SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2009

SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2009


November 4, 2009


~ Sugar House Community Council Meeting Minutes –November 4, 2009 ~Trustees Present – Sally Barraclough, Amy Barry, Robin Bastar, Jason Bradley, Laurie Bray, Elaine Brown, Jim Brown, Russ Callister, Philip Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Pat Denslow-Kilroy, Dolores Donohoo, Barbara Green, Michael G. Kavanagh, Benny Keele, Larry Migliaccio, Dave Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Sheila O’Driscoll, Lynne Olson, Lindsey Oswald, Derek Payne, Susie Petheram, Ruth Price, Ray Pugsley, Maggie Shaw, Judi Short, Ed Sperry, Grace Sperry, Rawlins Young.

Trustees Absent Excused –  Greg Carter  Trustees Absent Unexcused – Pattie DeNunzio

Others Present – David Gerber, Jaelene V. Myrup, Robert May, Tamara M. Wright, Richard L. Faldmo, Rebecca Brown Wright, Adriane Juarez, Jan Brittan, Melissa Lichtenstein, Brad King and Soren Simonsen. 

Call to Order – Philip Carlson, Chair 7:02 pm.  Announced that the presentation for a rezone on Lake St has been moved to the December meeting per petitioner request.  

Approval of Minutes –  Philip Carlson’s motion to approve minutes passed unanimously.

Officer Reports 

Chair –     Presented Maggie with a certificate and plant in appreciation for her service as the outgoing Chair.

New Petition – Mallie Jowell presented a trustee petition to represent the neighborhood of Nibley.  Cabot Nelson’s motion to approve trustee petition passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report – Dolores Donohoo reports a beginning balance of $3,921.11 with 2 checks written for $24.13 and $15.00 and an ending balance of $3,881.98.


Committee Reports – View committee reports on

Land Use & Zoning – Judi Short

  • Petition to rezone 2028 Lake St from residential to commercial has been postponed until the December meeting.  Lynne and Michael G took flyers out to the neighborhood to inform neighbors of the meeting to comment.  Petitioner just met with United Way building located north of the subject address and opted to schedule a meeting with neighbors on November 16th at Sprague Library.
  • Signed a letter agreeing to legalize a triplex at 615 Warnock Ave, which was probably built as a triplex and never formally legalized.
  • Planning commission approved DI to move to Circuit City bldg with altered development plans.  Project will now demolition the additions to the Jensen home, but leave the historic portion intact, move the drop off point to the south side of the building, more landscaping, close off access from the parking lot entered from 700 East, extending building with a glass façade to face 2100 East and provide retail entrance on both north and south sides of building.  No known starting date.
  • There are 5 DSL box proposals on the agenda for the administration hearing on November 12, Room 126 City Bldg – 759 E Parkway Ave, 2400 S 800 E, 2919 S 800 E, 2708 S 900 E, 1923 E 2700 S, 2713 S Imperial. City gives notice to residents that live in the proximity to inform them of the public hearing.  These DSL box proposals do not require Qwest to come before the SHCC.  As the city attempts to adjust their policy on DSL box procedures the planning commission would like more comment from the public at the upcoming meeting regarding process changes.  Sarah and Robin volunteered to serve on a subcommittee of LUZ to formulate comments on the proposed process changes.   

Parks, Open Space & Trails – Lynne Olson The POST committee has been in existence since 2001 and meet once a month with active members.

  •  Earlier this year the committee agreed upon 7 goals and in working to achieve those the POST committee is asking for letters of support for 3 CIP grants for the following projects:
    • Imperial Neighborhood Park for land acquisition.
    • Parley’s Way Park for playground equipment.
    • Jordan/SLC Canal to fund a study of the canal as per the master plan.
  • Seeking funding to make improvements in Fairmont Park.  Lindsey is working on grant for some of that work.  Grace is researching the history of the park to explore possibility of any historic designation.   

Website/Technology – Cabot Nelson reports website statistics of 319 visitors in September 2009 and 321 visitors in October 2009. Website updates include Amy continuing to provide content for the website.  Cabot will continue to research user rights access, submitting content through the website interface and changing the template.  The Yahoo group site features now offer the ability to store email attachments and new users can see attachments from past emails as well.  Scott Kisling suggested creating accounts on Twitter and Facebook for the SHCC.  The committee will take that under advisement in our next meeting.

The committee moves to adopt the commission of the Sugar House Community Council Website/Internet Committee as below is approved on voice vote.  Cabot Nelson will remain chair of the committee.


Meetings and Reports – The meetings are open to any member of the SHCC board of trustees. The committee members shall meet bimonthly, or more frequently as needed. If there are current topics to be discussed, the committee chair shall report to the SHCC board of trustees at the board’s regular monthly meeting.

Date of commission– This commission starts when the SHCC trustees adopt this commission.

Expiration –This commission expires on November 3, 2010, which is a month after the date of the election for the new SHCC officers.

Historical – Susie Petheram noted that she has been talking to Dolores Donohoo to reestablish the Historical Committee.  Dolores Donohoo’s motion “to be a resource for collecting and disseminating information and materials regarding the history of the Sugar House area and the Sugar House Community Council” passes unanimously.  Committee will be open to all who are interested in participating with no expiration date and the originating members are Susie Petheram, Dolores Donohoo, Lynne Olson, Ruth Price, Grace Sperry and Emil Kmet.       

Transportation – Rawlins Young announced the meeting this month will focus on goal setting to list projects that could reasonably be done.

Ray Pugsley offered a motion in regards to Lynne’s CIP proposals that was restated by the Chair as, “table the letter in support of the CIP funding for Jordan/SLC Canal Corridor Master Plan.  The effect of a yea vote is that we will not send a letter supporting this at this time, and we will address it next month.  A nay vote will allow this letter to be sent out.”  Vote failed 11-18.  Trustees can contact Philip if you are interested in discussing the process he has in mind for approving letter. 

Public Comments –  Annalisa Steggell, Director Community Relations from Westminster College announced Open Forum November 5th at 7:30 pm for public comments as Westminster determines master planning process of the college.  Encourage the public to send to give feedback, for more information or opportunities to offer comments www.westminstercollege/masterplan.  Westminster is hosting the Sugar House Summit the next event is November 14thon Stories, Scrapbooks, and Sugar House History for more information visit www.westminstercollege/community or call 801-832-2551.  Suzie Kusiak volunteer for Utahns for Ethical Government petition to encourage ethical reforms to Utah State Legislature and mentioned the Fair Boundaries petition – has petition to sign if you’re interested.Abraham Brevetta – planning student at the University of Utah has a request to fill out survey he passed around asking if we would agree to “daylight” Parley’s Creek.  Mallie Jowell asked about City Council’s decision to take CIP money to North Temple viaduct project.  No new information known at this time.

Monthly Presentations 

Police Report – Detective Cryder 799- 3669 – Officer Hatch, Sugar House bike squad concentrates mainly on parks and business district. Will be focusing patrol on the new park on 17th South.

Mayor’s Office Report – Shawn McDonough 535-6338 SLC Community Liaison – Wanted to remind about Mayor’s one on one meetings to call and reserve a time – November 18th reserve one week in advance can call by November 9th.  Public safety building bond passed and the next step is to have a public comment period about the site will include workshops and hopes to break ground within maybe a year.  In response to Michael G. Kavanagh’s question about the sod replacement on 900 East project last month she reported that the City matches existing conditions, which is why they laid sod.City Council Update – Soren Simonsen – Demolition ordinance is being presented to city council from planning subcommittee.  Also, the nondiscrimination ordinance is also being presented to the council.  A proposal for an interim use(s) of the RDA property on Wilmington Ave will be submitted at next RDA board meeting from the working group put together by Soren.

Sprague Library Update – Adriane Juarez – The beet on front lawn has been broken and will be working SLC Arts Council and artist to fix.  The library has many exciting events the public is encouraged to attend.  To see a complete list visit and click on the event listings.

Sugar House Merchants’ Report – Barbara Green – KUTV is doing a food drive with Smith’s and will be placing barrels throughout Sugar House starting November 25th.  Upcoming Turkey Trot on November 21st– sign up at Fairmont Park for men’s or women’s division register by November 15th.   Santa Claus is going to arrive the day after Thanksgiving and perhaps will be coming on a horse until December 23rd.  Holiday lights will be going up with the focus on Santa’s Shack and extending beyond as funding permits.  December 5thwill be working on the Sugar House Summit and the “buy local for the holidays” project.  Area schools will be painting boards as Holiday greetings to be displayed throughout Sugar House and Zions Bank will be awarding money for first place to go back to school for their arts classes.  Sugar House shirts are for sale $1 – if you want to buy any of the shirts you can order at Sterling Furniture.

Michael G. Kavanagh’s motion to make a donation to the Sugar House Merchant’s Association to help fund the turkey days, santa shack and holiday lighting for $500 passes on voice vote.

Laurie Bray’s motion for the Sugar House Community Council to join the Sugar House Merchant’s Association is tabled for next month. 

Business Spotlight – Michael G. Kavanagh introduced Gary Davis, owner of Fankhauser Jewelry 1111 E 2100 S, 801-467-5815.  They have been at that location since 1942 and are now seeing 3rd generation customers come back for the customer satisfaction and good quality.  Fankhauser Jewelry does watch repair, clock repair, all kind of jewelry repair and sell all jewelry.  Wishes Sterling Furniture would improve those stores and has a big problem with traffic on 2100 South – see at least 2 accidents a month with speeding and those making a left turn out of Barne’s & Noble entry that causes accidents.

New Business –

Cabot announced that Utah State Association of Parliamentarians Annual Fall Presentation on November 14th Salt Lake County Council Chambers, registration fee is $45.

Bylaws Committee presented a motion to amend current Bylaws, Section 5.2.1 Election Procedures.  Ray Pugsley presented the proposed changes for discussion and vote at the December meeting.  The Bylaws Committee will ask for a separate vote on each change.  For a complete reading of the bylaws please visit the SHCC Library menu our Elections will be held as follows:

1.  The Chair of the Board of Trustees will appoint a Trustee to organize the Elections Committee no later than the July SHCC meeting.  The Elections Committee will consist of three or five members. Members of the Elections Committee will appoint a Chair of the committee.  Members of the Elections Committee may not run for office. Members of the Election Committee may not resign and run for office.  Members of the Election Committee cannot serve or must resign if a spouse, partner or blood relative is a candidate. The Elections Committee decisions are final.

5.  Candidates will have their name listed on the ballot if submitted to the Chair of the Elections Committee by 5:00 p.m. the two (2) Wednesdays prior to the Annual Meeting of the SHCC.  Write-in candidates are permissible.

6.  Ballots will be presented to the Trustees at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees. Once the Chair opens the meeting to voting, voting will remain open for one (1) hour.  When the voting is closed, the Elections Committee will retire to a private location to count the ballots.  Candidates may have an observer present during the counting of the ballots.  Members of the Elections Committee and Observers are prohibited from discussing with anyone what is or has taken place in the elections count without permission of the Election Committee.

7.  For those Trustees not able to be present at the Annual Meeting, absentee ballots will be available upon request from the Chair of the Elections Committee or the Executive Secretary beginning the two (2) Mondays before the Annual Meeting.  Ballots must be returned to the Chair of the Elections Committee or the Executive Secretary in a sealed and signed across the flap envelope or via electronic means before the beginning of the Annual Meeting.   Only official ballots will be counted.  Absentee ballot envelopes will only be opened in the presence of the Election Committee and only during the count of the ballots.   

9.  A write-in who wins an election to an office who has not previously announced their candidacy must be contacted by the Elections Committee and asked if they will serve in the office to which they are elected. Should the write-in decline, the office will go to the person with the next highest number of votes.    Candidates on a ballot cannot be considered for a write-in for any other office.   Should an office not be filled by an election then the incoming Chair of the Board of Trustees will appoint individuals per the SHCC Bylaws.

  1.   For the purpose of the above section (Section 5.2.1 Election Procedures’) the term Executive Secretary will refer to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees

13. The report of the Election Committee must be made as soon as is reasonable and prior to the adjournment of the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees.    

Phil Carlson’s motion made by to adjourn passed unanimously. 

Adjournment 9:04 pm

Landon Clark