SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2007

SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2007


May 2, 2007


From Sugar House



Trustees present

Phil Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Dolores Donohoo, Barbara Green, Art Haddow, Michael G. Kavanagh, Andrea Moesser, Dave Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Susan Petheram, Ray Pugsley, Judi Short, Grace Sperry, Steve Wilson, Rawlins Young (15)

Trustees excused

Su Armitage, Mark Holland, Dave Holbrook, Emil Kmet, Derek Payne, L. Rex Sears, Andy Wargula (7)

City/State representatives

Michael Stott, SLC Mayor’s Office; Ana Valdermos, SLC Planning; Joel Patterson, SLC Planning; John Spencer, SLC property manager (4)


Robert Cheney, Joyce Cheney, Melissa Lichtenstein, Aaron Stevenson (4)

Meeting minutes

Call to order, 7:06pm. Phil Carlson, Chair. Phil pointed out a part of the last month’s minutes that actually had something from the month prior: LU&Z “Helen was out, Cabot’s motion to limit to 5” was from the March. Secretary Cabot Nelson admitted that that could happen. Chair interpreted that without objection, the minutes would be approved.

The trustees applauded for Dolores Donohoo’s return. Grace Sperry said that Dolores will be going to the hospital on May 15 and urges prayers for her health.

Chair Report & Treasurer’s Report

The I-80 improvement project meeting will be held on May 8 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Nibley Park. Dave Mulder attended the meeting on May 1. There is an issue regarding Driggs Avenue where some houses will be torn down. The trustee representatives ought to follow up. For the sound walls, there might be a gap without the owners’ approval.

There is a meeting on May 16 for the community councils advisory group for Jordan River Watershed council. It is an effort to address water quality. Those interested, talk to Phil.

Treasurer Dolores reported a balance of $4797.03 Grace Sperry said that $100 was collected and given to Helen Peters as a gift card to Cactus & Tropicals.

Crime Update

Officer Ross is out on assignment in California.

Resources for Historic Preservation for Property Owners

Susan Petheram gave a Powerpoint presentation about certain issues of historic houses, especially some common myths: what you can do, windows, removing paint from brick, lead or asbestos, brick vs. stucco, and costs of restoration vs. new build. Grace Sperry noted that the Salt Lake Mill had all of the molds and dies, but the mill recently burned down.

Sugar House Transit Corridor Alternatives Analysis

Maria Vyas had a committment with another community council and could not attend.

Business spotlight – Photography by Laurie at Rockwood Artists

Laurie Bray moved in last August. The buildings will be torn down soon, but they make good photo subjects, as Ms. Bray demonstrated. She is very concerned about the history of the area. Rockwood Studio will stay for now, at least for two years. Ms Bray quoted, “As long as Marion Johnson’s alive, the artists are safe.”

Merchants Association Update

By Barbara Green. We didn’t have a crime update, but Barbara noted one incidence of crime. At the Homestead Suites, a guest went to his or her car and was accosted. A briefcase was stolen. The chase for the briefcase was a distraction a the car broken in.

Maria Vyas was at this morning’s merchants association meeting talking about the options for rails or 2100 South for best route/modes for transportation. There has been no decision yet, only the study.

A goal for the merchants association is to put a positive spin on the pending redevelopment. There were some fun tag lines and slogans suggested: “Shop Sugar Hood” (that was frowned upon), or “Celebrate Sugar House.” There will be no farmers market this year, however, the Independence Day festival is in full swing.

The desire is to not make the vacant businesses looked closed by trying to avoid plywood boards, but the windows could be broken and hurt people. There are 60 businesses that have been displaced, so said the media, but that sounds high. Dave Mulder wants a full list.

City Council Update

Soren Simonsen was away for a conference of architects.

Land Use & Zoning Committee

The committee met last month after this regular meeting. Derek Payne is the new chairman. He, Phil, and Helen will meet this Saturday. For the Parleys Foothill Development committee, Andrea Moesser is the chair. Andrea said that the committee is supporting SHCC in defending the current zoning. Dave Mulder asked if that area in SHCC. Yes, but it’s part of the East Bench zoning district.

Joel Patterson of SL Planning was asked what happens when a property of concern is on the border of different community councils. Mr. Patterson explained that zoning changes go before community councils within 600 ft, also. Property owners get notified if they are within in 450 ft.

Phil Carlson wants WalMart to address some concerns. There was discussion among Dave Mulder, Phil, and Mr. Patterson regarding who gets this notice. Art Haddow was concerned that the WalMart issue should not be about politics. Rawlins moved to have Grace join the Parley’s Committee, but the chair said that if there is no objection, we might not need the motion. Hearing none, Grace will be a member of the committee.

Alley Vacation: 1000 E. & Lincoln St., and Elm Ave. & Sugarmont Ave.

The petitioner is Zach Parrish. The motion made by Phil is that the SHCC supports the alley vacation #400-07-03 and will provide a letter of support stating that this alley is an unusual situation and should not be seen as setting a precedent. Grace Sperry seconded. In discussion, Rawlins Young opined that those who benefit from the alley vacation ought to pay. Mr. Parrish loudly interrupted. Grace also called the question which failed, 4-8.

John Spencer, city property manager, explained that with residential use, the property is vacated at no charge to the homeowner. For commercial, it is charged, then a quitclaim deed is assigned. Cabot Nelson found the ordinance: Section 14.52.

Rawlins asked who has paid taxes, and who will. Mr. Spencer explained that the county has “nuisance property” set at $500 in value.

Parks Committee

By Grace Sperry. There is nothing to report as Emil Kmet is at the parks meeting right now. Rawlins Young is doing research and Michael G. Kavanagh hasn’t found anything to report on.

Mayor’s Office Update

By Michael Stott. He offered a community affairs handout. Ray Pugsley asked when his neighborhood is scheduled for cleanup. There are two neighborhoods scheduled for spring, others for fall. May 7th is for the Westminster neighborhood.

Michael G. Kavanagh introduced a concern about Myrtle Spurge, and that is a noxious weed. Mr. Stott said the city’s Weed And Seed program might help. Stephanie Duer of the water department also works with this.

Remember “Rocky v Hannity” debate on Friday at 8:30pm and it will be broadcast on Fox13 TV and KSL radio.

Public Input


Parliamentary Postmortem

By Ray Pugsley. Sarah Carlson said that she did not think Mr. Parrish’s outburst was appropriate and that he should have been ignored and not thanked for being here.


Adjourned, 9:27pm

Landon Clark