SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2005

SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2005


May 4, 2005


From Sugar House



Trustees Present

Helen Peters, Julie Nitzkowski, Andrea Moesser, Emil Kmet, David Mulder, Grace Sperry, Cabot Nelson, Mark Holland, Dave Lawver, Lynne Olson, Tina Ottesen, Janice Anderl, Rawlins Young, Russ Callister, Bill Habel, Susan Petheram, Phil Carlson, Michael G. Kavanagh (18)

Trustees Excused

Art Haddow, Scott Kisling, Ray Pugsley, Derek Payne (4)

City/State Representatives

Annette Daley, SLC Mayor’s office; JR Smith, SLPD; Dale Lambert, SLC City Council; (3)


Milton Braselton of Nibley Park, Robert Cheney, Joyce Cheney, Ranae Pierce, Jennie Thueson, McKay Cockrell, Max Stocking, John Koelliker, Chas Foote, Spencer Grew, Sam Craft, Stuart Gardner, Melissa Lichtenstein, Tom Nitzkowski, Whitni Webb, Lex Hemphill (16)

Meeting minutes

Call to order at 7:01. Mark Holland, conducting. The trustees recognized Boy Scoot Troop 84. Michael G. Kavanagh moved to approve the minutes with a second from Dave Mulder. Approved 13-0-0.

Chair Announcements

The trustees received brochures for Beehive Science and Technology Academy for grades 7-8. The Board of Adjustment for SLC meeting will be held on Monday, 16th of May, 5:45pm, at the SLC Council Chambers. “People Helping People” program announced. Kim Correa directs that group. There is an act from SLC to amend the city’s zoning ordinance. Movie sets will move from zoning department’s administration to Special Events.

Public Input

Cabot Nelson mentioned his concern that there might be an unlicensed vending cart in Fairmont Park. He wanted to know if it would be worth calling the city. Michael G. Kavanagh noted that the City Weekly newspaper mentioned SH many times in its annual “Best Of” listings.

Crime update

JR Smith presented special awards to Robert and Joyce Cheney, coordinators for their leadership in the neighborhood crime watch. He also gave a small stuffed panda to trustee Tina Ottesen for her participation. In District 7, there were no sex assaults, aggravated assaults were up slightly, robbery down. There was a dumpster fire that was due to arson. In typical aggravated assaults, 4 of 5 victims knew perpetrator. One notable suspect was a 10-year old boy. In response to Janice Anderl’s question, Officer Smith said that to deal with violent youth, start by talking to the child’s parents. There was one carjack, counted as a robbery. Car break-ins tend to occur more frequently due to warmer weather. Officer Smith admonished the council to hide valuables in cars. Janice Anderl asked about the law regarding the number of animals per household. Officer Smith asked her to call him; he’ll deal with it. Mark Holland wanted to let Officer Smith know that a reporter for KSL asked him if the police response time is OK. Mark said it was and was happy with their service. Julie Nitkowski added that there are dedicated officers whom she met through the regular training for her participation the neighborhood crime watch. The mentioned that others are welcome to participate.

Mayor’s office report

Annette Daley announced that “SLC Reads Together” program is underway. Find more details at There are 100 people set for the next series of the “Bridging the Religious Divide” and it will start soon. Call Deeda Seed or Mark Alvarez to get involved. The “SLC gets fit” program is almost full. “” will give a message of peace to Turino for its hosting of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. The tree-lined median on 300 S. (Broadway) will be constructed soon. At the Main Library, the paving stones are being replaced. Finally, the 10-minute parking at visitors center is typically full of taxis. That is being fixed.

City Council update

By Councilman Dale Lambert. For the SH Monument, there will be RDA money this year for its restoration. The next six weeks is budget season. The Mayor’s Office as requested an increase in the city budget for 15 additional police officers. They would be patrol officers. There is a proposal for a property tax increase of $10/year per $150K house. However, SLC already has high property taxes. Also, there was 9% of the budget allocated to the CIP, but this did not continue. It was reduced to 7%, after a proposal to cut it to 6.5%. For the Salt Palace expansion, the city lobbied the state legislature for $20 million. Only $8million was offered instead. The mayor proposed financing it with a revenue bond. The city could use one-time money, but the mayor said that would be better for other projects. David Lawver inquired about sculptures of fish near the SH monument. An audience member asked about green waste pickup. Councilman Lambert said that SLC has looked into it. Asked about what is allowed for the annual clean up—as several neighbors noticed tires and such—Councilman Lambert deferred.

Lights on Festival

By Barbara Green. On May 20 & 21, the members of the merchant’s association offer a “Passport of Prices”. Thanks to Armand Johannsen, the Saliva Sisters will have a free concert at Sugar House Commons. This was made possible through the RDA, public & private partnerships.

(The agenda items for Water Conservation, Parliamentary Procedure, and the Business Spotlight were postponed as none of the presenters were in attendance.)

Committee organization business

As it wasn’t properly formed and it did not select its own chair, the subcommittee for the Highland Drive restriping project will be reorganized. Dan Berganthal of SLC will present next month. Barbara Green will see if she can get interest in having a SH merchant on the committee.

Land Use & Zoning update

Helen Peters provided handouts. Key points included public hearings for Mount Olivet Cemetery, I-80 reconstruction, People Helping People Garden Tour on June 11 & 12, and traffic signal synchronization. Also noted was that Dan Bergenthal will make a presentation next month regarding the Highland Drive restriping project.

Proposal to amend the bylaws regarding Emerson & Wasatch Hollow

Lynne Olson presented the following motion in writing: “I move that the SHCC acknowledge that the responsibility for planning and zoning decisions in the neighborhoods north of 1700 South Street belongs to the East Central and Bonneville Hills Community Councils and the Wasatch Hollow Neighborhood Council. For purposes of Planning and Zoning decision-making, the northern boundary of SH Planning District and Community Council will be 1700 South, and the map that is included as Attachment A to the SHCC Bylaws will be amended accordingly. A letter to that effect will be send to the SLC Corporation. Attachment C, by which the number of trustees on our Board is determined in proportion to the population of each neighborhood, will be amended to eliminate the Wasatch Hollow neighborhood. ~ I further move that the Articles of Incorporation for the SHCC will not be amended, but an additional document, illustrating the historic boundaries of the Council as they are described in the Articles of Incoproration, will be approved as part of the organizational documents of the Community Council.”

Cabot Nelson sought clarification as secretary. It was understood that any trustee petitions are welcome, but the petitioner must understand that if he or she wants to represent the neighborhoods north of 1700 South, issues of planning and zoning in those neighborhoods will not be addressed in the SHCC. Rawlins Young stated that there isn’t much happening in those neighborhoods, but Helen Peters opined differently.

The motion passed, 17-0-1

Fund-raising committee

To muster the committee, Tina Ottesen invited anyone to participate. The committee met shortly after the SHCC meeting.

Neighborhood recognition

Meant for recognizing beautification, Helen Peters suggested that each neighborhood contingent highlight its neighborhood.

SHCC party

Tina Ottesen offered to host the part at her house. It will be held on the weekend prior to the Labor Day weekend.


Adjourned 8:24pm


From June 1, 2005. Dolores Donohoo was excused. The section for the announcement for the Lights-On celebration should read as follows: Thanks to Armand Johansen, the Sugar House Commons, and the Sugar House Merchants, the Saliva Sisters will give a free concert at the Sugar House Commons on May 21st. This event is to celebrate the installation of the new streetlights in Sugar House. The new lights were made possible through the RDA and public & private partnerships

Landon Clark