SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2006

SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2006


November 1, 2006


From Sugar House



Trustees present

Philip Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Dolores Donohoo, Art Haddow, David Holbrook, Michael G. Kavanagh, Scott Kisling, Emil Kmet, Andrea Moesser, Dave Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Derek Payne, Helen Peters, Susan Petheram, Ray Pugsley, Judi Short, Grace Sperry, Andrea Wargula, Steve Wilson, Rawlins Young (20)

Trustees excused

Su Armitage, Rex Sears, Barbara Green, Mark Holland (4)

City/State representatives

Soren Simonsen, SLC Council; Ben Johnson, SLPD; Marilyn Lewis, SLC planning staff (3)


Rachel Amnre, Jim Agutter, J. Allen, Lisa Altman, Martha Amundsen, Darian Anegglen, Karen Anthony, Ashley Ashton, Dave Ashton, Melissa Ayne, Betty Baird, Julie Faure Bradley, Amy Buchanan, Barbara Cahill, Elaine Calder, Edward P. Campos, Joyce Cheney, Robert Cheney, Colleen Clark, Scott Coorey, Nill Cordray, Pauline Cordray, Dana Denton, Jordan Diamond, LeeAnn Diamond, Denorah Ellis, Peter Falk, Frances Faure, Andrew C. Fike, Gary Findlay, H Foulks, Jean Foulks, Wanda Gayle, Mo Gilphat, Laura Goodman, Becky Greely, Troy Grose, Wanda Gutierrez, William Hadfield, Lex Hemphill, Ed Hogan, Christopher Holt, Richard Howell, Steve Howell, Craig Hutchinson, Arwynn Harris Jensen, Peggy Johnson, Fred Keller, James J. Kelley, Nancy T. Kelly, George Kolbeaschy, _____ Koll, Erin Koll, Gracie Kolneaschy, Ann Lange, Marilee Latta, Richard Laughlin, Amber Le, Arpa Lee, Rachel Lee, Marilynn Lewis, Kathleen Loring, Don Lucas, Van K. Lunch, Audrey Lund, Elizabeth Lund, Emma Lund, Isaac Lund, Cap Jan Lundberg, Liz McKernan, John Michie, Kate Mitchell, Anne Moore, Susan Murray, Greg Narrus, Steven Neier, Dorothea J. Neilson, Morris E. Neilson, Denise Noaa, Jjana Nridges, Sheila O’Driscoll, Alvard Omiste, Jen Omiste, Mark Pavoni, Ranae Pierce, Billie Priskos, Glen Quick, Jeff Quick, Lee Rech, Bonnie Remington, John Remington, April Reynolds, Janice Robbins, Myra Robbins, Nate Robins, Remlee Robins, Karri Schelgel, Michael Seeley, Adam Shaw, Bruce Slaugh, Janet Sloan, Donald A. Smith, Ron Snarr, Ron Solstad, Margo Spencer, Ogden Stewart, Sue Stewart, Darlene Stolstad, Merelne Taylor, Justin Thompson, Mindy Thompson, Sean Thompson, Jennie Thueson, Eleni Vetas, June Wanes, Michelle Weis, Lisa Wheeler, Rodney Whitled, Lawrence Wiencke, Derek Wilson, Kevin Winn, Sharlotte Wolf (122)

Meeting minutes

Call to order, 7:02pm. Philip Carlson, chair. There was a big turnout. Cabot Nelson distributed the clipboard to be passed to everyone to sign up. Amendments for the October minutes: Rex Sears, Ruth Price, Scott Kisling, Grace Sperry, and David Mulder were excused. Sheriff Kennard was in attendance. David Mulder moved to approve as amended with Sarah Carlson seconding. Passed with no objection.

Treasurer’s report

No activity this month. The balance is $4778.03.

Chair Report

Phil commented on the good town meeting by Soren Simonsen. Grace Sperry took good photos of the damage to Fairmont Park. They are greatly appreciated. Tomorrow from 3-5:30pm, there will be an open house for regional transportation plan with the Wasatch Front Regional Council at the SL County Complex, 2100 S State St. There are 2 hearings scheduled for some demolitions, including 2818 S highland.

Public Input

Ann Lange lives on 1400 block of Redondo. There is a lot of speeding on Westminster, 1400 E., Redondo, and 1600 E. Many people are trying to turn east on 2100 South. She asked about speed bumps. Phil understands that the city is not doing speed bumps. Helen Peters told Ms. Lange to talk to Dan Berganthal for the traffic department. Soren Simonsen asked Ms. Lange to email him at city council or Gwen Springmeyer who is filling in for Annette.

Andrea Moesser lives in the Wilshire area. She is writing a grant for a park for a nearby park.

Crime Update

By Ben Johnson, SLPD ph#799-4642. Regarding Ms. Lange’s concern about speeding, he will forward it to traffic enforcement for the area. Couple of instances of crime. Jolley Pharmacy on 1700 S 1100 E. was robbed for Oxycontin drugs. The SLPD is asking for help locating the suspect. He was driving a blue van with a license that had “75”. Call 799-3000. With cold months, people report vehicles stolen when running while unattended. Recent robberies, Smith’s and Mervyn’s loss prevention guards were assaulted. Both cases resulted in arrests.

At 2700 S 1200 E, there was a gang-related shooting. That apartment complex has a community action team working on it. Residents may call 799-4642 for Officer Johnson’s number. He also coordinates with depts. for health and zoning. He also enforces speeding. His voicemail is always on. In a closing point, Officer Johnson said that in residential areas, the speed limit is 25 MPH.

Mayor’s Office Update

No one here.

City Council Update

By Soren Simonsen. For the community meeting, there was a good turnout, 100 people braving the snow. They discussed the billboards on 2700 South. Updates about transit line in Sugar House: UTA has hired a consultant and are studying alternatives, along with 4 other projects that could work if sales tax is approved. Bob Evans and Barbara Green helped with that.

The city is trying to get interlocal agreements with SSL for Parley’s Trail. Also, “The Draw at Sugar House” in SH Park is being worked on. There is a task force for merchants on SHBD and tools in place before the businesses vacate.

Dave Mulder said that at a presentation before, some official said there would be something in place by this fall. Mr. Simonsen said there is nothing anticipated from RDA staff.

The model for City Center Downtown project is travelling. It will be here at the Sprague Library between 11th and 19th. Go to

Grace Sperry is concerned regarding increasing gang problem.

Sugar House Merchants Association

Barbara Green was out. Cabot Nelson announced in her stead that the Turkey Trot is still on. Soren Simonsen said that at noon on November 25th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Santa will come to Sugar House.

Land Use & Zoning Committee

(Moved up as the business spotlight was not ready.) By Helen Peters. Helen presented a Handout. She made a motion to support to approve improvement to Parley’s Way Park, a neighborhood “pocket park.” Andrea Moesser wants capital improvements for the park. It’s south from K-Mart. 2100 S. I-80. The grassy area that parallels Parley’s Way. Scott Kisling lives in the area and noted the huge demographic change with a lot of toddlers. The playground equipment is worn. There is no shade. There was no one to speak against the motion.

It passed on a voice vote unanimously.

For the Fairmont skate park, Helen moved that we support the lighting for the Fairmont park skate park as a capital improvement. Judi seconded. We discussed in in February, 2006. It was originally denied by the city parks dept., but this proposal is under the CIP. Art is not opposed, but concerned about $3000 per year to light.

Dolores Donohoo opined that anytime anyone gathers, there needs to be lighting. Judi Short noted that with daylight savings over, more kids will be using it in the dark. Helen said it will set precedent to do for all parks.

It was later amended to ask the city council to consider lighting for all special types of recreational feature, such as skate parks. Judi seconded. Soren Simonsen said there is no extra lighting in the parks now, but we might want to include it. Art Haddow said this amendment would wash out our original. Helen retracted the amendment.

Ray Puglsey in his role with SH mobile watch said there are a lot of kids in the day and in the evening. Unanimous voice vote to end debate. Unanimous voice vote to approve the motion.

Helen then moved that we send a letter to city council to consider lighting on tennis courts, skate parks, and other recreational facilities. Dave Mulder seconded. Helen spoke to the motion: as there are more amenities used in parks, there ought to be better lighting as necessary for better uses throughout the year.

Scott Kisling clarified if we want soccer fields to be lighted. He would. Rawlins Young noted different levels of parks. Fairmont is a community. Liberty and SH each has over 100 acres. Dolores Donohoo more we use the parks, the safer they become. Lighting is essential.

Unanimously passed on a voice vote.

SH Business Spotlight: iPaws specialty for Animals

Presented by Grace Sperry. Moved later to accommodate store owners.

The former Alden Media store is now iPaws: Ms. Marty Bond is the new owner of the pet shop. She showed a Cavalier dog. Ms. Bond “ran away” from Utah. But last December, she quit her job, moved back, and opened this pet boutique. No place but Sugar House! On March 1st, she signed the lease. She carries backpacks, coats, boots, and jewelry. There is a spa with massage, pampering. Red Carpet fashion show. Various dogs. All invited. 7 – 10pm this Saturday.

Sugar Mill Development on 1400 East 2100 South

Helen introduced Mr. Rindaldo Hunt, developer, who spoke to this issue. Trustee Andrea Wargula was to make her presentation as well. City planning staff Marilyn Lewis introduced the three applications to this: master plan amendment, rezoning amendment, and alley vacation amendment. Helen mentioned an additional demolition permit that would go through housing and zoning and would require the other amendments, but it was later known that the Sugar Mill project did not apply for a demolition permit. Anyone can contact Ms. Lewis at . The city council will make final decision.

Sugar Mill, LLC, was formed by John Frank. George Hunt, real estate attorney, is a partner. Mr. Frank owned Courtyard Beauty salon. The presentation had visual aids: Satellite map, site map. CN and R-01 zoning (Used for parking lot). The beauty salon is an old cinder block, not buildable under current codes. There would be less traffic than commercial.

Comments were made about environmental concerns, energy efficiency, height, setback, accessibility for moving trucks, approval from the owners Harry’s restaurant, and reusing old brick.

Opposition presentation by Andy Wargula. The alley is used all the time, even for SHBD access. It is maintained. The three-story building is not like others. Master plan ought not be amended. It was carefully crafted. Mr. Shawn Thomas presented some past experience of LLCs, impacts, precedents the might be set, and purpose of zoning.

Art Haddow moved to limit speaking to 1 minute, second by Sarah. Art later withdrew motion. A 2-minute limit was set by the chair.

A number of resident provided input the Sugar House Community Council: Ann Lange had concerns regarding ventilation for fumes from underground parking. Valerie Hale wants to maintain community and neighborhood character. Lawrence Wienckie expressed concern that the density of the condominium project is equivalent to entire street. Additionally he had concerns about the possible increase in crime and traffic. Tony Gutierrez lives north of the proposed development. Mr. Gutierrez has a “view of Sugar House Air Force: the honking Geese and birds that flow over each day. Additionally he was frustrated by the possible fumes. Wanda Gutierrez enjoys living in Sugar House. She remembers moving into the first bungalows in area. Ms. Gutierrez has concerns about how many parking stalls are being provided as well as how many rental units will be a part of SugarMill Condos. Ron Solestead and Kerry Schelgel are concerned that more cars will make it dangerous for children. Kerry Schelgel also had concern about whether the proposed project would be compatible with the neighborhood. Merilee Latta felt that the development would ruin the integrity of neighborhood. Wanda Gail is offended by the developers claim that if the local community does not like the proposed development, they will make it worse. Karen Appeny: Does not want the public alley used for private use. Richard Howell: Concerned about the lost use of the alley if it is vacated and how will utilities will be handled. Edward P. Campos: Is concerned about traffic and is skeptical of code claims. Dana Denton: Is offended by the developer claims that if the community does approve the current redevelopment, then the developer will build a large commercial building. Mr. Denton asked about the placement of the fault line and whether it would impact the development. Beth Quick: Felt that her privacy will be invaded by tall building looking into yard and possible obstruction of the fireworks on July 4th. Don Lucas: Concerned with the outdated electrical supply and the placement of the dumpster. Van Lund: Has a concern for the crime in the area especially the nightly police calls related to Sugar House Suites. He also asked if any impact studies had been completed on proposed development. Chris Holt: Spoke in favor of the development. Expressed interest in moving into the condo complex. Felt like there would be less crime in a condo complex. Andrea “Andy” Wargula: Wanted to make individuals aware that economic development is important in a city. That is why the area on 2100 South is zoned commercial neighborhood. Don Ameche: Inherent transient nature of renters makes it difficult to have friends. Renters do not have much community spirit. Darlene Solstead: Concerned that the developers will be taking away a part of Sugar House history. Additionally, she indicated that the development will impact the value of homes in the local neighborhood. Stephen Howell: The driveway onto Redondo would increase traffic into a residential neighborhood. Sean Thompson: Building material being used is lower-end of the scale. Interaction would be last. U of U and Daybreak uses Sugar House neighborhood as a good examples of community development. Donna Allen: Alley was closed for Tasty’s, now there is a lot of traffic on Redondo. LeeAnn Diamond: She would have not have purchased her home in the neighborhood if this development had already existed. Concerned about the impact of property values. Gary Findlay: Concerned about traffic because it is a lot of work to turn left on 2100 South at 1400 East. Charlotte Wolf: Gayen Wharton worked on the Sugar House Master Plan. Gayen wanted preserve the neighborhood by creating a buffer along 2100 South for the residential district.

Cabot Nelson moved to limit discussion to those in line: five people. Art Haddow seconded.

Lee Raff was worried about the transiency of neighbors. Melissa Cline said the building would be a detriment to the character of the neighborhood. Jean Fouts commented about the Redman building and the neighborhood’s character. Bonnie Remington heard claim of “this project or bad commercial development.” The warden’s home for the prison was probably at 1400 E 2100 S. Ron Snarr as been opposed. He owns area duplexes.

Helen Peters discussed emails she’s received, covering much of the same. Mr. Hunt clarified that the alley is used is walking corridor. The west half is already vacated. Safety and parking is already addressed. There were no pressure tactics in buying the property. They sold, we bought.

Helen moved to send letter to the planning commission to oppose this project. Sara seconded. The rules were 2 comments per trustee, 2 minutes each.

Art Haddow said the underground parking is good. He’s concerned with master plans. Judi Short said this is a big change and is opposed. Grace Sperry asked if the project has 1 or 3 bedrooms. There is a mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-room units Only 2 with 1 bedroom. Alleys are deadend. Dave Mulder said that we represent the community. They are opposed by far, so is he. Sarah Carlson said this is not in accordance with plan. Dolores Donohoo understands traffic concerns as she deals with it in her neighborhood. Michael G. Kavanagh reiterated crime, line of site, alley closed, character of neighborhood, garbage, materials, and privacy. Derek Payne said CN zoning was for commercial to serve neighborhood. Scott Kisling said SHCC worked on the master plan years ago. There should be a good reason to change.

Andrea Wargula wants to change the letter to itemize. Amendment: Move to send letter to the planning commission to oppose the zoning change, the master plan amendment, and the alley vacation.

Andrea Wargula asked if it is really high-end condos. She’s also concerned about increasing volume. Rawlins Young said we are in the business to preserve neighborliness. Emil Kmet said this would establish a precedent. David Holbrook thanked the developers for participating. Ray Pugsley was here when master plan was created Cabot Nelson is torn. Grace is impressed with the arguments, but they own the land. Sarah, Dolores, MGK, Andrea, Rawlins and Art each spoke again

The motion passed, 16-1-1. Helen corrected herself and announced that demolition was for 2100 S 2000 E, not this project.

Parliamentary Post Mortem

By Ray Pugsley. As it was late, the board agreed to skip this item.


Executive committee meeting next Wednesday at 8pm at Dolores’ house.

Adjourned, 10:47pm

Landon Clark