SHCC Meeting Minutes – September 2008

SHCC Meeting Minutes – September 2008


September 3, 2008


Trustees Present: Andrea Wargula, Sarah Carlson, Grace Sperry, Cabot Nelson, Derek Payne, Rawlins Young, Maggie Shaw, Michael G Kavanagh, Philip Carlson, Judi Short, Dolores Donohoo, Sheila O’Driscoll, Laurie Bray, Greg Carter, Steve Wilson, Barbara Green, Russ Calister, Elaine Brown Trustees Excused: – David Mulder, Ray Pugsley.

Call to Order: 7:02pm, Grace Sperry, Chair.

Public Comment: None

Approval of August Minutes: Motion to approve August Minutes with corrections to Treasurer’s Report and Executive Committee Meeting date (Sept. 16th @ Sprague from 5:00-7:00), C. Nelson. 2nd:J Short. Motion Passed.

Motion to Amend Agenda: (C. Nelson), to allow Trustee L. Bray 2 min. and Parley’s Way rep. 2 min of time. 2nd: J. Short. Motion Passed.

Treasury Report: Motion: to appr. rprt by C. Nelson. Corrected Bal. of $4944.01 given by Treasr. Letters of explanation of act activity, & corrected statement rec’d from Bank. Discussion of relocating $$ resources; L. Bray and P. Carlson will evaluate. 2nd: S. Carlson. Motion Passed. It was decided to continue this discussion when new officers elected.

Chair Report, Grace Sperry: L. Bray highlighted Sugar House Stories project and Sugar House Stroll (See Cultural Events, below.)

A Fairmont Park Master Plan Presentation was given by Dell Cook (SLC Parks Dept) and architects (prior to SHCC Mtg, a Park Plan Open House was held). In response to M. Kavanagh, lighting in skate park area should be completed within 1 ½ months. In response to M Shaw, a multi-functional path by definition would be inappropriate, however, a path used for many functions to be provided. In response to L Bray, a path to city Arts bldg will be studied. In response to D. Payne, water uses and sustainability incl in Plan and are priorities. Additional parking stalls will be provided nearer to City Arts bldg. In response to J. Short, restroom operation in winter presents maintenance issue, hence port-a-potties. In response to C. Nelson, unsightly red tile on restrooms will be addressed in new Plan.

Crime Update, Officer Smart: Auto break-ins! Don’t leave electronics (cell phones, computers, IPODS, etc.) on car seats or in visible places! Open windows are an invitation to home burglaries sooooo close AND lock them when away! Mobile Watch and Neighborhood Watch Volunteers call Det. Rick Wall at 799-3332 Call 799-3784 for drug dealing problems in your neighborhood! In repose to M. Kavanagh, grant money for security cameras is an issue; call Brad Davis (Home Land Security Unit). R. Young requested that Officer. Smart talk to Mayor about statements made implying that that Sugar House is crime ridden. Officer Smart will address.

Merchant Report, B. Green: Visit the new fast good food restaurant located at 900 E & 2100 S (A Naturale). (9th & 9th merchants inquiring about moving their businesses to SH Business District (SHBD). Turkey Trot will be held at Fairmont Park on last Sat before T- day: Stay tuned. There will be a Halloween Trick or Treat Zone in SHBD. There is a new and fun reading room for Teens @ Sprague Library… Come check it out!

Business Focus: Rudy’s Lock and Key: 1100 East 1992 South. Ryan Hahn’s family has been doing business in Sugar House for 57 years! This should tell you that they’re ACES when it comes to addressing your lock and key needs, whether your locks (and keys- yes they can fix keys too) be antique or newer, in your house or in your car. Licensed, bonded, & patent holding locksmiths! Open 8:30–5:30 M-F, 9-12: p.m. Sat.

New Business: Wal-Mart attorney update on the Wal-Mart application for a zoning change at the Parley’s Way address. A zoning change would allow a Super-Store to operate (vs. a regular retail Wal-Mart). Attorney stated that opponents of re-zone are trying to put Wal-Mart out of business The Planning Commission will hear that petition on Sept 10th. SHCC Elections: S. Carlson to replace J. Short on Election Committee. In the running, and speeches made by: R. Young, P. Carlson, C. Nelson, G. Sperry, J. Short, E. Brown, D. Donohoo, M. Shaw. Ballots to be cast during October meeting. New Trustee Petitions Heard: Larry Migliaccio (Dilworth), Ed Sperry (at large, Fairmont), Judi Short (Emerson, renew) Motion: to accept petitions, D. Donohoo. 2nd: M. Kavanagh Motion Passed. Land Use and Zoning Committee (LU&ZC), D. Payne: Auto Zone Petition, as well as Wal-Mart to be heard by Planning Commission Sept 10th. SHCC comments were reiterated by PC on the petition for Carriage Court planned development (to save the carriage house on the property). Parks and Open Space Report (P&OSC), M. Shaw: McClelland Trial discussions in progress. PRATT Trail update given by Fehr and Peers. Cultural Events, L. Bray: Westminster College and Brolly Arts continue to work on the Sugar House Stories project. For more information contact lynneolson or 484-8352. The first ever Sugar House Stroll (sponsored by Brolly Arts and TRASA), a collaboration of artists and merchants, will be held Oct. 3rd, 5:00 –9:00 pm in Sugar House Business District. Music, Poetry, Dancing, restaurant discounts, & more ART! will be part of this gala affair.

Mayor’s Report, Karen Hale: Announced Gift of Music Concert Tickets available to Chair for distribution to Trustees and redistribution to YOU! Call your neighborhood SHCC Trustee or the Mayor’s office if you want tickets to see this amazing concert on Sept 19th or 20th (7 pm at the Conference Center)!!! Denyce Graves guest artist!!!

Announcements: Go to for I-80 reconstruction models and info! Cool site! Remove Gang Graffiti: 801-972-7885; Community Forum On Gang Prevention Thurs 9/ 18/08 6- 8 pm Pioneer Police Precinct 1040 West 700 South Contact: Michael Clára at 801-521-3223or for more info. Wal-Mart Rezone petition heard by Planning Commission! (Denied) Write & call City Council and the Planning Commission and express your views. Staff Member = Nick Britton at 801-535-6107 . Sustainability Summit Workshop Series at the Leonardo (200 East 500 South) Register at alliekesler @ or call 608-4508 Listen Up! FREE Collection of Household Hazardous Waste Products at Sugar House Park!!!! (ya know, Ammonia, furniture polish, batteries, pesticides, fertilizers, paint, oil antifreeze etc, prescription and over the counter drugs (police will be present), and electronics (computer, audio and video equip, tasters, etc) Sept 25th 7:00- 10:00 am Call Florence at 483- 6864 or Dr. Nelson will present his projections for growth on the Wasatch Front, a “megapolitan” area, key drivers behind growth plus implications for planning & public policy Oct. 1st 8-9:30am Wells Fargo Center, 23rd Floor, 299 So. Main St. 9/27/08 or call 581-7174 UDOT Bicycle Planning Open House scheduled for Monday, Oct 13, Salt Lake City Main Library 4th floor (210 east 400 south) 5- 7:00pm Annual Salt Lake Countywide Water Symposium on 10/28/08 and 10/29/08 at the Salt Lake Comm. College Larry H. Miller Campus (9750 So 300 W). Go to or contact Marian Hubbard at 468.2714 or . for more info

Adjourned 9:00 p.m

Landon Clark