SHCC Meeting Minutes

SHCC Meeting Minutes – May 2020

The meeting was called to order by Landon Clark at 7:05 p.m.

Chair Welcome and Announcements – Landon Clark

  • Reminder for everyone to turn in their census Deadline is August 14th to turn your census in.
  • Congratulated Jeremy Chatterton…he is the new principal at Highland High School
  • John Lindsey from Utah Valley Covid Response, name sounds deceiving but they do service Salt Lake County.
  • Introduced new Dilworth Trustee, Kenzie Osguthorpe.

Secretary Report – Erika Wiggins

COVID-19 has created an issue for potential trustees trying to collect signatures on their petitions. Made a motion to waive the signature requirement for trustees until such time it is safe to visit their areas door to door again. Trustees will present petitions to secretary with their information completed, but without resident signatures, to show their intent to serve and fulfill the requirements of the position. Motion was seconded by Shane Stroud. Motion passed by vote.

Treasurer Report- Mike Bagley

Balances: $14,226  $57.96 Paypal – Donation to Highland High Family Services $1000, plus copy and print costs.

Community Announcements

Weston Clark – ACE funding doesn’t need to be returned but should be used for good.

District 7 CIU Detective Bishop

New to the position. Shared contact info: 801-799-3474.

Arts Committee Update – Meggie Troili

Sugar House Living Museum – Two years in the making. A community driven project that recognizes Sugar House as a living museum. Will include community field trips. Working on a website for digital exhibitions – first will be Sugar House fan art.

Sprague Library Update – Cherie Koford

Closed re-construction for 2 weeks due to COVID. Now there are fewer workers. Will be about early winter for re-opening. Supplies have been slower as well. Lower level is almost done. A task force is working on a re-opening plan.

Michael G.’s Spotlight on Business (SOB)

Seek Studio located at 1790 South 1100 East

Sarah Betts – Started on a yoga and fitness in 2016, just a 1000 s/f so they outgrew the space. Now on second floor over Healthy Pets and have added a cycling studio as well. Small classes and 15 teachers. Online classes during COVID.

SLC Transportation – Tom Millar

Update on McClelland and Parley’s Way. Shared street option has risen to the top of surveys. Tried to work through details with businesses and developers. 21st S to Sugarmont section will get “soft” improvements. GSBS Architects. Share two slides of proposed designs.   Parleys Way will get a new surface. Timeline is August through November. 801-535-6134

UDOT Update on Sugar House Projects

  • Rebecka Stomness – UDOT Project Manager
  • Shane Marshall – Consultant Project Manager
  • Kaite Kourianos – Public Involvement Manager

I-80 and I-215 Renewal. Most agree bridge closures are better for 3 weeks than partial closure for 8 months.

I-80 from 1300E – 2300E plus bridge replacement. Also includes a section of I-215. The 13th E bridge needs to be rebuilt to add more multi-use trail room. Construction begins in 2021 through 2022

Update Sugar House Circulation Study – Lynn Jacobs Salt Lake City Transportation Planner

Also update on bus stops – Opportunities for transformative change due to the many projects over the next 5 years. Shared a timeline chart.

East-West Waterline Project

  • Dianne Olson-Project Manager with the Langdon Group
  • Courtney Hamer-Salt Lake City Public Utilities
  • Allison Adams-Project Coordinator with the Langdon Group

New major water transmission line crossing the east side of the city.

Councilwoman District 7 – Amy Fowler

Budget is challenging because of COVID.

SLC District 7 Liaison – Tim Cosgrove

Provided City update.

Meeting Adjourned 9:13

Erika Wiggins

Erika Wiggins is local Realtor, a Trustee for the Sugar House Community Council, and Co-Chair of the Sugar House Chamber. An avid writer, her byline has appeared in Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, Liftopia and others. She was also a writer for Ski Utah for six years. Erika lives in Sugar House with her husband Steve. They own several businesses in the neighborhood and share a deep love for the community. She specializes in selling property in historic enclaves of Salt Lake City.