SHCC Meeting Minutes – October 2006

SHCC Meeting Minutes – October 2006


October 4, 2006


From Sugar House



Trustees present

Su Armitage, Philip Carlson, Sarah Carlson, Dolores Donohoo, Barbara Green, Art Haddow, Mark Holland, Michael G. Kavanagh, Emil Kmet, Andrea Moesser, Cabot Nelson, Derek Payne, Helen Peters, Susan Petheram, Ray Pugsley, Judi Short, Andrea Wargula, Steve Wilson, Rawlins Young (19)

Trustees excused

none (0)

City representatives

Soren Simonsen, SL City Council; Val Pope, Parks Supervisor (2)


David Holbrook, Robert Cheney, Joyce Cheney, Bonnie Remington, Ed Sperry, Lee Gardner, N. Beal, Jaelen V. Myrup, Larry Richardson, Debbie Mayo, Marisol Gorza, Matt Snow, Verdi White, Jim Agutter, Garry Burg, Sheila O’Driscoll, Jordan Diamond, Melisa Lichtenstein, Steven Beier, Suzanne Weaver, Roz McGee, Josie Valdez, Ian Scharine (23)

Meeting Minutes

Call to order, 7:01pm. Art Haddow moved to approve the minutes with Sarah Carlson seconding. Passed without objection. There were no announcements from the chair. The vote was scheduled for SHCC officers. The chair re-opened temporary nominations for other write-ins. Phil Carlson nominated Emil Kmet, who declined. Art Haddow moved to close the nominations. Sarah Carlson seconded. It passed without objection.

There were proxy ballots from Scott Kisling and Grace Sperry. Ray Pugsley read Grace ‘s proxy message announcing that she wants to run. She was at an ExPOW convention in Nashville. Helen Peters said that Grace would be a great parks chair.

Michael G. Kavanagh agreed to help with counting.

Public input

David Holbrook presented his petition to represent the Country Club neighborhood as an at-large trustee. Chair moved to accept the petition. Cabot Nelson moved to amend the motion and recognize the new petition as a challenge to Scott Kisling, who has not attended enough SHCC meetings. Michael G. Kavanagh seconded. Steve Wilson said that Scott attended 4 months ago. Judi Short said that he contributes. Sarah Carlson agreed. Amendment failed, 5-11. The petition itself was accepted by acclimation. Mr. Holbrook introduced himself. He is a long-time resident and very active in the community. He said there is need for election judges for Nov. 7. Call 468-3427 to be an election judge.

Land Use & Zoning Report

As Helen needed to leave at 7:45pm, the Land Use & Zoning Report is being moved up on the Agenda. Helen referred people to the October Land Use and Zoning Report for detail on the items she presented. She indicated a page was missing from the Land Use & Zoning Report that indicated that there had been no update from the September Land Use and Zoning Committee Report on: Ballet West, Granite Block – Mecham Development and Foothill Place Apartments.

On October 3rd the Salt Lake City Council approved a petition to have conditional use petitions come before an Administrative Hearing Officer as opposed to the full Planning Commission. Helen will go over this again next month as part of the description of what approved by the City Council was missing from her report. Rawlins mentioned that some municipalities have a planning commission and a zoning commission. This helps the planning commission to deal with projects that have significant impacts to a neighborhood and strategic planning.

Helen mentioned a land use proposal that will likely come before the Council in November, SugarMill Condos. This is a 25-unit condominium project located at 1400 East and 21st South consisting of two buildings, fully landscaped with underground, off-street parking.

On September 27th, Dave Buhler and Jill Love hosted a neighborhood meeting at the Garfield School to discuss its potential use of the Garfield School as a police precinct and a fire station. A lot of community members attended and provided input and comments. A local resident, Garry Burg, asked that the Garfield School matter be placed on the November Agenda for the SHCC.

Crime Update

By Ben Johnson, SLPD ph#799-4642. This morning at 4:30am at 950 E Princeton, a lady newspaper deliverer was assaulted by a 5’6″ man with medium build. On Monday at 1300 S 1800 E, a witness saw a car-to-car deal. On a hunch, he reported it. Police investigated and found 93 balloons of heroin caught by coincidence. This month, crime is down due to weather, but for the holidays, there are increases in retail, bike thefts, etc. Recently, a couple of pharmacies were hit. For questions about nuisance abatement, call officer Johnson.

Mayor’s Office Update

Annette Daley did not attend.

City Council Update

By Soren Simonsen. Downtown development is in the news. The traveling exhibit may come to district 7 here in the Sprague Library. Visit the web site, Specifically for district 7, there is the transit corridor. SLC And South SL each contributed money, along with some funding for Pratt trails. The lowest bidder has withdrawn. This is 10.5 Million for the next 3 years.

Nibley elementary school will host the city council visit in three weeks, from 7pm-8:30pm. On October 21st, there will be a clean-up for the rail line from McClelland to 900 East. It’ll take all the trash and weeds out. Contact Michael G. Kavanagh, 467-9668. Next Thursday, there is an RDA meeting. They will discuss funding for SH Biz Dist historical survey.

Rawlins Young opined on the transit corridor. It has been at least 20 years since we’ve had later-night use on 2100 S corridor. Within 6-8 months, UTA has gone from 20 minutes to 30 minutes for bus.

Treasurer’s report

We started with $4951.03. We wrote a check to the SH Merch. Assn. for $250. We received checks from State Rep. Roz McGee. Trustee Art Haddow bought the balance of bottle water. Our current balance is now $4778.03.

Discussion about Fairmont Park

By Val Pope, parks division director for the city. Regarding the Moose firepit, crews went to work, but accepted other tasks. The stones are on order. The drinking fountain near the end of Simpson Avenue was a sample. Another will be placed in 30 days. It needs new anchors.

For maintenance issues and the irrigation system, the park budgets has been supportive. They’ve submitted funding for irrigation. The park as tried to accommodate some groups. The soccer assn. helped with sod. SHCC asked to help with the master plan. Comm Councils are helpful. The exercise jogging path was inspired by Liberty Park. It’s been a good addition. The trees need to be fixed. Bad pruning in past.

On renovating the tennis courts, there are ordinances for greening, similar to 900 East. When the pool was done, the parking was a concern. If the the parking had become a problem, they would use the tennis courts.

Michael G. Kavanagh said the skate park fence around the perimeter is busted. Mr. Pope explained that a new, better design pending. Rawlins Young mentioned the status of the park’s master plan. It has been 15 years since the city adopted the master plan.

(Note: Balloting for SHCC execs closed, 8:00pm)

Meet the Candidates

The SHCC originally invited 43 candidates for Salt Lake County Council (8), Salt Lake County offices (20), State Senate (7), and State House (8). They spoke in the following order:

District Attorney: Sim Gill, Nathan Brian (for Lohra L. Miller). (Rob Latham not present)
County Recorder: Gary Ott. (Leslie Reberg not present)
Sheriff: (Aaron D.Kennard, Jim Winder not present)
County Surveyor: (Reid Demman, Kim W. Lundeberg not present)
County Treasurer: Larry W. Richardson. (Kelton M. Baker, Billie Larson not present)
County Assessor: Josie Valdez, Lee Gardner.
County Auditor: Jeff Hatch, Sean Thomas.
County Clerk: Carrie Dickson. (Charles Bonsall, Sherrie Swensen, Lawrence Rey Topham not present)
County Council at-large: Janice Auger, Jim Bradley (later). (Jimmy L. Cadman, Don W. Johnstun, Chuck Tripp not present)
County Council district 1: Joe Hatch. (Lilli Decair, Benjamin Kendrick not present)
Utah State Senate, district 3: Julene B. Oliver, Gene Davis. (Brian Mecham, Rebecca VanDevener not present)
Utah State Senate, district 7: Bryce Jolley, Ross I. Romero. (Jared Beck not present)
Utah House of Representatives, district 28: Roz McGee. (Thomas E. Wright not present)
Utah House of Representatives, district 30: Ian K. Scharine. (Jackie Biskupski, Kay M. Garske not present)
Utah House of Representatives, district 31: Art Haddow, Cabot W. Nelson. (Larry Wiley not present)

Results of the SHCC execs election

Phil Carlson was elected chair. Art Haddow, Grace Sperry, and Rawlins Young were elected vice chairs, in respective order. Cabot Nelson was re-elected secretary and Dolores Donohoo was re-elected treasurer.


Adjourned, 8:57pm.

Landon Clark