SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2008

SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2008


May 7, 2008


Trustees Present: Andrea Wargula, David Holbrook, Jan Brittain, Sarah Carlson, David Mulder, Gary Johnson, Grace Sperry, Cabot Nelson, Derek Payne, Rawlins Young, Maggie Shaw, Michael Kavanagh, Philip Carlson, Judi Short, Dolores Donohoo, Sheila O’Driscoll, Art Haddow, Ray Pugsley, Barbara Green, Laurie Bray, Russ Callister, Steve Wilson, Renae Richards Trustees Excused: Ruth Price

Call to Order: 7:02pm, Grace Sperry, Chair.

Motion: R Price, 2nd: C. Nelson: April minutes approved with noted revision: R. Young’s term ending 2010. Motion Passed.

Treasury Report: Balance: $4245.01 given by Treasurer. L. Bray to look into the RDA reimbursement pertaining to the SE Furniture Compass Removal. Motion: G Johnson, 2nd: A. Haddow: Balance approved Motion Passed.

Chair Report: Grace Sperry, N/A

Emil Kmet resigns as SHCC Trustee; Maggie Shaw is new Parks and Open Space Committee Chair. Thank you Emil for your service!

Crime update: Officer Smart Lock Bumping presentation in June. Hey, let’s catch the window smashers (Blue Boutique and Arby’s at the end of March)

Land Use and Zoning Committee Report: Derek Payne “Urbana on 11th “ (condos proposed for property across from post office) ongoing compliance issues with the Planning Commission. Utility boxes location ordinance review at Planning Department level.

Mayor’s Report: N/A (See City Council Item)

Merchant Report: Brolly Arts possibly involved in 4th of July festival in Hidden Hollow. Small business workshops offered at Main Library.

Parks and Open Space Report (P&OSC): Welcome Maggie Shaw, new Chair of P&OSC. Brian Wilkenson discussed further review and revisions of Riparian Corridor Overlay Ordinance. Public Open House to be held JUNE 11, 5- 8 pm, at Main Library. 4 Creek study approved by City Council. G. Sperry asked that S. Simonsen have ordinance enforcement waived for the 4th of July Festival so that local business affected unfavorably by the Granite Block demolition and delayed schedule can advertise. Red Mountain is advertising pre-leasing of condos to be built in existing Granite Furniture buildings! Salt Lake County completed a draft Watershed Plan!

CERTS (Emergency Response): Ray Pugsley Report: Mayor Becker has asked the City for funding to reestablish CERTS teams, including funding police, fire, and civic group training. GO TO SL Valley Health Department for your free Earthquake Preparedness Booklet. 610 South 200 East, or 3690 So.

City council: Soren Simonsen: Public Library now included in FREE FARE ZONE on TRAX. City Creek project approved. Citywide policy on economic development, historical preservation, transportation, and neighborhood building to be initiated. Sugar House Business District historic study done. City wide parking ordinance to discourage developers from buying property (adjacent to residential properties) to satisfy parking requirements. Annexation of area just north of current City boundary. Utility box location ordinance including definitions, requirements..

Business Focus: Cobwebs Antiques: 1054 East 2100 South. Cobwebs (& Belinda Heise) have been in business in downtown Sugar House FOREVER! She buys and sells COLLECTABLES and antiques. Hey you Star Wars junkies, this is the place for you. You’ll also find Depression glass, jewelry, your old lunch box, slurpee glasses, your mom’s breadbox, toys, old magazines, and all kinds of other greats. At the very least come by for a window shop!! Open 12:00 – 5:00 M-Sat.

Also: Jack’s Drum Shop is closing its doors and will be missed by many. Inventory Sale on e-bay.

Public Comment:

Gary Schmidt of Elizabeth Street requested that SHCC trustees visit the alley located at approx 1155 E and 2700 South to understand the folly of the proposed McClelland ( Jordan Salt Lake Canal ) trail. The trail would better serve the community if it were to run down Elizabeth Street rather than the alley.

D. Holbrook presented a statement supporting the position that the Beacon Heights and County Club neighborhoods be annexed into the East Bench Community Council, as their neighborhoods are often more involved in East Bench issues (Wal-Mart, Foothill Corridor). G. Johnson, and J Brittain supported the statement presented. D. Donohoo wishes to stay with SHCC. R. Young stated that council trustees could belong to any number of councils; SHCC is not exclusive. R Callister’s petition for trustee position accepted by acclimation.


DESERT: An Evening of Artistic Exploration (visual art) held at Westminster College May 16- 17

GO TO for information on proper tree watering techniques… Call Urban Forestry for your trees.

L. Bray to be the new SHCC Arts Ambassador (Arts Committee Chair) Thank you Laurie Bray!

The downtown Japan Festival was wonderful… check it out next year in April!

Eagle Scouts are collecting new or used (picture or easy chapter) books for distribution to 1st graders in Title I schools (economically disadvantaged demographics). Call Ms. Lichtenstien 486-5877.

Join the Rotary Club for a Hidden Hollow Clean-Up scheduled for June 11th 4:30 to 7:30 pm.

The new administration has already implemented half of the Planning Audit’s recommendations, such as: Salt Lake City now has planners in the Department dedicated exclusively to long range planning; the City will no longer allow the Planning Process to be circumvented by any one or party; a new position for an Assistant Planning Director has been created; ordinances to be reviewed bi-annually.

Adjourned 9:20 p.m

Landon Clark