SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2012

SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2012


Meeting Minutes – May 2, 2012

The regular meeting of the Sugar House Community Council was held on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, at 7:00pm, at the Sprague Library. Trustees in attendance were Laurie Bray, Joedy Lister, Dolores Donohoo, Robin Bastar, Sarah Carlson, Larry Migliaccio, Dave Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Amy Bray, Judi Short, Christopher Thomas, Rawlins Young, Topher Horman, Benny Keele, Grace Sperry, Ruth Price. Christopher Thomas served as chair and Cabot Nelson as secretary. The trustees noted as excused were James Brown, Sally Barraclough, Scott Kisling, and Michael G. Kavanagh.

Call to order at 7:00pm. The minutes of the April meeting were approved.

Motion to dismiss Ron Molen as a trustee passed.

Motion to dismiss Sandra Walsh as a trustee passed.

Robin Bastar gave his treasurer report.

Motion to update trustee neighborhood allocations based on census postponed to next month.

Police and Fire reports

Det. Tyler Boelter, SLPD, gave a report on area crime.

Capt. Mike Fox, SLCFD, gave a report about Fire Station #3.

Public comments for items not on the agenda

Bill Cordray noted his concerns about I-80 signage to U of U

Jayleen Myrup made a point about the SH Monument

A candidate for Utah Senate district 1 introduced herself

Wendy Barbar with the Church of Scientology spoke about emergency preparedness.

A resident spoke about 1300 East striping

Joyce Cheney spoke about volunteer corps and the city’s Graffiti Hotline

Committee Reports

Judi Short reported for the Land Use and Zoning committee.

Judi Short reported for the Parks, Open Space, and Trails committee.

Larry Migliaccio reported for the Transportation committee.

Grace Sperry reported for the Historical committee.

Laurie Bray reported for the Arts and Cultural committee.

Community groups and projects

Judi Short reported for the streetcar planning and construction update.

Grace Sperry reported for the SH Merchants Association.

Special presentations

Peter Cooke, a Democrat candidate for governor, gave a speech and took questions.

Savannah Wake with SLC’s “Service in the City” gave a presentation.

SLC Councilmember Soren Simonsen gave updates on various actions and projects from the SLC Council.

Community and City Presentations

Michael G. Kavanagh introduced Jason Burt of Burt Brothers tires, 955 E. 2100 S.

Dolly Rauh reported on library events.

Shawn McDonough gave a report for the Mayor’s Office.
Adjourned at 8:58pm


Landon Clark