SHCC Meeting Minutes – September 2005

SHCC Meeting Minutes – September 2005


September 7, 2005


From Sugar House



Trustees Present

Su Armitage, Janice Anderl, Sarah Carlson, Philip Carlson, Dolores Donohoo, Barbara Green, Bill Habel, Art Haddow, Mark Holland, Michael G. Kavanagh, Emil Kmet, David Lawver, David Mulder, Cabot Nelson, Lynne Olson, Tina Ottesen, Susan Petheram, Ray Pugsley, L. Rex Sears, Judi Short, Rawlins Young (21)

Trustees Excused

Grace Sperry (1)

City/State Representatives

Annette Daley, SLC Mayor’s office (1)


Marni Litvack, Jennie Thueson, Deana Walz, Matt Dalton, Randy Wahlen, Keith Conner, Collin Kemberlin, David Tryba, Soren Simonsen, Ranae Pierce, Rob Latham (10)

Meeting minutes

Call to order at 7:00. Mark Holland conducting. Minutes of the August meeting were amended to excuse Bill Habel and Ray Pugsley. Bill was also excused in July, as well. Motion to approve by Dolores Donohoo and seconded by Ray Pugsley. It was passed on a voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report

By Dolores Donohoo. She indicated that there was no activity, thus the account balance stays at $5017.87.

Chair Announcements

On Sept. 14 at 5:45pm, the SLC planning commission will review the rezoning for the SH Central Business District. Helen Peters discussed it further.

The new CIP (Capital Improvment Plan) applications for fiscal year 2006-2007 are due October 10. The city’s department of housing & neighboohrd development has the applications. Call 535-6150 for more information.

There will be a sculpture installed in Fairmont Park near the skate park at a date yet to be determined.

Foothill Place Apartments rebuild

By David Owen Tryba Architects. This project is actually a part of the East Bench master-planning district under the purview of Arcadia Heights Community Council. The Foothill Place Apartments–which were built in the 1970–are deteriorating. The demographic of the residents doesn’t fit with the surrounding neighborhood. This presentation was just to show ideas, nothing solid, as everything is still in question.

One thought was a “Country Club Gardens” motif. As a gateway property, it has much greater potential. The presenters had a computer slide presentation. It showed the streetscapes. It illustrates that Stringham Avenue is taken out of the public domain. The existing design is dominated by surface parking with undefined, leftover public spaces. There was no thought to a public space to enjoy with no eyes on the street.

For possibilities, the current zoning is RMF-45 – Multifamily, 45ft. max, which could be increased to RMF-75. It would permit 825 units rather than 450, along with structured parking underground.

The Land Use & Zoning committee discussed this project earlier. L. Rex Sears noted that the varying elevation is appealing. The new project would not greatly impact traffic. The committee wanted more direct access to Parley’s Way. Mr. Tryba noted the full variety of square footage among the units. The big cost is getting the parking off the surface.

Helen Peters explained the process. There will be a subcommittee with various trustees. The presenters will meet with the Arcadia Heights CC next Wednesday. Once they have applied for the permit, they’ll visit the SHCC.

Notes about the SHCC election

Su Armitage listed Mark Holland and Phil Carlson as running for chair. For vice chair, Susan Petheram, L. Rex Sears, Art Haddow, Dave Lawver, Tina Ottesen, and Sarah Carlson are running. There is no one running for secretary and Dolores Donohoo has announced her candidacy for treasurer.

Public Input

Several candidates for the SLC council district 7 attended. Cabot Nelson pointed out that since there was no invitation and no spot on the agenda, they ought not have time allotted. Ruth Price moved on that and Cabot seconded. It passed on a voice vote.

As part of the public input, each candidate stood and briefly introduced himself by name.

Crime update

Officers JD Smith and Jason Hathaway did not attend.

Mayor’s office report

By Annette Daley. On Friday, September 21, there will be a brown-bag luncheon on the “importance of strengthening families.” On Saturday the 10th, the Wasatch Community Garden will have its festival at 11:30am – 3:00pm, offering free tomato samples. The Greater Avenues Fair will also occur that Saturday, 10am – 7pm. The

Greek Fest will run this weekend from 10am – 10pm each day. Also on Saturday will be the Blues & Brews festival. Admission is $7 in advance, $10 at the door. On Saturday the 17th is the 9th & 9th Street Fair.

City Council update

Dale Lambert did not attend.

SH Merchants Association

By Lynne Olson. The web site has articles about SH. The Merchants started their own site. The Farmers Market continues each Friday until October.

On November 19, there will be the annual Turkey Trot. Holiday shopping, as well. The new street light poles have fasteners for holding banners.

Sugar House Business Spotlight

By Michael G. Kavanagh. The Conoco formerly at 1000 E 2100 S has moved. It’s called JV Automotive, located at 900 E. Sugarmont. Most of its clients followed them to the new location. Also, across street and south a few yards, Sugar House Mower opened after moving from 600 E. 2100. Cabot Nelson noted that JV Automotive also sells propane.

Jewish Community Center

By Art Haddow. He introduced Marni Litvack. She spoke of Project EncourAge in the SH area. She noted that SH has a “NORC”, a natural occurring retirement community. Project EncourAge assesses the needs of these aging adults, e.g. caregiver support, medical, cultural. It’s run on a case management. Depression is a concern among the elderly. They’re located at 1409 E 2100 S. This project is also active in 41 other locations in the US. Ruth Price moved to have Art Haddow offer a quarterly report. Seconded by Dolores Donohoo, it passed unanimously, 17-0-0.

Highland Dr. restriping update

Dave Mulder has the survey results. Sarah Carlson wanted to get the signs down. Dave Mulder will handle that.

Proportional Representation

By Rob Latham. Our election system is a “winner take all” system. It allows gerrymandering and redistricting to determine the outcome. Rob Latham advocates proportional representation and demonstrated with some overhead projections. A ballot might have a ranked vote. This is in use in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard, Vassar and other colleges use it. The Republican Party of Utah uses it for nominating candidates for public office.

Land Use & Zoning update

By Helen Peters. She had handouts. Of note was the lecture series, “Sprawl Kills”.

Hidden Hollow & Salt Lake Master Gardeners

By Lynne Olson. There is new maintenance in Hidden Hollow. The rain in spring encouraged great plant growth. The SL Master Gardeners use HH as a demonstration for using the natural plants that grow along Parley’s Creek. The HH group worked for years to get the Master Gardner to visit HH. With help from the USU extension, the HH volunteers wanted The Master Gardeners to focus on native drought-resistant plants. SL County adopted HH as a demonstration area. On September 17th, there will be a plant exchange. Lynne requested 10 minutes for next month’s meeting.

Parliamentary Post Mortem

By Ray Pugsley. He gave a handout of basic principles regarding motions.

Crime update

Ray Pugsley offered the report in lieu of Officers Smith and Hathaway. Crime is noticeably up in District 7. Ray noted that ID theft is a big problem.


Adjourned 9:09pm.

Landon Clark