion to approve the minutes of the April meeting passed on a voice vote with an amendment noting that Joedy Lister’s absences were excused. Motion to accept the petition of Matthew Kirkegaard to be a new trustee from the Dilworth neighborhood was approved on a voice vote.

Police and Fire department reports

SLPD Officer Andrew Leonard gave a report on the police department.

Wade Cowley of the SLFD gave a report on the fire department.

Public comments for items not on the agenda

Eleven people spoke in turn regarding the streetcar line extension.

Committee reports

Judi Short reported for the Land Use and Zoning committee. Cabot Nelson moved that the SHCC oppose the removal from the open space inventory and oppose rezoning of the parcels of land fronting Sugarmont Ave. from 900 East to McClelland St. The motion was tabled on a vote of 11-4.

During the Transportation committee report, Cabot Nelson moved to support the UTA Transit Police. Motion passed, 13-1.

Scott Kisling reported for the Business committee.

Laurie Bray reported for the Arts and Cultural committee.

Special presentations

Justin Helpler of VCBO and Aabir Malik of Colmena Capital presented the plans for the Wilmington Gardens development.

Community and City Presentations

Bill Knowles provided an update about the streetcar constructions and other projects in the area.

Mary Maloney reported on library events.

Shawn McDonough gave a report for the Mayor’s Office.


Adjourned 8:46pm.

Landon Clark