SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2007

SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2007


November 7, 2007


From Sugar House



Trustees Present

Michael Kavanagh, Russ Callister, Derek Payne, Susan Petheram, Rawlins Young, Andrea Wargula, Emil Kmet, Cabot Nelson, Grace Sperry, Ray Pugsley, David Holbrook, Philip Carlson, Dave Mulder, Steve Wilson, Gary Johnson, Dolores Donohoo, Sarah Carlson

Trustees Excused

Ruth Price, Jan Brittain, Barbara Green, Judy Short, Art Haddow

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 7:04, Grace Sperry Chair. Petitions submitted: Jessica Warner for Garfield , Maggie Shaw for Westminster and Ray Pugsley for Sugar House Park. Acceptance for all passed unanimously. The minutes were approved with the amendment that Philip Carlson was in attendance at the October meeting.

Treasurer report

The treasurer announced that the balance remains the same at $4797.03.


Derek Payne, motion Dolores Donohoo, 2nd
We move that we approve duplex legalization proposed by Charles Neve at 3131 So. Lincoln Street .
Approved unanimously by acclamation.
Philip Carlson, motion Susan Petheram, 2nd
The Sugar House Community Council opposes the Salt Lake City Zoning Map Amendment Application for 2705 E. Parley’s Way, at this time, because the change is not supported by the East Bench Master Plan.
Approved unanimously by acclamation.
Cabot Nelson, motion Dave Mulder, 2nd
Moves that Sugar House Community Council appropriate $80.00 per month to hire a secretary for 8 hours per month.
Motion failed.

Note: Andrea Wargula volunteered to act as secretary for December.


Adjourned: 9:48pm

Landon Clark