SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2006

SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2006


May 5, 2006


From Sugar House



Trustees present

Su ArmitageRussell D. CallisterPhilip CarlsonSarah CarlsonDolores A. DonohooBarbara GreenArt HaddowMark HollandEmil KmetAndrea MoesserDavid MulderCabot NelsonRuth PriceL. Rex SearsJudi ShortGrace SperrySteve WilsonRawlins Young(18)

Trustees excused

Michael G. KavanaghSusan PetheramRay Pugsley (3)

City/State Representatives

The Hon. Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, Mayor of SLC, and the heads of all the departments of Salt Lake City Corporation; Soren Simonsen, SLC Council (18)


Jennie Thueson, Jaelene V. Myrup, Amy Price, Donna Mirabelli, Ned Skanelty, Robert Cheney, Joyce Cheney, Dave Egelund, Wayne Ricks, Bob Evans, Andrew Fletcher, Jana Johsonson (6)

Meeting Minutes

Call to order, Minutes approval

Minutes Amendments

Special note by the chair that tonight’s meeting is being recorded to be televised later.

Barbara Smith did not attend Aprils’s meeting, but she was excused. Art Haddow moved to approve the minutes as amended with Barbara Smith seconding. It passed, 14-0-1.

Chair’s report

There will be neighborhood groups for various meeting about I-80. From SL Health Dept, there will be 3 locations for picking up household mercury, every 4th Thursday of the month from 7am – 10 am from Apr – Sept at the NW parking lot of Costco on 300 West

SH Merchants Association said the work on the monument will run from April 10 to July 4. UTA has asked about moving the bus 20ft to the west.

The 2nd annual People Helping People garden tour commences on June 10.

Note about Highland Restriping

Dave Mulder said that Dan Bergenthal was to go back and do a recount. It’s completed. Two things observed: speed and count. Speed reduced by 2-3 mph. There was a concern about people not using the road, but the count is up, but not by a statistically significant amount.

There was no negative feedback regarding the survey. Art wanted to know if the traffic count is seasonably adjusted. Dave said there is probably no need for a second survey. Grace Sperry commented on actual high speeds.

According to the survey, the speed of traffic north and south of i-80: 38mph down to 36mph, and 33mph to 31mph. We don’t know if it’s peak time.

Children’s Charity

Grace Sperry requested donations to Keller Williams for KW Cares children’s charity. There will be a sale on June 4 at 1214 Wilmington. Items request by June 3.

Treasurer’s report

Dolores Donohoo reported a balance of $4805.03. There was no activity in the account.

Preparedness Fair

Loggins Merrill announced a preparedness fair held at LDS church at 1700 S 1100 E on May 20, from 9am-noon. Other churches and the Red cross are all involved. For more info, call 468-0086 or his home, 596-3562

Agenda items tabled

Teacher Karen Migacz, school project with her students.
Parliamentary Post Mortem — Ray Pugsley
Crime Update — JR Smith, SLPD ph#799-4640
Mayor’s Office Update — Annette Daley

Mayor Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson

Mayor Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson and SLC heads of departments. The mayor introduced the heads of the departments and encouraged the audience to ask detailed and broad questions. The departments represented included public utilities, traffic, minority affairs, fire chief, city attorney, and community and economic development.

Raphael Cordray, owner of Free Speech Zone, was afraid that the property values will takeover what the small businesses can rent. SH will fill up with typical chain shops in America. What can the city do for businesses that are not corporate chains?

Dave Oka said that property rights are very powerful. They’ll invest money with an expectation for return. Maybe the city can help to relocate in the event they can’t stay. The mayor proposed zones for non-formula businesses.

Bob Evans owns a couple of businesses in the city and would like legal assistance from the city. The mayor admonished to not buy on Think of the bookstores we’ve lost. Please buy locally. The chair commented on profits heading back to headquarters

Russell Callister asked if there will be another rezone for the SHBD again. The mayor said no, just rezoning on a couple of blocks. Dave Mulder asked if there were any time lines. “We hear about this redevelopment, but with no time line, especially on the Granite Block. There maybe some action as soon as this fall. There is a meeting tomorrow with prop owners.

Su Armitage asked about Pioneer Park & Grant Tower railroad track. If these improvements attract enough residents, then there could be 2nd and 3rd phases of improvements to Pioneer Park. Su continued, speaking about jaywalkers in the city center, even parents leading children.

Now that SL County Mayor Carroon nixed the budget for the soccer stadium for Real Salt Lake, is it too soon for the possibility of having the stadium in SLC? Regarding airport reconstruction, when can we see plans?

Mayor Anderson said you’d be impressed with how many live near Pioneer Park. It is scandalous that the city let it go. The Farmers’ Market is a good example of what could happen with amenities. The face lift will change it, despite skepticism. Note Bryant Park in NYC. The Grant Tower realignment and City Creek to the surface will be a major improvements.

The mayor said it was self-serving incompetence in how the soccer stadium was politically handled. Dave Checketts was treated poorly. Still an option? Yes, but the RDA situation is different. Transit room taxes would be required. The state and the Fairpark people would like it.

Acting director of SL Airport received applause. On the web: or link from 70% of retail at airport is vest-pocket businesses. 22 million passengers used the SL airport last year. The mayor said flying has never been more convenient.

BLM has been taking comments for the movement against bring nuclear fuel to and through Utah.

Jokingly, jaywalking enforcement might be a good revenue enhancement. UDOT owns 4th and State Streets. People won’t walk to the corner. This is what we get for having wide streets and long blocks.

New chief of police Chris Burbank said the SLPD writes a number of tickets. He even got a rap by the area businesses for writing too many.

Grace Sperry asked about the proposed property tax increase. SLC has a wonderful resale value. The mayor is proposing to raise taxes. Will they be earmarked for police department? The mayor responded that they could be budgeted for PD, but not levied for that. We need to move closer to national average for PD coverage. Nationally, 2 per 1000. We want 1.53 per 1000. Two years ago, we were the most undervalued real estate market in the country. Things have increased dramatically. It’s because it’s a great place to live. We need perceptions of safety and security. The mayor continued, saying federal funding is so bad, we are receiving only 1/5th of what we were receiving four years ago. We ought to tax luxury. Tax expensive cars and boats. But no taxes on food and such.

Art Haddow asked if the police dispatchers are we better than Detroit. The chief of SLPD said we are enhanced 911 with trace of calls. They are the top of priority. They respond to all calls.

Transportation director DJ Baxter commented on the Portland trolley. Trolley systems make a lot of sense. One week per block to implement. It costs money.

Regarding the BLM issue, talk to Pam Schuller, fax to 977-4397, or email . Also, Senator Hatch has a link on his web site.

About the property tax issue, there is a massive increase in housing near Liberty Park. It is in great demand.

SH seems good for a trolley or other transit system. There is a ballot issue for referendum for the transit property tax. The first phase is the regional line.

Councilman Soren Simonsen was recognized.

Ruth Price expressed her concern about Emigration homeowners and the impact the trails will have on their property.

To help property values, local homeowners can set up a mobile watch. It seems to be owners of apartment buildings that seem to be a source of the problem. Also, there is not enough lighting. Mobile watch is a great program for CPTED. For street lighting, the city does provide lighting at every intersection. Contact Mike Barry at 535-6660 for more information.

There is measured progress with curbside recycling. SLC is doing very well. The tonnage of waste is down from previous years.


The SHCC executive committee will meet at Dolores’ home, Wednesday at 7pm.

Adjourned, 8:45pm.

Landon Clark