SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2004

SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2004


November 3, 2004


From Sugar House



Trustees Present

Lynne Olson, Su Armitage, Doug Green, Tina Ottesen, Barbara Green, Cabot Nelson, Mark Holland, Rawlins Young, Ray Pugsley, L. Rex Sears, Derek Payne, Helen Peters, Michael Kavanaugh, Philip Carlson (14)

Trustees Excused

Susan Petheram, Bill Habel, Scott Kisling, Dolores Donohoo, Judi Short (5)

City/State Representatives

Sonny Riggs, SLC Police; et al.


Paul Nash, Dave Bridge, Steve Auerbach, Jim Hayes, Korrel Broschinsky, Judson Kemsley, Mike Holman, et al.

Meeting minutes

Call to order at 7:04pm, Mark Holland, chair, conducting. Minutes approved from last meeting with Lynne Olsen moving and Tina Ottesen seconding.

Chair Report

Dave Bridge of Grandview Lighting submitted a document to the Chair about the street lighting project. Grace Sperry resigned as chair of land use subcommittee. Helen Peters accepted as the new chair of the land use subcommittee.

Chair Announcements

1) SL Planning commission meeting to be held Nov 17, 5:45pm at the City & County Building. a) Regarding Sugar House, the Smithscott property at 2005 S 1100 E has requested permission to install a pole sign. The SHCC recommends approval. b) Awnings overhang for Johansen Building at 1006 E 2100 S. The SHCC recommends approval. c) At this planning commission meeting, there will be a discussion to make the A-frame portable signs ordinance permanent. 2) Annette Dailey (who could not attend) wrote to the Chair explaining about SLC competing in the “Cans for cash” recycling program, sponsored by the mayors conference. The bins for the program are located at City & County Building. One audience member asked if recycling through the big, blue residential bins count for anything for program. 3) A Board of Adjustment meeting will be held on Monday, November 15, 5:45pm, at the City & County Building. At issue, case # 2758B of 1819 S. 1100 E. for an application to run a handyman service. 4) Yalecrest Community Council meets to discuss its infill ordinance on November 10, 5:45pm. 5) On November 9, at 5:45pm, there will be an open house to discuss A-frame signs. 6) The city is now accepting CIP projects applications. 7) People’s law school. Free legal presented by U of U law school. 8) Paul Nash applied to be a new trustee of the Dilworth neighborhood. He briefly introduced himself. He is originally from Seattle currently working as a school principal. The motion to accept Mr. Nash’s petition by Su Armitage, seconded by Michael Kavanaugh, was accepted 11-0-0.

Public Input

Steve Auerbach recently moved to Sugar House from the Avenues. He helped organized the Avenue’s Street Fair entertainment. He’s the Utah director of the Paul Green School of Rock Music, a proprietary school for children 8-18, and informed the SHCC of its intent to locate in Sugar House. He’s looking for a suitable, free-standing building for the school. A note from Ty McCartney sends his thanks for his re-election as a state representative. He intends to visit the SHCC soon.

Crime Update

Alicia Orgill could not attend. Officer Sonny Riggs explained that council district 6 is experiencing a rise in burglaries. Most cases were cleared with arrests. He admonished us to lock our doors and windows. Car prowls are also on the rise. District 7 robberies are down, auto thefts are down. Remember to call graffiti hotline to report graffiti.

Mayor’s Office Update

Annette Dailey couldn’t make it.

City Council Update

Dale Lambert couldn’t make it.

Human Service Provider Report

Tina Otteson presented UTA’s services for the needy. Jennetta Williams of the UTA explained that service provisions are changing. She’ll return to the SHCC for an update. Senior programs include “Seniors on the go” to get seniors out and about on the bus and Trax. The program teaches safety, how to use the transit system, and the rules. Ms. Williams admonished the attendees to call 287-EYES for suspicious activity near Trax or other UTA services. She handed out a “Guide to ride UTA”.

Pedestrian Friendly Highland Drive

At 7:33pm, Jason Bultman was not in attendance.

SLC School Board Update

At 7:33pm, Kristy Swett was not in attendance.

Highland Park Elementary

Doug Green reported on his meeting regarding concerns about the school entrance. There was a petition of 200 people to the school community council design committee regarding parking and traffic arrangements. Parking is to enter from 2700 South.

Featured Sugar House Businesses

1) Michael Kavanaugh presented “Tea Grotto” of 2030 S 900 E. He handed out a small flyer and coupon. Run by two area women, Tea Grotto offers many types of tea, small food, and even foot massages. 2) The SHCC usually receives one featured business spotlight. Tina Otteson offered a second business spotlight featuring Jim Hayes of “Cenozoic Design”, a home-based design shop. The West Nile virus billboards and the SL-Tooele Applied Technology College are part of Mr. Hayes’ portfolio. He is also a musician for JaBoom (“just a bunch of old men”). In 1997, he rendered a drawing of Sugar House monument for SLC’s sesquicentennial celebration. Lynne Olson has offered to report on “10,000 Villages” next month.

Business District Rezone Update

With extra time available from unfilled agenda time, chair Mark Holland briefed the trustees on his recent meeting to talk about disagreement with the business district rezone effort. He’ll request from city and planner Louis Zunguze if they’d be willing to talk to Steve Morgan of Westminster and the Sugar House stakeholders. Mark will send letter of results of that meeting. Rawlins Young commented that the effort still has no concept of Sugar House as an “ecnonomic machine”. Question from audience: what are we talking about? Lynne Olsen offered a summary: Master plan discussion started in 1998. Finished and adopted in 2001. However, a zoning ordinance has yet to be adopted as those involved has met with new attitudes and new ideas.

Public Comment reopened

New trustee Paul Nash asked about traffic calming efforts on 1100 East. There is a new stop sign. Any capital projects? Paul’s idea is to use planters. Paul claimed that nothing is happening; no traffic calming in SLC. He said that the traffic department is ready to go, but the city council needs to move. Helen Peters explained that the budget was cut. Someone will need to lobby the city council to get it restored.

Reconnisance Level Survey

Korrel Broschinsky, architectural historian engaged by SLC, is tracking the historical resources of the community. She is photographing primary buildings on each property. These data will be entered into a database with the Historical Society. The boundaries of her survey extend from 1700 S to 2700 S, 500 E to 1300 E. Historic buildings are defined as older than 50 years old. 92% of the survey are residential. She is writing a narrative history. Key points: Sugar House was laid out with 5- and 10-acre plats, especially for farmland. Slide pictured showed the survey map, a 1906 school house, a 1918 street view, and various houses from different, notable periods.

Pedestrian Friendly Highland Drive reopened

With Jason Bultman not in attendance at 8:23pm, Mike Holman, who lives near 2700 South Highland Drive, spoke to the issue. He advised the council that yes, Mr. Bultman’s idea might be effective, but the means to slow the traffic will cause congestion and will cause the side streets to be heavily used. Near Nibley Park elementary, there are enhanced concern for the school children. Tina Ottesen added with Home Depot construction on 33rd and Highland, the traffic was backed up for several blocks. The ability to get on and off street with fast traffic is also difficult. Discussion from the audience echoed various concerns, including turning lanes. Cabot Nelson floated idea to restore 1100 E through I-80. The Chair offered to extend invitation to Mr. Bultman to return next month. Philip Carlson, working with Jason, sought input from Mike Holman, et al. Resident Ross Evansen stated his opposition in a letter to Philip. The Chair will invite city to address this.

Final Public Comment

Audience member Judson Kemsley, an architectural student from the University of Utah, inquired about Sugar House Trolley. Some trustees referred him to Doug White, the proponent of the Trolley.


Meeting adjourned approximately 8:45pm.

Amendment of December 1, 2004: Julie Nitzkowski was excused

Landon Clark