SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2011

SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2011


Meeting Minutes – November 2, 2011


The regular meeting of the Sugar House Community Council was held on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, at 7:00pm, at the Sprague Library. Trustees in attendance were Ron Molen, Sarah Carlson, Pattie DeNunzio, Sheila O’Driscoll, Derek Payne, Ruth Price, Sally Barraclough, Philip Carlson, Scott Kisling, Amy Barry, Judi Short, Cabot Nelson, Rawlins Young, Grace Sperry, Russell Callister, Larry Migliaccio, Benny Keele, and Michael G. Kavanagh, with Christopher Thomas being chair and Cabot Nelson as secretary. The trustees noted as excused were Robin Bastar, James Brown, Dave Mulder, and Lynne Olson who requested Sally Barraclough to serve as her proxy.

The secretary read the minutes of the last meeting which were approved without any corrections. Call to order at 7:02pm. Chair welcomed and gave outline for future. The secretary reported on current trustee statuses. Upcoming pending trustee petitions expiring include Amy Barry, Lynne Olson, Sally Barraclough, Barbara Green (December), and Derek Payne (January). Prior to the meeting in accordance to bylaws, Joedy Lister of the Dilworth neighborhood submitted his petition to be a trustee. Mr. Lister’s membership as an at-large trustee was approved on a voice vote.

Brent Key gave a report from the fire department.

There were no public comments for items not on the agenda.

Committee Reports

Judi Short reported for the Land Use and Zoning committee.

Sally Barraclough reported for the Parks, Open Space, and Trails committee.

Larry Migliaccio reported for the Transportation committee. The committee offered the following motion which passed on a voice vote: “Whereas, SLC is in the process of preparing a 10-year Capital Improvement Plan and the Sugar House Community Council has identified projects that should be considered for the benefit of the community. Therefore, the transportation committee moves that Larry M prepare a letter, that the SHCC chair sign the letter, and that Larry send it to SLC requesting certain projects listed by the SHCC transportation committee for funding and study.”

Amy Barry reported for the Sustainability committee.

Christopher Thomas reported for the Fundraising and Finance committee.

Judi Short reported on the Farmers Market.

Cabot Nelson reported for the Web and Internet committee and offered the following motion which passed on a voice vote: “The Website and Internet Committee moves to renew its existing commission to expire on November 6, 2012.”

There was no one to report for the Community Emergency Response Training (CERT).

Pattie DeNunzio reported for the Affordable Housing.

Grace Sperry reported for the Historical committee.

There was no one to report for the Arts and Cultural committee.

There was no one to report for the SH Business District committee.

Community groups and projects

Larry Migliaccio gave an update on the streetcar planning and construction.

Judi Short and Christopher Thomas gave an update about the SL Community Network

Special presentations

Rinaldo Hunt presented his View Street Project with the architect and the owner.

Community and City Presentations

Det. Boelter, SLPD, gave a report on area crime.

For the business spotlight, Michael G. Kavanagh introduced Erin Hamilton and Jeanette White, proprietors of Pipers Quilts & Comforts, 1944 S 1100 E, 801-484-5890.

Shawn McDonough gave a report from the Mayor’s Office.

Dolly Rauh reported on library events.

Michael G. Kavanagh moved to contribute $250 for Christmas lights, but it was withdrawn
Adjourned at 9:00pm.

Landon Clark